Dear Jeff Bezos, I can solve your problem for you. Love, Magda

I’m not going to rehash the whole thing, but I am going to say that nothing in the original NYT article about how management happens is a surprise to anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who’s worked for Amazon.

The way to have a well-functioning organization is to create an environment in which workers can trust their managers and managers can trust their people.

If you create an actively hostile workplace in which no one can trust even basic declarative statements, your company is not going to get the best work out of people. And your product is going to suck. Ask Microsoft. Or ask Ford, and then look at how they turned it around by requiring trust.

It’s not complicated to create an environment of trust in an organization. It is a process, but a fulfillment company should be all over process. 

Call me. I can teach you all RISWS and the larger theoretical framework behind RISWS, and within 18 months you’ll be someplace people stay because they love it so much.



4 thoughts on “Dear Jeff Bezos, I can solve your problem for you. Love, Magda”

  1. I do, but since so many of the metrics and practices going on there seem like such obviously monumentally bad ideas, it would require a book to say why they’re so wrong. So I went with the Cliff notes: no trust.

  2. It will never happen, but it’d be a dream come true of mine for you to consult to AMZN. In my exit interview, HR asked me: "what was the first thing I would do if I were in charge." and I said, "Get rid of Jeff Bezos." A black-and-white solution, but what can I say.

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