Yahoo, and sleep at 6 months

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Now, question:

Is there a sleep regression at 6 months? It seems like some kids START sleeping at 6 months, but others STOP sleeping at 6 months. Is this some kind of developmental thing and different kids just have opposite sleep reactions to whatever that developmental thing is?

Hand me some data points about whether your kid slept better or worse at 6 months than at 5, and anything you think accounted for that.

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  1. Ugh, sleep went down the toilet in our house at around 6-7 months. He had been sleeping all night every night, and suddenly he was waking up every 2-3 hours. It improved but he’s never again been a good sleeper. We had some other stuff going on at the time, including major surgery for me and stopping breastfeeding, etc. I just attributed to the sleep stuff to all that, but I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say about it!

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday Moxie. Those SPAM put me off.6 months was happy sailing for both kids, particularly in regards to naps. Both kidlets dropped from 3 to 2 naps and that definitely helped lengthen the afternoon nap and made it easier for them to go down at night.

  3. The climb out of the 4 month sleep regression was a slow one, so at 6 months I think we were still gradually improving…sleep deprivation has made my memory a little fuzzy. 🙂 She’s always been on the late edge of normal for gross motor development like rolling over and crawling, although she seems to be on the early edge for fine motor. She’s my little mystery novel.

  4. Sleep got worse at 6 months for kid 1, and better for kid 2 – we sleep trained kid 2 at 6.5 months. With kid 1 we waited until we were at our wits end and he was nearly a year old.I’m lucky in that my kids respond really well to sleep training, though.

  5. Our only datapoints were that as our kids were “working on a project” (learning to roll over, learning to crawl, learning to walk, finding words, growing teeth, etc.) they would go through a phase of less-good sleep. Either not being able to fall asleep (because they were busy or uncomfortable) or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep again.6 months could be right in the middle of learning to crawl. (We did rolling at 4, crawling at 6, walking by 11, then for the younger daughter it was all up 1 month – so rolling at 3, crawling at 5, walking at 10)

  6. Sleep was brilliant from 6-8 months, down to only 1 night feed then I would wake little dude up at 7:15 or so ( i can’t believe I used to wake *him* up every morning). At the time we thought it was down to starting solids and laughably thought we were home and dry.Everything went poo from 8-10 months though so we did sleep training with Nicole Johnson’s baby sleep site’s support which worked really well except a blip around 16 months.

  7. Sleep fell apart at 6-7 months and hasn’t improved. Previously (apart from the brief blip of the 4month sleep regression) Dumpling was sleeping 10/11 hour stretches and then started waking once a night, then twice, then every few hours. I think it might have been the onset of teething which started it all and it just never really recovered.

  8. my kid started waking EVERY HOUR at 6 months. as a working mom I ended up doing some No Cry Sleep Solution style sleep training to break him of it, but fortunately it did actually work.

  9. My kids simply stop sleeping well (if they even did to begin with) at the 4 month mark. For us, the 4 month developmental leap and the onset of teething and sitting up at 6 months just blur together. Then crawling kicks in, then walking….you see how it goes.The first one didn’t stop interrupting MY sleep until she was at least 4. The second one slept through the night for the first time at 12 months, but has since regressed to waking once a night or so since 18 months (she just turned 3).
    I’ve kind of given up hope of sleeping uninterrupted until this last baby (due in may) is about 4. That’ll be a grand total of…12 years of sleep deprivation. Woot woot!

  10. I’ve long ago tried to stop figuring out baby sleep patterns 🙂 My first had reflux, and at 4 months started waking every 45 minutes, and didn’t stop until she was over a year (she still wakes up once a night and she’s 3.5). My second is now 4 months, and her sleep has slightly improved since the 2 month mark, when she regressed from waking every 3-4 hours to every hour. I was fully expecting a 4 month sleep regression, but so far, nothing. However, we’ll see what 6 months brings 🙂 I’m totally cool with waking up every 3-4 hours, but every 1-2 hours has me feeling like a zombie!

  11. From my experience and checking in with others, it seems to me that those of us who experienced bad regressions at 4 months were still crawling out of that but doing better by 6 months. Those who blissed through 4 months with no problems started having trouble around 6 months.(And I hope you figure out a solution to the spam attacks — it’s unsettling as a reader, but it must be beyond maddening for you.)

  12. The worst sleep we’ve had was when our daughter was between 4 and 9 months. It was so bad at 7 months that we took her to the doctor to rule out some kind of medical issue (we were about to get on a plane so I was being extra cautious about ear infections etc..), she was declared healthy and she was healthy, she just didn’t really sleep well again until she learned to crawl at 9 months. I’d say 7 months was the peak, but 4-9 was rough, rough, rough after a pretty blissful first 3 months. She also got most of her teeth in that stretch of time which didn’t help matters.

  13. With my first, she slept beautifully *until* 6.5 months then started waking multiple times at night 🙁 We did even out to waking 1x per night, which I could live with, until about 13 months when we weaned.Right now #2 is just going to be 5 months and isn’t quite as great a sleeper. The 4 month sleep regression was not so good to us and she now refuses to sleep in her crib 🙁 So I’m hoping it doesn’t get WORSE at 6 months.

  14. Sleep totally fell apart for us at six months, but I went back to work then, too, so we think it was a combo of that and early separation anxiety. Went from sleeping through the night in the crib to waking sometimes every hour, even when cosleeping. Very tough to go from having a great sleeping baby to suddenly a crap sleeper when everything you read says sleep should be improving.

  15. Today must be my lucky day. I just stopped over here to search the archives for anything about 6 month sleep as I was bouncing my 6 month old to sleep, wondering what was going on with him right now, and here is this post. Thank you!! I have two data points to share. My older son basically nursed off and on all night until we night weaned at 18 months (not to scare anyone or anything! we both slept pretty well through it, so it wasn’t really an issue until then). So 6 months was no better or worse than the months on either side.My second son is just now 6 months, so I can only compare to the months before. He slept well (for a child of mine) at first – meaning up to 4-5 hour stretches. Then around 4 months, his sleep really did go to s**t, but I knew about the 4 month sleep regression and read your posts and all the comments and chilled myself out. That regression was also fairly short – maybe a couple weeks. Then it has gotten back to how it was before, but our issue lately is more that he seems to prefer me to his dad even just to swaddle and bounce him to sleep. It just takes a lot longer with his dad than me. It seems early for separation anxiety, but it also seems worse on the couple days I’m at work all day, so maybe that’s it. I will have to pay a little more attention. He is also getting his first tooth and has been waking up a bit more at night the last couple nights. So this data point is still developing! Will report back if anything interesting happens.

  16. Months 6-9 were horrible for me, I wanted to go back to having a newborn. I completely propigated the problem because he would not nurse during the day,(I really tried everything) so I would feed him as much as possible at night. He was falling down to 20% on the charts at his six month appt. so I just wanted him to eat. Now at 10 months and some sleep work, he sleeps about 3-4 hrs at a time and I feed 2x a night. Hope to continue the trend, but it seems possible.

  17. My son had a definite sleep regression at six months. He started sleeping through the night regularly at about 3.5 months, but then at six months it all went to hell. He was back to waking up 2-3 times a night again, and after a couple of weeks I resorted to some sleep training.At the time I chalked it up to a combination of things: teething, a mild cold, and disruption from a couple of weekends of travel. But who knows!

  18. Months 4-6 were awful, and finally at 6 months we did a modified Ferber which took 3 nights. Night 4 my daughter slept 12 hours and has done so ever since (she’s now 19 mo). The nice thing about the sleep training is that now, if she does wake up and cry for over 5 minutes I know something is really wrong and will head into her room to investigate. Otherwise, she may wake up and squawk for a minute but can put herself back to sleep (with binky, monkey, baby, and 2 books in her crib, of course)!

  19. 6 months was the beginning of our family’s sleeping hell. My son had been waking maybe once a night. At 6 months, he began waking every 1 to 1.5 hours. This lasted for 6 months. We tried so many things during those 6 months including later bedtime, modified CIO, longer bedtime transition, hiring a sleep consultant. I read every sleep book out there. Nothing worked. At his 12 month appointment our doctor suggested nighttime weaning. There was one horrible night that my husband spent beside him in his room and then he only began waking 1 to 2 times per night. My husband was in charge of comforting him since I was the milk lady. My son is now 3 and a much better sleeper. But he seems incredibly sensitive to any change in routine or being uncomfortable. He’s just not a heavy sleeper.

  20. My little guy was a great sleeper at 5 months so I relaxed, didn’t do any sleep training, then regretted it. At 6 months he got more social and started crawling. Then teeth and into standing and walking at 9 months. So, yes, I found 6 months to be the start of progressively worse sleep. I’m a lot more laid back the second time around, so just take it day by day and chalk it up to development.

  21. My daughter stopped sleeping at 6 months, so we started co-sleeping. It was the only thing that worked! I slept with her for the next few years, but it took a good 4-5 months for her sleep to improve. She was busy working on gross motor skills and once she was walking just before she turned one, it settled down a bit…until the night terrors started! Now she sleeps just fine and goes to sleep on her own, in her own bed and she’s about to turn 4. Now if only we could get our one year old to sleep…..haha…..

  22. For both of my kids, I distinctly remember 6 months sucking.Kid 1: 6 months was a few weeks after Christmas and right around the time that I was really busy at work. It was a short spurt though, from around 5.5 to 6.5 months.
    Kid 2: There was teething involved, plus me being back at work. But it was a downward spiral that had begun at 4.5 months and didn’t pick back up until 9 months.

  23. Baby #3 slept great as a newborn. I felt so lucky. Then he outgrew the swaddle blanket around 6 months and we switched him to a sleep sack and everything went to hell. It was several weeks of hours long bedtime routine. He’d fall asleep in my arms and wake up instantly when I put him down and CRY. Pick up, repeat. He also began waking every 2-3 hours, whereas he had been sleeping stretches of 7+ hours. He is now going to be 8 months and it is slightly better. I can now at least get him to sleep and have him stay asleep when I put him in his crib. He sometimes wakes after an hour or two and then wakes up 2-3 times during the night. Not great but not the worst. He has just learned to roll over so maybe that will help some.

  24. 6 months was sleep training for us for all 3 of my kids. At that point I had been back to work FT for two months and in the dark ages (my kids are 9, 6, and 5) 6 months was the golden point at which sleep training/Ferber/CIO could begin. And it worked for all 3 of them in a very brief period of time. I know sleep is not linear – trust me I know this. But I would encourage people to at least give it a shot if they have having sleep difficulties with otherwise healthy kids. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work but I really wouldn’t take it off the table without giving it a try.

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