Q&A plus photo: Breasts leaking, and I need new glasses

We're still sad.

But on to today's post. First, a question from Melissa:

"I have an 18 month old son that I exclusively breastfed for 16 1/2 months.  I quit gradually cutting out one feeding at a time.  In July, we finally quit that last feeding.  It is now September and I still have milk in both breasts.  How long does it take for that to "dry" up?  I am not leaking and there is little stimulation because they are still very sore.  Every time I take a shower, it is like I am going back in time to when he was a newborn; it just flows."

I get this question every couple of months, so I'm finally just posting it. It totally depends for each woman. Some dry up within a week (probably the same women who had a harder time getting supply up to begin with), while others still have some milk for months, and I've heard of women having milk for a year or more after they wean!

If it's bugging you enough to take action, you could drink tea you brew out of sage leaves and mint, put cabbage leaves in your bra for a few hours at a time, and drink a lot of red wine. If none of that works or you want to get really serious, take Sudafed (the old-fashioned kind that dries up all your mucous membranes, not the new non-drowsy kind) for a week or however long you can take the total-body dessication properties. That should seriously curtail your milk supply. (Conversely, if you're trying to build supply, stay away from all those things.) Avoid Guinness beer, oatmeal, and almonds, which increase your supply.

If anyone wants to share data points on how long it took to dry up after weaning, feel free.

And now a picture. I walked into the deli across the street the other day and saw this granola bar (click on the photo to see it bigger):


I, of course, misread "Blueberry Noni" as "Blueberry Yoni." I won't post my first thought, but my second thought was "the yoni hat." And then I laughed so hard the checkout girl thought I was losing it.

I have you all to thank, so I thought I'd share.