Some homework

This spam attack thing is out of control, so I'm posting this today and giving you homework to do to prep for tomorrow, and closing comments on this post. The homework is in two parts:

1. Write down (anywhere) what's better about your life today than on February 25 last year. And write down something that you want to do between now and February 25 of next year.

My examples are that I am in better shape now than I was this time last year. And what I'm going to do in this next year is get my body fat under control to help my running performance. I'm excited about it, which is a little nutty, I'll admit.

2 (optional). Think of something funny, heartfelt, weird, or in any way interesting that you think all the other readers here will appreciate. Then tomorrow post the link in the comments and it'll be a big birthday celebration of cool stuff for everyone.


Special and for locals: I'm going to be a Detroit City FC soccer super-fan this summer. If you want to come, there are 6 home games (at Cass Tech in Detroit) and a season pass is $35. Schedule here. Buy your season pass here.