I just never know

Real post later; off to chaperone field trip.

Denouement of the name debate: He's not being teased (and since he goes to NYC public schools you *know* his name's not the most teasable in his class, for sure). He just "likes it less and less every day."

He would like to be called Kevin.

I have no idea where that came from, but I'm going with it. And hoping it lasts about 3 days or less.

[My comments on yesterday's comments: You all know my real first name is unusual (and my Firstname Lastname is super-foreign sounding), and I've always liked it. I never knew people had such name angst. I'm always the only one with my name. People either remember it forever, or forget it immediately. It was apparently a hot name in 1890 in Mexico, Poland, the Ukraine, and many other countries, and it's a common women's name in Egypt (which means it has a "real" Arabic spelling, not just a transliteration). I've been told it's a Bond Girl name.

Plus, it fit the naming requirement of the Norwegian side of my family, which is that it begin with a certain two letters. (Same two letters R's middle name begins with, and his second cousin, and four of my cousins' first or middle names, etc.) I think my parents were hedging their bets, though, by giving me the middle name Elizabeth, so I could use that if I didn't like my first name.]