Cloth diapering for 2010

Update: One of Kelly's friends read the site yesterday,recognized Kelly (not her real name) and her situation, and is going to help. Yay for K! (And congratulations!)

I got questions from Sharon and Jenny about cloth diapers. And it's been a long time (2006!) since we did a cloth diaper post, so I thought it was time for another. (Read the ones from 2006 here: part 1 and part 2.)

Here's the rub: My life is fantastically diaper-free, so I'm not up on the latest. For those of you with no experience with cloth diapering, or who remember it from the 60s or 70s, yes, there is "latest" in cloth diapering. I blame the internet, because it enabled work-at-home moms to make and sell cloth diapers, and everyone's always trying to come up with something better, so the improvements have been truly rapid.

One thing I absolutely stand by from my original posts: Cloth diapering doesn't make you a better parent than disposable diapering. It is, however, way cheaper in the long run.  (And is arguably better for the environment, depending on where you live and how you wash.)

When last I left cloth diapering, some people were still using a system involving prefolds and covers. Read about it  in "The most common way" here.

But more people were switching to pocket diapers with cotton, hemp, or microfiber soakers. Read about them in "Pocket diapers" here. I was a pocket diapering mom, and loved it for the ease (two extra loads a week, no soaking, no special cycle or anything) and the cuteness (there are some adorable pocket diapers out there).

The most recent innovation when I exited the scene, was the one-size pocket diaper, which featured a snapping system that took it from fitting a 7-pound newborn to a 35-pound toddler. This was amazing, as it meant you could use the same 2 dozen or so diapers for 2-3 years. Bumgenius was the only big company making one-size pocket diapers, although there were tons of WAHMs making them.

So what's new, people who cloth diaper? If you were starting out now, what would you buy and how much would you get? (I stand by my recommendations for washing, and my love of the PUL diaper bag.) Comment, please. (And if you put the http:// in front of a URL the website will make it a clickable link automatically, if you want to recommend specific sites.)

Oh, and while we're at it, are there any innovations in environmentally-friendly disposables? I loathed gDiapers with the intensity of a gazillion suns (worst of both worlds, because I had to keep buying the liners *and* keep washing the covers, and I never touched so much poop in my life as I did with them, and then they were condescending when I asked if there was some magic secret to getting the liner to stay in place). But has someone else come up with something noteworthy?