I think I’m back?


My uncle died six months ago next week, and I might be coming out of the grief/questioning chrysalis enough to actually have some coherent thoughts that are worth sharing. I’m observing a lot of workplace stupidity and frustration, and a lot of people trying to sort things out but not knowing exactly where to start. (I’m also witnessing a lot of people just taking this job and shoving it when it isn’t measuring up, and it makes me laugh delightedly every time.)

I am also witnessing people coming through stages and phases with their kids in a way that I’m not sure we were allowed to admit on the internet ten years ago. Doesn’t it feel like last decade we had to be cool and aloof and ironic, but now we’re allowed to be engrossed and earnest about our kids? That’s felt more obvious to me lately, that we might be coming into a post cool parent phase. I like it.

In other news, our uncle’s death and the seemingly endless tasks of sorting out his stuff have brother my brother and me closer. One of my cats has developed mega colon (it’s as much fun as it sounds). And in a few weeks the baby who started my blogging is starting high school.

OK, it’s time to get to work planning out a real post. I’m also going to start up again with my (bi) weekly-ish emails, so sign up on the right if you want the get those when I get struck by the urge to send them. (They’re mostly encouragement for being you in the midst of everything else.)

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