Valentine's Day denouement

My older son brought home a valentine on Friday night that he'd made in class for his little brother. It was a card, with front and back made of red construction paper to which pink and white cut-out hearts had been glued. The inside was a sheet of the writing paper they use in class. It was formatted like a regular letter (date in the upper right, greeting, body, closing) and was correct and formal and sweet. Now that's what I'm talking about--a Valentine's Day-related project that was teaching something but also celebrated the day in a way my son could enjoy.

Rebecca, I didn't say you had to eat the butter. Just that it was fun to make. ;-) And I really have no problem with candy, just a big onslaught of it when I had no prior warning that it was coming. (Shhh--I also didn't bake anything for the Valentine's Day bake sale at the school.)