2 thoughts on “7-year-olds and 4.75-year-olds”

  1. Exit polls are surveys of a small percentage of voters taken after they leave their voting place. 25,547 voters to be exact. Corporate paid pollsters use this data to project how all voters or segments of voters side on a particular race or ballot measure based on 1984 criteria for measuring race and gender. You use an exit poll to blame white women for Trump. Not CNN who gave him $3 billion dollars of free advertising to target poor whites, men and women, nor the racist based electoral college that ignored Hillary’s popular vote. You blame white woman for not backing black women and voting for Hillary united based on the results of a November 8 exit poll How exactly does this creative thinking , a true oxymoron help us.

  2. "The rise of Trumpism and the election results bear a strong resemblance to the rise of white nationalism in 19th-century America. By pitting poor white people and black people against each other, using the cloak of racism, rich whites thwarted a possible alliance between the two groups based on fighting wealth inequality (an issue central to former Democratic presidential nominee and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ platform). In suggesting that America is being taken away from its rightful owners—that is, white people—Trump succeeded in diverting white anger towards people of color." Please tackle this complexity with your skills of perception. It is important to build bridges between white women and women of color but blaming white women for the outcome of Trumpism , a pet project of corporate media ever since they used the exit poll to attack sectors of the American public, has actually fanned misunderstanding, ridicule, suspicion among former allies. Since you are not corporate media, have a good look at your message. White women vs women of color –that is why Trump won? We don’t think so. White rich corporate America doesn’t need any help. We need to ask white corporate America to bake cookies at parties, and listen and engage but why should they?

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