Because I have no desire to trick you,

we're going to play April Fool's Day straight up here on Ask Moxie.

Today's question for you is any or all of the following (from most serious to least serious):

What is the worst thing that has happened to you as a parent?

Is there anything about parenting that consistently makes you feel tricked?

What is your most odious parenting task?

I'll start:

The worst thing that's happened to me is admitting that the only way to give my boys chances at healthy emotional relationships was to rip their own family apart by getting a divorce. (Second worst is the stretch marks. Third worst was when T accidentally gave me that mild concussion a few months ago.)

I feel consistently tricked by the morning scramble, even now that it's significantly easier since I'm working freelance.

My most odious parenting task is managing the clothes they've grown out of and are about to grow into, and keeping track of socks.