What have you done?

This morning there was a knife fight on the subway my 4 1/2-year-old and I were on. We'd dropped his big  brother off at school and we on our way to his school, and two teenagers got on fighting with umbrellas. I tried to break it up, then noticed the knife and grabbed my son and ran. I'm so proud of how my little boy walked between the cars with the track rushing by underneath him, and pulled the other boy on the train behind him to make sure he was safe, too.

Friends are giving me lots of nice warm fuzzies about how brave I was, but I honestly didn't think. I just grabbed him. I think most of us would've done the same thing, too.

So let's talk about things you've done for your kids that took extra strength or bravery. Despite today's knife fight, I still say the thing I've done for my kids that took the most strength (and still does) is help them through living with divorced parents.

What have you done for your kids that you're not sure you'd have been able to do if not for them? What are you doing every day?