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I just gave a presentation entitled "Beyondthe Good Mother/Bad Mother Dichotomy: Bridging the Reality of the
Relationship and Jobs of Motherhood Using Economic Theory" at the Communicating Motherhood conference in Toronto. I'm still working on the ideas but will share when it all shakes out correctly.

Toronto: I'll be at the Pilot tavern (22 Cumberland St) at 6 pm tonight (Monday) and hope to see you there.

Everyone, click through to look at this installation by Monica Bock called "Maternal Exposure (don't forget the lunches)." I laughed so hard when I saw this, and then I felt so tired for all of us. Here's part of the note on the piece: "Inspired by the daily ritual of exposing one's children and one's
nurturing skills to public scrutiny, this piece consists of 418 lead
sheet bags embossed with school and day camp lunch menus packed for two
young children in the course of a year."

Comments and thoughts? If YOU were going to do an installation called "Maternal Exposure," what would you do?

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  1. Wow. Love that installation. Though I think if I experienced the sibling dance installation (described lower down on the right), I would lose it. Too intense. I still hear phantom cries when I’m in the shower, and the little guy just turned 5.I think if I did an installation called ‘maternal exposure’, it would be something about the nerves and heart and everything (symbolically or physiologically) that makes you feel emotionally exposed – for better and for worse – out there on display, and unprotected.

  2. It would be a woman standing in front of a towering mountain of all of the laundry to be done as a mother. I would call it, “Mount Laundry Has No Summit Day”.

  3. I thought the lead bags were meant to block public judgment (as they would X-rays) of what you give your kids to eat. But the one picture of the menu on the bag showed quite a healthy list. I think this just reveals my own guilt–my son is a choosey snacker who would bring home the contents of that menu uneaten. I would love a lead bag to hide what I do put in his lunch–the healthiest of the crap food: goldfish, pretzles, gogurts, pudding, jello, low fat or baked chips (he likes those, go figure!). I hate packing lunch.

  4. I really like the ideas above. I bet there’s a way to take all of the school/team pictures and merge them into one blur picture.The sibling dance really did sound intense. I also still hear phantom “Mom!s” and the youngest is 5.
    I wonder if you could take all of the mismatched “leftover” socks and turn them into a thing. Just the sheer quantity of socks – either outgrown or partially misplaced.

  5. Maternal Exposure: It would just be pictures of my bo.obs. They would be in pregnancy, nursing, and post-nursing glory. In the post-nursing glory, they would also be in my arm pit because that’s where they hang out.

  6. My maternal exposure would be a dim room with a time lapse film of a woman doing all the tasks of keeping a household going and a family cared for while having a soundtrack of a woman reading a to-do list, another woman reading out things society would say she should do, with a baby’s cries mixed in subtly so that one is never sure if one actually head crying or not. (Thanks, milliner–I hear phantom crying every time I shower and I thought it was just me!)

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