It’s here: The Get Christmased Workbook

It’s here!

The Get Christmased 2013 Workbook is done and ready for
purchase, in a version for parents and a version for childfree people.

You need this if you:

  • want to love Christmas but never quite feel like you’re
    doing it right
  • wish you knew what to do to make it special for your kids
  • are tired of the consumerism but don’t know what to replace
    it with
  • feel tension between the religious and secular aspects of it
  • could really enjoy it if you had a plan

Only $19, it leads you through a series of questions to
answer for yourself to:

  • Uncover your ideas about Christmas
  •  Identify all the things about Christmas that can
    be problematic
  • Discuss important concepts that might help you
    bring ease to your Christmas season
  • Present some holidays that overlap with
    Christmas that might be of use to you
  • Create a Christmas for your kids that is as great
    as the ones you had growing up, or better
  • Identify what you want the Xmas season to feel
  • Make a plan for Christmas, including choosing
    meaningful themes and activities
  • Write it all down in a master sheet to keep
    track of it

The version for parents is 49 pages and the version for
childfree people is 42 pages, so buy now so you’ll have the time to work
through it and be ready to go when the Christmas season starts.

More info on the Get Christmased workbook for parents here.
Buy now:

More info on the Get Christmased workbook for childfree
people here.
Buy now:

0 thoughts on “It’s here: The Get Christmased Workbook”

  1. Can you give more info on how this could apply to people who do not celebrate Christmas? Your description seems to state that it could be for all faiths but I’m unclear. I’d love to support you!

  2. @&BabyMakes75: If you completely ignore Christmas, then this workbook will do nothing for you. If you would like to observe the Christmas season in some way, the workbook helps you figure out what your priorities are and how to choose themes and a cohesive set of practices for observing/celebrating throughout the month. It helps you put a structure around doing something consistent and observant that corresponds with your own priorities for the month.

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