New stuff

1. New MoxieTopic up: New Parent Survival Guide, with information about the emotional process you go through, what to prioritize, how to keep yourself healthy, how to work together with a partner in the first few months, and what will happen in each chunk of time in the first twelve weeks and how to approach each of those chunks.

2. plus a bundle so you can get the 5 essential MoxieTopics for new parents all in one bundle at a savings.

3. Kindergarten support group starts this Thursday, so get in now if you already know you want to be in. (Registration will be open over the summer in case people realize they want the support when it gets closer to go time, but this first part of the support group gets a lot of your own process out of the way and helps you become aware of and process your own fears and baggage about going to K so you can separate that out from what your child is experiencing.)

4. Summer Reading Challenge has been changed to a group instead of a page on FB so people can actually see other peoples’ pledges and book reports. Free, and people are making pledges now for how many books they’ll read between May 15 and September 15. Join here.

5. Writing Through Your Divorce starts next Monday. And are you reading the WTYD Blog? We have some striking, beautifully-written pieces up.

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