things I learned yesterday, by Moxie

1. The NYC subway system can change on a dime, taking you from early for your flight to late for your flight in a heartbeat.

2. No matter how cute Enrique the ticket agent is, and how deep his dimples are, do not be charmed into checking your bag. When you violate your cardinal rule of travel, nothing good can come of it.

3. The prices at the salad bar at the Whole Foods in JFK are no higher than the ones in the city.

4.People like to tell me about their lives. Wow. It is no coincidence that I write an advice column.

5. People *really* like to talk about their divorces. Really.

6. Apparently I do not look 36 or like I have kids. Boo ya.

7. The JetBlue terminal at JFK would be a good place to go on a date with someone who also likes to watch people.

8. Surliness is contagious, but so is loopy, resigned whimsy.

9. It could always be worse, and sometimes it gets there.

10. Friends who live near the airport and who offer to house you at midnight are as good as gold.

11. When you sleep in your friend's pajamas ('cause your pajamas are on their way to Chicago on the flight you didn't get a seat on) in her spot in the bed (while she's away), her cats will be reeeeeally confused by that.

12. People are basically good. The system is essentially bad.

13. Coffee.

Today is the day I get to BlogHer. I can feel it.

Special shout-out to Enrique and Diana of JetBlue at JFK, the dad who took his daughter to the American Girl store three times and then carried all her dolls through the airport, Ericka and Thomas in the bar near gate 8, the pretty girl in the blue dress who needed to be in class this morning, the mom who was trying to get to her son's graduation this moring, and my cab driver Ira this morning (have a good dinner with Gloria!).