Flash bidding!

Last week I mentioned that I’m solving any problem in around 24 hours for $250 through my Flash Consulting program. This has been so much fun for me, to take problems people send me–about their businesses and personal lives and blending the two–and pull them apart to give people a clear path.

So I’m super excited to be offering a Flash Consultation as part of Virginia Champoux’s “Outrunning the Cloud” online auction to raise money for cancer research at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. (Not associated with Komen in any way.)

Virginia is a breast cancer survivor who started raising money to help other women with cancer before she even started treatment, and has continued raising money during her chemo and radiation treatments. I am so excited to be part of her auction (which is in its second year), and so glad to be her friend.

You can read all the details of how Flash Consulting works and what clients say about the experience at flashcons.com. Then go bid on the auction item here. After you bid for that item, look at all the other listings and bid for everything else. The auction opened today (May 25) and ends this Thursday (May 29). We’re hoping to double last year’s auction total of $7,900. So please spread it around!

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