I left off on Monday with the call-in (which was fun) and the Boundaries MoxieTopic about to go out. Which I was working on, and then got crunched, and then got on a plane for a jam-packed three-day work trip which I’m now jetlagged from and cranky, and I’m still not done with the MoxieTopic.

The irony of having a piece on boundaries delayed because of a work trip is not lost on me.

I’m here and working, though, so it’s all coming.

What’s happening with you? How’s round two of the polar vortex treating you?

2 thoughts on “Gah”

  1. I am so glad the week is over. And hearing about your Vegas trip makes me think I should book a (non-work) weekend trip there in the next few months. I bought sourdough bread after work and am eating it with butter while watching today’s episode of Y&R. Happy Weekend!

  2. Your post reminded me of an online graduate class I couldn’t seem to find the time* to complete so I had to take an incomplete and finish in the next semester. Title of the class? "Motivation." Ah, the irony.

    *yeah, of course there was the whole mother/wife/teacher roles and then some so "couldn’t seem to find the time" really isn’t the full story!

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