About Me

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time; but if you are
here because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work
together.” — Lilla Watson

I’m Magda Pecsenye and I write AskMoxie.

I have an unusual* combination of empathy and analytic skills that
lets me help people troubleshoot their issues in ways that are
meaningful for them. I specialize in helping people take apart their
problems and put them back together in a way that feels good, or just
reframe things so they can figure out what to do in a way that honors
who they are.

I think parenting is the one thing that brings most of us to our
knees. It’s so important and so difficult-yet-simple that there’s no way
to ever feel like you’re doing everything The Right Way. But I think
most of us ARE doing it right on a minute-by-minute basis when we pay
attention to ourselves and our kids and focus on maintaining a good

Here’s my most famous post, “Free but not cheap,” that summarizes why I think we can all be great parents.

I think you already have everything in you that you need or will ever
need to be a great parent. You are the best parent for your child.

I’m referenced in the books Bed Timing by Marc Lewis and Isabel Granic, Stop Reacting, Start Responding by Sharon Silver, and Co-Parenting 101
by Deesha Philyaw and Michael D. Thomas. I’ve been interviewed and
mentioned in the New York Times, Globe and Mail, Parenting magazine,
Parents magazine, Redbook, and many other mentions, and have appeared on
Good Morning America and HLN Prime News.

I do online workshops and one-on-one coaching
(by phone or Skype) for people who need unsticking or just someone to
walk along with them for a bit. (If that sounds like you, send me an
email and we’ll see if we’d be a good fit.)

I also post on AskMoxie.org 2-5 times a week, and invite your
comments. The reader comments are often better than my actual post.
AskMoxie.org has the best regular readers on the entire internet.

I DO NOT review products or do giveaways, or solicit guest posts.

I was a married SAHM, then a married freelance mom, then a divorcing
WOHM, then a divorced WOHM, so I think I have a dog in every hunt
(they’re all hard in different ways). I also write a blog about co-parenting with my ex-husband, Doug French.
Our two boys were born in 2002 and 2005, and the divorce was final in
2008. We lived in NYC for 15 years, but moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in
2011 and live four blocks from each other. I grew up in Ohio but have
also lived in Pennsylvania and in Mexico City, Mexico. I have a degree
in Comparative Literature from Bryn Mawr College and an MBA from the
University of Michigan. I’m a runner and a knitter, and a truly abysmal
housekeeper. My first name is Norwegian (my mom’s side) and my last name
is Hungarian (my dad’s side).

I have a thing for Jesus, coffee, soccer, fuzzy socks, feminism, Days of Our Lives,
steno pads, legal pads, felt tip pens (black only), barre class,
artichokes, dark chocolate, cats AND dogs, cost accounting, wordplays in
English and Spanish, Pequod’s pizza, the movies “Groundhog Day” and
“Bring It On,” and old-school hip-hop.

I’m 40, and just hoping not to come in last in my age category.

Email me at askmoxie at gmail dot com

Tweet me at @AskMoxie

Send me fuzzy socks and felt tip pens at

Ask Moxie, 4860 Washtenaw Ave., Ste. I-118, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA

* I didn’t know it was an unusual combo. It’s just the way I’ve always
been. People tell me it’s strange, though, so I’ve started believing

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