8 thoughts on “22-month-old not sleeping”

  1. I know it’s just a mis-post, but this makes me laugh. Because no, a lot of 22-month olds just don’t sleep. And what else is there to say? The language leap (often heavily in favor of receptive rather than expressive, so that the poor child understands everything but can say virtually none of it), the ongoing and very rapid physical development of the second year, the general developmental explosion: it haywires sleep.

    It gets better. Really! But maybe not right away.

  2. Yes, please, post this when possible! I am on the edge of insanity with my 22-month-old who doesn’t sleep, nurses throughout the night, insists on sleeping wedged in my armpit, etc. Something needs to change soon, and I don’t know how to go about it.

    1. oh my heavens, yes, exactly! this IS my 22 month old! added to your description is the constant fiddling with my breasts during those rare moments when he’s not nursing. aaaaagggghhhh!! (but it makes me feel better to think that perhaps This Too Will Pass…!?!)

  3. Yes, please, can we have this post? My 27 month old stopped sleeping for naps, and was horrible to get down for the night. After a few weeks she tried to climb out of the crib, so we converted it to a toddler bed. Now she usually naps and bedtime isn’t a battle (though she often turns her light back on and plays quietly for 30 minutes or so). And she wakes up EARLY!!

    1. Clarification: I think it’s too early for her to not nap every day. And I hate the early wake ups. Hoping against hope that advice for a non-sleeping 22 month old would help for the 27 month old?

  4. Check the diet! For one of my kids, dairy was a sleep killer. But that really wouldn’t explain it if the wee one has been sleeping well up until then. Consider this is an age though where kids (mine anyway) start eating a lot more, so always look to the food when things go weird (it is my personal mantra!).

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