Introducing MoxieTopics, in-depth PDFs on the topics AskMoxie readers are most interested in!

These are the topics I get the most questions about, so I’ve written various posts over the years covering them, but this is the first time I’ve written from start to finish on each topic. Priced at $5 each, they’re the right guides to help you know what, when, and why things are happening and what you might want to try to help your family through it.

I’ll add more as I write them, so keep checking back.

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Is This a Thing? Timeline of birth through 2

Here's a timeline of all the things can make your baby get weird (by which I mean stop sleeping and get cranky) at predictable times from birth to 2, including growth spurts, sleep regressions, and other phases. 8 pages of what's-going-to-happen-when-and-it's-not-your-fault. I'm writing a book on it, but here's the quick and dirty, ready now when you need it. Five bucks, eight pages. More info on MoxieTopic: Is This a Thing? timeline here. Click here if you know you want to buy now:


Sleep: Tension Increasers and Tension Releasers

Here's the whole start to finish on what it means to increase or release tension from crying, how to tell how your child processes crying, what that tells you about the way your child gets to sleep, and what else you can take from this that will help you help your child deal with big feelings. Five bucks, five pages. More info on MoxieTopic: Tension Increasers and Tension Releasers here. Click here if you know you want to buy now:



Sleep: Sleep Regression Intensive

What are sleep regressions? When do they happen? What can you do about them? Al these questions and more are answered in the Sleep Regression Intensive. Eight pages of more than you ever wanted to know about how kids sometimes just can't sleep and it's not your fault. Five bucks. More info on MoxieTopic: Sleep Regression Intensive here. Click here if you know you want to buy now:



Problem Solving Procedure

Not knowing where or how to start unraveling your child's problems, but annoyed at experts telling you to jump without knowing anything about you or your child? Here's the guide to helping you formulate a problem-solving process that works for you that you can apply to any kid-related situation. A little theory, some suggestions of things to think about, then the different approaches and pros and cons of each. Five bucks, five pages. More info on MoxieTopic: Problem Solving Procedure here. Click here if you know you want to buy now: