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1. If any of you were as disheartened as I was by the mean-spirited "Dear Mom on the iPhone" post that went around (that I won't link to because it makes me so upset), I hope this really lovely piece "Dear Mom on the iPhone, I Get It" by Fried Okra restores your faith in humanity like it did for me. 

2. I posed a piece on the HuffPo Divorce site yesterday about starting running as a way to show your body that you love it. Don't judge my playlist–I just turned 40.

3. If you are wondering if I'm ever going to shut up about exercising, well, no, I am not. This piece shows why: "Fit at 102" The money shot here: "Many people don’t realize that problems they associate with old age actually are caused by poor fitness, experts say…" I'm not going down without a fight, and this man in the story is an inspiration (he started working out at age 98).

4. By now you've probably heard that Google Reader is being shut down in a few months. Here's a list of alternatives.

5. Remember my friend who took a picture of the guy who touched her daughter and showed it to the police, who then hauled the guy in and he turned out to be a child rapist out on parole? The case went to court, and my friend and her daughter testified, and the jury came back with a guilty verdict, so this miserable slime who raped his own daughters is now going back to prison. I am so proud of my friend and of her daughter. And so thankful for a sensible and good jury.

6. My 7-year-old told me this morning he'd like to change his name to Turbo.

What's new with you?

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  1. I am attempting to start weaning my 51.5 week old. I am losing my place to pump at work next week so I tried going a day without pumping and oh my sweet ever loving ouch. What was I thinking? (I had only been pumping 1x per day for a few weeks anyway but oh good gracious pain!)So, back to the drawing board. I guess I’ll pump in the bathroom or my car if I need to.
    I cannot for the life of me remember how I did this the last two times. I know I tapered the pumping which caused the supply to drop which made the kids less interested in nursing when I am at home, but it doesn’t seem to be working this time. I weaned the other two at 11.5 mos and 14 mos to a bottle of formula so that’s my plan again. Faith, perseverance, etc. I imagine this will all be a distant memory some day since I can’t even remember what I did with the other two kids.

  2. THANK YOU for linking that Mom on the iPhone piece. I saw red for hours after reading the original on Facebook last week.

  3. I have a teething, still nursing 18-month-old and am 8 weeks pregnant with my fourth, and we just got over a bout of stomach flu that two of my three kids had. I haven’t told anyone (except my husband) that I’m pregnant, and I’m going bonkers without sleep. I keep thinking I need to night-wean the toddler, but then I think if he’s in the middle of the 18-month regression, it’s not a good time. Is there ever a good time? I want to nurse him until he’s two, but I also want to sleep at night.

  4. Yes, thanks for the Fried Okra link, says it better than I really could (although those are the thoughts in my head). My news is my toddler woke 3 times last night for an hour each, so I am not in a good mood. Sigh. Coffee in the morning, hopefully a run after naptime, we’ll get through this awful week-after-the-time-change somehow. On the bright side, my almost 5 year old was making puns using days of the week on the way to school today, which made me laugh out loud. She’s awesome.

  5. I love the fried oka piece! I never read the original “dear mom” piece, but have wasted plenty of time making myself feel bad for texting, reading, whatever. Thanks for he lift! I am doing it okay!

  6. Just found out my 12 year old cat (my first baby) has hyperthyroidism and needs to take medicine twice a day every day for the rest of his life, which makes taking vacations kind of difficult. I don’t want to have to pay a pet sitter to come 2x/day and pill my cat. The other alternative may be radioactive iodine treatment.Other than that, yesterday was the 20 year (20 YEAR!) anniversary of when my husband and I got together in college. We have now been together longer than we have not been together.

  7. LOVE that @Fried Okra piece, especially this:”From our many interactions, Mom on the iPhone, I’ve seen that you’re smart, capable and resourceful as well as being loving and caring and giving where your family is concerned. So I trust you to know when you and your kids need to give one another your undivided attention, and when it’s okay for you to take a few minutes while they’re occupied to attend to one or two of the myriad of other things for which you’re responsible. I trust that you talk to and laugh with and teach and cuddle your kids enough that they know the difference between being neglected and being allowed a bit of independence to figure out they’re still important and valued even though your world, and the world at large, doesn’t always revolve around them. I trust that when you have doubts or worries or need advice, you use your resources to find answers and solutions to care for and protect your family.”
    Amen! The benefit of the doubt is a beautiful thing! It is far too easy to judge someone else based solely on what we think we know about them based on their parenting in public.

  8. I have a 2.5 year old who is, in the caring words of my husband, making me look like I’ve aged years in the past month. I, sadly, have to concur. She’s like the machine in the Princess Bride, sucking years off my life in too short a time period.I guess it’s good news that that struggle and trying to figure out what I’m going to do to replace Google Reader are my two biggest issues at the moment.

  9. Linda, I’m glad you posted Julie’s response because I was about to do the same! Sometimes mama just needs to read her blogs, yaknow?

  10. I’m beginning to think my son might have Asbergers. I have to consider moving from this post-divorce apartment I’ve been in for 3 years. I can’t get a handle on my after-work-pick-up-child-drive-home-make-supper-get-child-to-bed-without-harming-either-of-us and on top of that I cannot find the time and energy to exercise. My son woke up on Tuesday and declared he wants to learn Spanish. And I’m enjoying my job.

  11. Oh you know, new job, new house, trying to get the old flat fixed up to sell and having some unwelcome surprises with that…a random 2-day meltdown by the almost-9-year-old over public speaking at school, which she normally enjoys…everything I’m involved in is a startup, so things are crazy. But really good.

  12. Possibly changing schools, stress in general after a big move, residual bitterness after greedy buyers were just greedy and feeling entitled, but very glad to be done with the house and greedy buyers!I read the fried okra piece a week ago and it was uplifting… So glad I have not read the original!
    Happy to be somewhat healthy (except for plantar facitis) need to keep working out!

  13. Trying to make some potentially major changes. I have two kids who may also be Aspergers or PDD-nos (if they keep that designation in the new DSM, I think it goes away)… (hi, @MomPlusKid, feel free to ping me through my blog…) – for a long time it was seemed to be quirky plus stuff my family is known for, but now is starting to be notable at school, for both. We’re in the assessment cycle, and whatever the dx ends up being, there’s going to be interventions needed to help them in the areas that burn intense resources to cope with (theirs and ours). Don’t want them to change, but our skills are not enough to get them through smoothly to where they can succeed without exhausting themselves to do so (or at all in some functions), so – time to call in some professional help! (and why, since I know I screen on the spectrum and books about women with Aspergers read like my entire life, and ASD is genetic in origin even if the flavors/degrees are congenitally or environmentally shaped AND my sister is deep in the spectrum AND my grandfather was also, did I not think my kids needed an extra close look? no idea.)Exercise is another reason I need to make other changes. I have had little time to dance, and less energy for it. Looking for a studio that will let me rent time has been a bust so far (waaahhh! I need space! and wall mirrors!). Classes locally even have not worked out for timing or location. Running would be great if my body could do that (knees/hips/feet dislocate just walking sometimes, so running, not very friendly). To make this work, the rest of my life needs to shift.
    As for item 3 – I have role models. Many, actually – most of my older friends are dancers, and some family also. Or are otherwise athletic, and haven’t given it up. My best role model, though was a dancer who did cool stuff like taking up competitive pairs roller skating (figure skating on wheels) at 85 years old. And then kept doing that for at least another 10 years, I think, along with dancing. She wasn’t in perfect form by the time other health issues forced her out of it, but cancer didn’t stop her, nothing stopped her. When she had her hip replaced in her late 80’s or early 90’s, the doctor doing the surgery had all the other surgeons on staff come in and look at her hip, because she had the kind of muscle and bone that a woman her age SHOULD have, rather than what they always saw day in/day out. (She was proud of that, rather than creeped out.) I wanna be like that, but I’m not even close at more than 40 years younger than she was. (my body has different issues, but I’d like to get to the same ballpark!)
    Fortunately, I seem to have missed the iPhone thing on FB. Not the kind of thing my friends share, I guess!

  14. I didn’t read the original post, but I’m one of the few who hates cell phones and is sick of everyone’s noses buried in their smart phones 24/7, whether they’re parents or not.

  15. Well, got laid off this am from my job I’ve been at for the last 12 years. Lots of other departures in our department today too. We’re a small & tight group within a big company. It’s been a hard & emotionally exhausting day for everyone. Our company is doing major layoffs over the course of 12 weeks. It’s a difficult time. BUT, I’m actually relieved I was one of the ones to go (and that I got a decent package). It’s time for a new adventure. But holy crap my eyes feel like they’re sunken into my head.

  16. My daughter just turned 2 earlier this month. She’s been having some weird sleeping issues since the daylight savings change – I don’t know if they are because of that change or because of turning 2, or what. But she’s been getting up at 4:30am some mornings and not going back to sleep. And on the weekends she’s been having really late naps. During the week, she’s in daycare, and there she has been napping on their schedule. Maybe she’s getting ready to drop her nap (argh), maybe she’s been going through a growth spurt, who knows.I’m also stressing out about preschool. We’re not in NYC or any of those crazy places, thank heavens. But I’m trying to look ahead at what we want to do with her for kindergarten and elementary school, and plan for the best progression. We’re actually pretty happy with her current daycare, but I can see that in a year or so we’ll want to move to something that offers a bit more. But I don’t want to keep bouncing her from place to place over the next few years… Anyway, I’m probably stressing about it far too much, but knowing that doesn’t help!

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