Front half of the service project, and guilt

This year for a holiday service project we’ll be supporting Beyond Baby Mamas‘  project to help feed single-parent families. This is especially important now that SNAP has been cut (grr) and single-parent families are often hardest hit. If you are a single-parent family that needs help with food, sign up here to be a recipient of help from the project (and pass the info on to anyone else you know could use it). Applications are due by Wednesday, November 20, which is next Wednesday.

If you’d like to help feed a single-parent-headed family, stay tuned and I’ll let you know when BBM is ready for that side of things to start happening. Also, follow @BeyondBabyMamas on Twitter.


It feels like a lot of people are feeling guilt right now. About things we’ve done or things we haven’t done, or feelings we’re having about our kids or our situations. Or even things we think we’ll do or not do in the future.

If you’re feeling guilt, stop and think for a minute. Is the guilt helping you by making you act (or not act) in the way you want to? Or are you actively participating in guilt because you aren’t going to change your behavior but want to “make up for it” by suffering with guilt?

That second way isn’t going to get you anywhere. So either let the guilt help you to change things, or decide you’re ok with the way things are and get rid of the guilt. Either one is valid. Like you. You’re valid.  You probably need a little break from whatever you’re doing. Drink a glass of water.




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