Twin Cities and Toronto and Writing Through Your Divorce

I've driven 1200 miles since Saturday morning.

Twin Cities: We're meeting at the playground at Lake Harriet today! I'll be there from 4 to 7. Bring your kids or come alone. I'm wearing a navy tank top and khaki-colored shorts and black flip-flops.

Toronto: I'll be there next week for a conference. Meetup Monday, June 24 at 6 pm at the Pilot tavern, which I'm told is off the Bloor stop on the Yonge line of the subway. Who's in?

Today's the last day for the early bird pricing of the Writing Through your Divorce workshop. Price goes up tomorrow.


My kids are both at sleepaway camp right now. It feels a little strange that even the 8-year-old is there. How old were you when you went to sleepaway camp, if you went? Have your kids gone yet and how old were they?

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  1. I was 10 and it was to Girl Scout camp for a week. I was totally fine but 2 other girls in my tent cried hysterically every night. I think every kid is different and just because other kids go at whatever age doesn’t mean your kid should. But sometimes you never know how they will do until you try!

  2. I was 10 to YWCA camp and was fine but there was a girl who was hysterical and crying at the same age, so yes, it just depends.My kids have not gone to camp yet (at age 7, my son and my husband went to camp together but they were together and it was only one night). I want to try family camp because that sounds fun…when the baby gets bigger.

  3. My 7-year-old daughter went to an all-school sleepaway for two nights just about a month ago. It was fine, and she reported no one else seemed upset either. They were the youngest class of the school.

  4. My son (8.5) is going on his first sleep-away ‘camp’ (overnight), here in UK the are called ‘residentials’, in about a month’s time. In September his year 4 class will be going away for 3.whole.nights! Am sure he will cope, but don’t know whether I will.

  5. ARGH!! You’re in Toronto on one of the few days I have something after my Toronto farmers’ market. How late do you think you’ll be there?

  6. I was six when I went to a week-long sleep-away camp. I loved it. My younger sister was also six when she first went, but she refused, until she was 13, to go to a sleep-away camp if I, three years old, was not also there at the same time.

  7. I went to a camp back when I was in elementary school with everybody else in my class. It was actually a lot of fun and I don’t remember there being any big problems throughout.

  8. I grew up in the Midwest and it was very common for kids at a young age to go away for a month or two for the summer to overnight camp. I started at age ten but my sister started at age eight and did fine. Overnight camp is the best!

  9. I was seven and went to sleep-away girl scout camp for a week and was fine, until I got a letter from my mom on the second-to-last day that she took my brother to Disneyland while I was there. I mean, we lived about 20 minutes from there & he’d won two free tickets at school, and I’d been probably 10 times that year… but still – I was inconsolable. We still joke about it to this day, but man – I was DEVASTATED.

  10. My oldest son went to overnight camp for one week the summer before he started middle school (age 11). He really enjoyed it and came home more confident in his independence, which I think helped him make the transition to a new school. He is now nearly 14 and headed to camp for two weeks this summer. My youngest, age 11, is headed to overnight camp for one week for the first time in August. I think he is more than ready to go but I find myself feeling less ready for him to go in part, I think, due to his significant food allergies.

  11. DS is 5.5 and has been to two 2-nite Beaver Scout camps. I was really worried but he was fine. Better than fine. Didn’t want to leave when I picked him up and asked when he could go back. Devastated that there is no Beaver camping during the summer. The leaders told us the little kids (5 – 7) are usually fine and it’s the 8 – 11 year olds who have the problems (if there are going to be problems).

  12. I went to overnight camp for a week starting at age 8; later I went to Interlochen Arts Camp for 4 or 8 weeks depending on the year. The best summers of my life, and I’m still friends with some of the people I met there. I miss those times a lot.

  13. I went to my first 1-week Campfire Girls (remember them?) camp at 6 and then continued to go for a week or two every summer until I got so involved in dance that it wasn’t OK to be out of town in the summer.Mouse went last summer at 8 for her first sleepaway camps – two different one-week camps with a weekend inbetween. She did great – went with a bestie to one of them and a not-that-close friend from school to the second. She also went on a weeklong camp with school in the fall. So this summer (she’s 9 now) she asked to go to a 2-week circus camp (one of the ones she went to last year) and I am currently doing all the sharpie-ing of every dang thing to get her ready to go on Monday. She is stoked.
    She was definitely somewhat homesick last year, but not so much she didn’t enjoy herself, and I think that’s part of the experience. She’s contemplating doing two 2-week camps next year. To which I say…cat’s away!!!! Mr. C and I enjoyed our kid-free time thoroughly (even missing Mouse all the while).

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