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Some of you have noticed that I've started running ads in the right-hand column. I'm hoping that you all will click through and support the companies and people who advertise here so I can write better, more coherent responses to your questions. Right now I end up doing a lot of posts at midnight, but ads = babysitting hours = writing advice while still awake = my posts make more sense.

Take a look at the Summer Reading Contest website. You can enter to win 5 free books from the lists they have, and also find out more about each book on their lists (and all the books HarperCollins publishes). If I were eligible to enter the contest, I'd want to win the Doreen Cronin (Click Clack Moo!) book Diary of a Worm.

Who can resist a dog hanging out of a car window? Budget Car Rental is running the funny "Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt 2006" contest. Every day they give clues on the site (three times a day), and you have to figure out where they're going on their road trip and how many miles they're driving. There's a new road trip each week, and the winner of each trip gets $25K. That's a lot of money for clicking through and figuring out the clues. (And it's better than the stupid Lost interactive puzzles that you can never get to load.)

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