Parenting Truths 22: Your kids can do it

My 9-year-old just told me he wished he had a cupcake. So we looked up a mug cake recipe on the internet, he wrote it down, and now he’s making it all by himself.

A few weeks ago, my 12-year-old was complaining about something and it turned into a rant breakdown of the difference between personal and systematic racism.

Your kids are going to get there.

Every day, you’re putting in all this really hard work. From the physical labor to the emotional work, from showing them how to tie their shoes to potty training them to helping them practice reading to talking about current events and helping them interpret the big themes. It feels endless, like you’re throwing it all into a bottomless pit. But you aren’t. It’s all going into them, and even when you don’t see it having any effect, it is. They’ll flip it back to you when you least expect it. And you’ll be amazed at how thoughtful and competent and fully-formed your rainbow-pooping kids are.

You matter. The things you do and say matter every day, all the time. And your kids are soaking those up, and when they’re ready, they’ll shoot it all back at you, with mastery and swagger, and you’ll see what excellent people they are.

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