New MoxieTopic subscription and Creating Your Own Parenting Plan

I’ve just released a new MoxieTopic called “Creating Your Own Parenting Method” that walks you through the steps of creating a mission statement and relationship guide that helps you make every parenting decision you’ll need to make. A little longer than the others at 11 pages, but worth it. Buy it here for $5.

OR, buy the All MoxieTopics Subscription plan! I’ve been getting requests to “just send me everything,” so this is the answer to that. A yearly subscription that gives you every MoxieTopic currently released (there are five as of the time I’m typing this) plus every MoxieTopic I release in the next year. (That will be at least 12.) The fee for the year is only $40, which means you’re saving $20 over the year and getting everything I’ve released already for free. This is perfect for people who like to look ahead or back and figure out what happened or what will happen.

Tomorrow, back to Q&A here. 

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