There's a lot to say, so I'll use numbers:

1. I have accepted a full-time job! It's working with someone I've always loved working with, doing something fun that I'm good at, in the same industry my last FT job was in. I start Monday.

2. I'm actually starting Monday by getting on a plane Sunday for a trip. But today I'm coming down with a cold, and BlogHer has fogged my mind so that I can't remember what I'm supposed to do. Is Zicam bad now? Zinc? Honey? Help me head this thing off at the pass, please, before the weekend.

3. I would like to write you a big fat juicy BlogHer review, but I was off line all weekend (the irony of truly crappy web access at a BlogHer conference) and now my computer's malfunctioning. If you'd like to read what I think about it, please go read Cecily's rehashes over at (I'm typing this on my BlackBerry and can't figure out how to hotlink).

Julia from Uncommon Misconception (my roommate) and I spent a ton of time with Cecily and Sarah, and have very similar opinions about how it went.

For me the highlight was meeting Julia.

4. The Chicago meetup was great! We got around ten readers, some with kids and some not. It always amazes me that at Ask Moxie meetups the women look like they wouldn't necessarily be friends if they ran into each other at the park, but because of being readers people settle in and get comfortable really quickly.

I've also fallen in love with the public art in Millennium Park. I love Chicago.

Anyone have anything to say on those topics? Or any other topics?