Who's tired? I'm tired. I thought everything was under control (in a limited fashion) and then a whole bunch of stuff fell off the track!

Yesterday was supposed to be Primal Scream Wednesday, but then the Wednesday babysitter (the "spirits ambassador") gave me less than a day's notice that she couldn't work Wednesday. And all our other babysitters were sick or working, and this is my kids' dad's super-crunch week at work, so I was the one who went in for 90 minutes and then took a personal day, featuring no posting access.

January 4 is going to be a relief.

Anyway, feel free to post a primal scream if you want. I'm instead going to try to think of what could make my day (and next two weeks) better *that I can actually control.* I know--novel.

Here's my list:

* more coffee

* suck it up and power through the 3-4 crappy work tasks that I need to finish but that keep getting pushed to the back burner

* accept help when people offer it! My MTTh babysitter invited us over for dinner tonight so I wouldn't have to cook! She's a peach. Other people have been offering nice things, so I'm going to accept.

* focus on what I'm doing, while I'm doing it. Don't borrow trouble.

What could make things better for you right now, that you can control?