What would have kept you in your job?

Here's a question for anyone who did not return to their former job after having a child, whether you planned to or not: Why did you not go back? And is there anything that could have kept you?

And don't be afraid to list things that would have kept you, no matter how unrealistic they seem. (For example, when I left my last full-time job, the only way I'd have stayed is if my job duties had completely changed, I'd have gotten a different immediate boss, and I'd gotten a 75% percent raise. Not realistic at all.)

Feel free to comment if you left a job at any point after having a child, even if your child was way older than baby age when you went.

Also, please put whether  you're in the US or in a country with longer maternity/paternity leave. I have a suspicion that countries with longer leaves experience more parents going back to their previous jobs, but don't know if that's true or not.