The Day After Tomorrow, or the first day of the rest of your life?

I was going to make you all a list of “100 Things To Do While Snowed In With The Same Kids You’ve Been Inside With For Two Weeks,” but look, I’m the mother who taught her kids how to play “I Never”* a couple weeks ago, so I’m not the one to put in charge of activities.

HOWEVER, I can do what I do whenever there’s a crisis of any sort: Make a playlist. Here’s the Polar Vortex Playlist For Endless Dance Party With Your Children.

What’s special about this playlist? It’s all YOUR music instead of your kids’ music. Or, rather, MY music and I think you’re probably sort of close to my age** so you’ll remember these songs. Remember, we’re nourishing ourselves this year, so no forcing ourselves to listen to kids’ music today and no Caillou.

Here it is in a Spotify playlist.

Here it is in a YouTube playlist.


1. These songs are for dancing. Don’t pay attention to the lyrics unless you want to have a lot of teachable moments with your kids.

2. I included two songs specifically about butts because kids like butts.

3. If you’ve forgotten how to dance to the hip-hop songs, watch the E.U. video. If you’ve forgotten how to dance to the new wave songs, watch the Dead Or Alive video.

4. Remember when I saw Digital Underground live in Vegas two years ago? That was great.

Polar Vortex Playlist:

  1. “Let Me Clear My Throat” — DJ Kool
  2. “Push It” — Salt n Pepa
  3. “Blister In the Sun” — Violent Femmes
  4. “Bizarre Love Triangle” — New Order
  5. “The Glamorous Life” — Sheila E
  6. “Insane In The Membrane” — Cypress Hill
  7. “Rumpshaker” — Wreckx-N-Effect
  8. “Da Butt” — E.U.
  9. “Just Can’t Get Enough” — Depeche Mode
  10. “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” — Dead Or Alive
  11. “The Humpty Dance” — Digital Underground
  12. “Jump Around” — House of Pain
  13. “Burning Down The House” — Talking Heads
  14. “Chains of Love” — Erasure
  15. “O.P.P.” — Naughty By Nature
  16. “It Takes Two” — Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock


While you’re listening, check out this piece in which I was quoted about my New Year’s resolutions as a single mom, and this piece I just posted on Huffington Post: “6 Things About The Men You’ll Date After Your Divorce.”


* With seltzer, not alcohol. I’m not THAT debauched. Also, you haven’t lived ’til you’ve played “I Never” with an 8-year-old. “I never….went to school in my pajamas! Hahahahahahaha!”


9 thoughts on “The Day After Tomorrow, or the first day of the rest of your life?”

  1. How can you not love a playlist for your kids that has Blister in the Sun on it?!! Ahhahahaha! (And Bizzarre Love Triangle, Just Can’t Get Enough, You Spin Me, Burning Down the House…OK, yes, I am a teen of the 80’s…what do you want. The other songs are great too, but those 80’s alternative anthems have a special place in my heart & memory).

    No school cancellations here (despite the icy roads with a layer of water as it’s now raining). Managed to get DS to school (late), but I’m totally playing this mix at home for myself and in the car when I pick up DS, if I can swing it.

  2. So sorry for everyone caught up in the Polar Vortex. It’s a top news story here with Live Blogs in newspapers in unseasonably warm, windy and very wet London, England. We have had a very mild winter but with many storms, including thunder and lightning and lots of rain leading to flooding. Blamed on the Atlantic.

    Just looking at the news about the Big Freeze makes me feel cold.

    Love the playlist! And I give thanks that as my daughter’s school holiday began in the afternoon of December 6th and won’t end until Thursday that we have been able to go out every day! Including to the temporary ice rink where the poor staff have had to deal with trying to keep the ice frozen in 60F and with wind acting like a hair dryer on an ice cube and puddles of rainwater on top of the ice since it opened in end November. It’s been intense enough the month at home without cabin fever. Hope the electricity and heat stay on for everyone in the cold conditions.

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