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From now through December 25 I’ll be offering a referral bounty for Flash Consulting: For every two paid Flash Consults you refer to me, I’ll give you a Flash Consult for free to use or give away.

“What’s a Flash Consult?” I will solve your problem for $250 in around 24 hours. Business, personal, work-related, parenting, life-work-relationship-kids balance, or any kind of mix of those things. I can’t answer anything technology or vehicle-related, but almost anything else I can solve for you. (If I can’t, I’ll figure out who to refer you to.) It’s all described here. Scroll about halfway down to read the testimonials. And I keep a blog about some cases I’ve worked on here, with a little about how I do it.

This is perfect for anyone who wishes they had help making some kind of decision, or for small business owners who’ve hit a wall on a topic but don’t want to hire a long-term consultant. Hand me the problem and I solve it for you and then leave all the implementation to you. (I hate implementation, and you don’t want to pay me to implement when you can do it anyway as soon as we’ve worked through what to do in what order.)

Basically, if there’s something you’ve been up at night going around and around about, pay me $250 to hold on to it and solve it for you.

I don’t tell anyone if you work with me, and you can do this totally anonymously, too. (We’ll figure out a way for you to pay me without revealing your name.) 

Back to the special offer:

You spread the word about my Flash Consulting, and tell your people to drop your name and email address when they hire me. When two people who hire me tell me you referred them, I email you to tell you you have a free Flash Consult with me. You should use your free one within a year, if possible. If you’re going to give it to someone else, tell me their email address and when you want me to give it to them, and I’ll email them a certificate for a free consult.

(I won’t tell you who it was that hired me through your referral, though, because privacy.)

You can also see where this is going if you want to give these as gifts–buy two and get one free. So if you have three siblings with problems, you can pay me for two and tell me their three emails addresses and I’ll send certificates to all three of them. Nothing says “I love you” at the holidays like solving someone’s problem for them.

Why am I doing this? Because Flash Consults are still the most fun thing I get to do professionally, and because I’m staring at hours and hours in the car driving kids around in the next few months and I do my best unraveling of problems in the car. So I’m trying to manipulate my schedule into working for me while at the same time giving you a reward for referring me to friends and associates, and removing your stress from trying to outfox your problem on your own. So everyone wins.

How does this happen? You send the website FlashCons.com to anyone you know who has a problem they’re working on or a decision to make, or who owns a small business and is dealing with something outside their area of expertise, and tell them that when they email me to start the process they should give me their name and email. Then I take over and ask them where it hurts (that is actually the first question in the process), and then we solve some problems.

Questions? Lmk at magda @ flashcons dot com

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