Anti-new year

I’ve been lying low here around the end of the year and the new year.

It’s too much pressure, this idea of starting everything new and doing everything right now/again/instead. I’m the same me. The same woman, same mother, same friend. Same helper, same screwup. My kids are the same constantly-changing beautiful humans they’ve always been. My 15-year-old teases me all the time that all the cells in our bodies turn over every seven years so neither of us are the same people we were when I gave birth to him. We both like to pretend that it annoys me, but really I think we both like that we choose each other every day. It was luck when he came out of me, but now our new cells seem to be designed to belong to each other.

So I’m saying #nope to all the new-year-new-you stuff, especially as it relates to my relationships with my kids and my friends and myself. I’m working on the same projects instead: be pit crew for the 12-year-old to make it through seventh grade, make a cozy safe home for our family, figure out what I want to be when I grow up, finish the book I’m writing right now and then the next one, too.

I am hoping that you are still you, too, here in 2018. And that your children are the same complicated complicating people they’ve always been. Just keep going.


(The FB group is up again.

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