Create a low-stress Christmas season for yourself

It’s back, and better than before! Get Christmased: Create the Christmas season that works for you and your family is a workbook that walks you through a process of figuring out what is meaningful about the Christmas season for you and what isn’t, and helps you make deliberate decisions about what to keep and what to toss during the holiday season.

Available in paperback for $9.99 (it’s taking 2-3 days to get to people in the US) or Kindle for $3.49 (instantaneous and you can read it on your phone with the free Kindle app). If you get the Kindle version, you’ll need a little notebook to write down your answers to all the questions in and sketch out your plans.

This is my labor of love, because I know how painful, confusing, and intense the Christmas season can be for so many of us, that I wanted to help us pull it apart a little and make some conscious choices that would help us instead of letting us keep feeling hurt.

Doing the workbook seems to help the most if you can get it done and planned before American Thanksgiving, so order now and then do it in snatches of time here and there while you’re waiting for your kids.

(Here’s the link to the Canadian Kindle version, for $4.59.)


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  1. Moxie, I think your book just changed my life. I was reading along and I came to a section in the "Not So Shiny Things" chapter that said "It can be extremely difficult to recover from a lifetime of being told you’re not good enough … Feeling — for years — like you just can’t get it right and just can’t measure up is painful, but you think it’s your own fault. You don’t always recognize it as abuse, especially because the person doing it to you may love you dearly and not have any idea that they’re doing it. … you truly have no one who gives you a safe place to just be yourself — your family makes yo work for it, and your friends and partner make you work to earn love, too." You then go on to say that if you feel this way you’re not alone and recommend the book ‘Codependent No More’ by Melody Beattie. I suddenly realized that this was exactly how I had been feeling my whole life, but I hadn’t realized it was an actual thing or how much it could shape my behavior. I immediately went and read Melody’s book, and realized how I had been acting and treating myself for more than 30 years, and that it was a cycle that I could break. I could remember that I had feelings, and that it was OK to have them. I’ve read so many different types of books about habits and thinking big and careers and family, but I finally realized that this co-dependent behavior underlies everything and that nothing can change until I accept that, accept who I am and then make changes to move forward.

    I’ve read you for years and you various advice and perspective has helped me with so much, but I can’t thank you enough for this particular book and this particular chapter. I wish it was something that everyone knew.

  2. Posting here because my family is on Facebook.

    Just not feeling Christmas this year. Tree is up, garland is lit but I’m just not into it.

    I don’t feel like having the family for Christmas Eve but as long as my 89-year old dad is alive I will do it because he wants to. But it is a lot of WORK. One thing I will definitely do differently this year is have someone else do the clean-up. I will be able (I hope) to get over the fact that not everything is where I think it should be; so long as it is clean I should be happy.

    My daughter won’t be with us this year for Christmas, which I suspect is the major driving force behind my apathy. I am happy that she will be enjoying a (free) vacation to Puerto Vallarta with her boyfriend’s family. I would never tell her that I am feeling blue; I don’t want her to feel bad about not being here. I DO want her to enjoy the holiday. After all, if someone offered me an all-expenses-paid vacation to a tropical location I would jump on it!

    Not looking for advice or sympathy, just venting.

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