Dragging through the end of the school year

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We’re in that end-of-year phase in which school seems unbearable.

If it was just the daily worksheets, maybe. But all the extra stuff. The testing and the projects and the appreciation weeks/months and the field days and the field trips and the school carnivals and fairs and pep rallies and assemblies and wacky hat days and everything else. (And extra days tacked on for people who had a lot of snow days.)

I have no cure.

I just wanted to acknowledge the feeling of fatigue and lack of interest in the entire process. Are you there, too? 

This cracked me up: “Parents At The Beginning Of The School Year Vs. The End”

Especially #2 and #4. And #7. And #11.

Five more weeks here. How about you?

10 thoughts on “Dragging through the end of the school year”

  1. the next 5 weeks are going to be crazy, yes I’m so ready for school to just be over. anniversary, lots of visitors, parties, end of year, husband traveling, that is my next 5 weeks. I’m really ready for june 13th and a full week of pool time.

  2. yes! thank you. i know i’m not alone since i’ve been talking about it with other parents, but it’s always nice to read more validation from other corners of the internet. honestly, i can’t even imagine what it must be like for kids in SCHOOL school. my kids are only in preschool and daycare. they’re montessori programs, though, so they treat them like actual school. within the last month or so we’ve had fundraising events, parents nights, grandparent’s day (which involved a visit from my parents and all that goes with that), a school picnic, school pictures, and in the middle of it i’m now out of town on a business trip. oy. it’s hard to even want to get out of bed, which is a pity considering how lovely the weather has finally gotten.

  3. I recently went to the info session/enrollment thing for my first kiddo who will enter public K this fall. The incoming PTA president, a complete spaz who kept her sunglasses on during the talk, expounded for 5 minutes on how the job of the PTA is to inject "fun" into school. That, at least for her kids, school is not really fun and therefore unmotivating and so the solution is for the PTA to plan "more fun stuff" like crazy dress days and parties, and appreciation events, and please just give us your money, we’ll do the rest.

    I would really love to hear the teacher’s perspective on this. Are the appreciation gifts really appreciated? If not, what could be done to make them better? Are all the events and fun days helpful for their classrooms? Do kids seem to benefit from them? Someone weigh in!

    One of my daughter’s tball teammates will be in her K grade this year, his mom is the team mom and is asking for money and all sorts of pictures and knick knacks to use for the team party at a pizza place. Is it wrong that I feel like the kids won’t care a whit about whether there are red and white streams up and are just going to be having fun consuming pizza and running around?

    1. I’m a high school teacher, where is a little less emphasis on parents/PTAs "injecting fun" but I thought I’d comment on appreciating the appreciation gifts. One of my students’ parents recently dropped off a pack of printer paper with a short note of thanks, and I was so touched! The teachers at our school buy our own paper, so it was a very thoughtful gift (more so than a gift card or candy or something like that, even though it might seem more "personal"). I appreciated it beyond what I can explain!

    2. That is really interesting about that PTA president’s theory. At my child’s school, the PTA funds family-related social events in the evening. The student council funds and organizes all the "fun" in-school nonsense like spirit days. The PTA pays for reading incentive prizes and assemblies as well. Oh and pays for meals for teachers on Parent-Teacher conference nights. I think they look at themselves more as a way to supplement learning in ways the district can’t afford to, not as the fun providers. It’ll be interesting if this is just that one PTA Mom’s view of her role, or if that is the school community’s expectation year after year.

  4. My kid is only in preschool, and we only have two weeks (i.e., three total days) left. And yet I still feel the end of year burnout. We’ve been doing drop-off later and later, and I actually didn’t have her in until half an hour after the "start" last week. The newsletter one from that link made me laugh and laugh because we do have a newsletter, and that’s exactly how I felt about the last one. But the worst bit is that as much as I’m tired of school-related stuff, I’m so very much dreading NOT having her in school. She loves it, and it’s the only break I get (from her, I also have an 11 month old) all week. It gives us something to structure our day around, and keeps me from just throwing on the TV in despair. I’ve enrolled her in two weeks of summer school, after which we have a vacation planned, but July to mid-August is going to be one long, terrifying stretch.

  5. I’m at the point where I wish I could afford to let my kid buy lunch every day. So tired of the lunch packing/snack packing/water bottle cleaning and refilling morning routine. We made it through the fundraiser but there are two field trips left and one requires a costume. Also field day. And a school social. One more spirit day. I’m so done.

  6. luckily we’re at the 10 days mark, but this has been one heckuva year for my 4th grader. His HR teacher was pregnant so she went on leave in Nov; came back late Feb, then one week later announced her husband was transferred. Long-term sub had been great, but couldnt’ stay for the remainder of the year; new hire came in mid april and tried to be "beginning of the year strict" which I understand, but give the kids a break! Plus yes, projects and book reports and one more project and field trips…. Definitely over it! Plus, we’re moving. ha!!!

  7. Yes! We have two and a half more weeks of preschool and three and a half more weeks of first grade. I’m so sick of homework and activities and fundraisers. We’re moving in two and a half weeks. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to get my first grader back for the last four days of school. We can commute an hour or more each morning to school or I can get a hotel room for those couple of days. I’ll try the commute on the first day and get a hotel if it’s too awful, I guess. It will all be over soon though.

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