Q&A: post-holiday tantrums

Theresa writes:

"Anyone else have a rough week last week now that the holidays are over? My son (6) was back to school, I was back to the miserable commute, the babysitter (whom he loves) was back - and by Thursday we were in full-blown tantrum mode (we haven't been there for a while).  From Thursday through the rest of the weekend, we had multiple tantrums a day.  I think the major triggers were interruptions on his time with me (not so much his dad, who is more of the primary caretaker now that I've got the commute from hell), but they could also start over being asked to practice piano, being asked to finish dinner, stuff that is never usually a problem.

So I'm wondering if this is just a temporary "end of holidays/vacation" reaction or something more serious.  I'm also wondering how people deal with tantrums generally.  I'm a bit at my wit's end right now (to the point where yesterday, I just ended up resorting to pure bribery)."

Oh, what's a little bribery between friends?

Seriously, though, there's all sorts of stuff I never thought I'd do as a parent, including bribery, that I do without a second thought as long as it gets the job done and prevents those ridiculous, out-of-the-blue, sucker-punch tantrums that make you want to throw yourself on your sword.

And, yeah, we've been having some crazytime here Chez Moxie. I'd been attributing it both to the return to "normal" from the winter break and also to the kids having spent several days in a row with either one or the other of their dad and me (usually they see both of us on most days).

Now, I do think some of this with my older one is that he's almost 7, so I'd say definitely go read through the assessments of what being 7 is like in the comments from hedra and Sharon Silver especially.

But I really think it's just trying to get back to a regular routine after a few weeks of everything being different and more relaxed. Whether your child did better or worse with a less structured day, it's still stressful to go back to a routine and school. I think the key is just to stay consistent and calm (as calm as possible) and know that your child will adjust back within the next few weeks.

How has everyone else been doing? This is the second week back for most of us, so I'm imagining that things are settling way back down from last week. How did you get through the shift?