Happy Birthday to Me!

It's after midnight in my time zone, so I'm opening my birthday officially!

Post a link to share with everyone(start with the http:// part and it'll automatically link), and what you did last year, and what you're going to do this coming year.

I'm going to bed now, so I'll read them (and clear out the junk) in the morning!

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Happy birthday!! And holy spam! Sheesh!!One year ago, we were waiting to adopt and didn’t know whether or not we were ever going to be parents, and today, we have a 10-month-old daughter! A pretty amazing change in a year.
    Next year, I hope to have found some equilibrium with work, parenting, taking care of my health, and really being present in my marriage. It’s a challenge to find that balance.

  2. Happy birthday to you and me! I knew you were counting down to 40, but didn’t realize the date until today. A year ago I was avoiding the idea of having a second baby out of fear and, well fear. Then, I made some physical changes and took a leap of faith and today I’m celebrating my 35th birthday 5.5 months pregnant and with much less fear. I hope the next year is fantastic, but I can’t predict what’s in store. Joy? Definitely. Sleep deprivation? Sure. Lots of rereading your archives? Yep! Sorry about the lack of link. I don’t blog. But, hey, you sure do have lots of really informative comments. Lol!

  3. Last year we were coming out of the sleep deprivation hell that accompanies newborns, and I knew our family was COMPLETE! :)Now to get fit and healthy (much better than my half-assed attempts in the past) and to be a better mother and wife, much more present and intentional.
    Happy Birthday M! Hope you have an amazing year. You help so many of us just by having this site and know that so many of us wish you much happiness!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you all the peace and joy that you have brought us throughout the years on this blog.My volume of freelance work has increased tremendously since this time last year, so I feel a lot less like my career has totally flatlined.
    In the coming year, I’d like to learn to forgive myself and become more at peace with the uncertainties of life.
    And I think you said yesterday that we could post something funny or inspirational. I know I shared this with you on FB already, but I had to share this Portlandia sketch where they make fun of parenting books. It’s just *so* Ask Moxie: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/22/portlandia-parenting-books-parody_n_2740967.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false

  5. On Feb 25 (or thereabouts) last year, I was still at a relatively new job and my department was falling apart. My boss, who recruited me, was fired and people were leaving left and right and I worried I made the wrong decision by taking the job. One year later, I stuck it out, and this has been one of the most rewarding, educational, and challenging (in a good way) jobs I’ve ever had. I love working here now.Some time before Feb 25 2014, I want to plan a real vacation for my family. Not one where we visit grandparents, but a real, true, get on a plane to somewhere new and relaxing, just the three of us kind of vacation.
    Here’s a funny joke my husband made up over the weekend:
    Why did the sherpa miss the mountain climbing expedition?
    He overschlepped.

  6. Last year I got a new job, and this year we are moving. We just bought our first house! It is very exciting/scary. I’m also starting to travel more for work, which means more time away from my little ones. They aren’t babies anymore, I’m realizing, they are big kids. It’s surreal to have that super-intensive phase of parenting ebbing away.

  7. This time last year, I was just starting a 10000 steps a day program. In September I started Couch to 5K so that I could be my daughter’s running buddy for a 5K in November. I had not run in 20 years, but somehow I got to the finish line and am now training to -run- a 5K in June! Thanks Magda and friends for the running support!

  8. Last year, I was 4 months pregnant with my second child, and dealing with being sick and ante-partum depression. This year, I have two beautiful kids, depression is being managed with counseling and medication, and I fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans! Next year, I’m hoping to be getting a bit more time devoted to things that I enjoy and some sleep as well!Happy birthday Moxie! You have no idea how much I appreciate this site- it has been a real source of information and comfort over the past few years! Best wishes for a wonderful birthday.

  9. Just discovered your site–I’ve been looking for some sane, thoughtful divorce and parenting blogs for a while! So glad to have found this. Last year I was trying to sell my condo as part of the divorce and was worried about the down market and moving. This year, am in a new apartment with my son and we’re settling in just fine. Now that I am through the worst of the divorce process, for next year I want to get back to my writing and rediscover the things that nourish me. Happy birthday!

  10. Happiest of happy days to you!A year ago DH and I were still discussing selling our house & moving closer to his work – and I was panicking over the thought of leaving my comfortable life & the friends I had finally made once LO was born (we’d been there 8 years before she was born and I had made not one friend…it SUCKED).
    We’ve been in our new location and house 5 months now and I’ve been able to settle into the community and make new friends so much more quickly than I had anticipated in my fear of the unknown.
    Not sure what the coming year will bring but I finally feel at the ripe old age of 36 I’m no longer pretending to be an adult.

  11. Oh, enjoy your day! So appreciative of you and all you do.I’m 35 this year and starting, for the first time, to feel a little “old.” I’m thinking maybe a solo trip, which is something I never would have done in my mid-20s but would thoroughly enjoy now!

  12. Happy birthday! Thank you so much for all the posts, information, and solidarity. You are appreciated!Last year at this time I was smack dab in the midst of postpartum depression, anxiety, and OCD, dealing with a colicky baby who wouldn’t sleep, major breastfeeding issues, tremendous mommy guilt (and wifey guilt), and was subsisting on Pop Tarts.
    This year I’m on the road to recovery, with a one-year-old who is a super guy, a husband who is forgiving and full of grace, and only eat Pop Tarts occasionally. 🙂
    Next year I will be packing up my house to move to a location to be determined by job opportunities for my husband AND dealing with a two-year-old who will be incredibly smart and incredibly stubborn, I have no doubt. Oh, joy!
    But in the middle of all of this, I hope I remember the things I wrote on my blog last night, for myself and for all of us who are fighting with very strong, terrible things: http://www.bethanybeams.com/index/?p=1357 .

  13. Happy Birthday! So very glad you were born!Last year at this time, we had just switched our son’s school & I was dealing w/that transition, stress, fatigue & energy issues. This year although we’ve been dealing w/bullying, financial issues, and health issues for him, my energy & ability to stay even-keeled has improved.
    Next year at this time, I hope to be doing something with art regularly whether it be painting furniture, making collages & other art/decor, and working at a job I like for pay that gives me the flexibility to deal with my son’s health & doesn’t stress us out more.
    For fun, previously mentioned 7 year old loves Taylor Swift’s Trouble when you walked in song, and we found this hysterical:

  14. Oh, and I forgot to say what I was doing at this time last year and what’s changed: I was unemployed, and loving it. But of course there was some anxiety because I was in a job search, but I was determined to enjoy my time off, and I did. And I got a job that I love, in my field, where it is very hard to get a job. I still can’t believe how well it all turned out. And I turned 40, ran a marathon, and have never felt better.

  15. Last year, I was loving work and waaaay underpaid. I am not underpaid now, I’m paid about right for my role regardless of gender. YAY! I am, however, still way unbalanced on my work/life kersplatter, and next year would like to have tuned that so it isn’t making epeepunk’s work/life kersplatter.No linky right now, but feeling inspired by stories of kindness and courage from unexpected places, like the frat guys supporting their trans brother’s surgery costs, and people doing little things to make small differences for other people.
    Happy birthday, and I think I’m with Lisa F – So glad you were born!

  16. Happy birthday! Last year I swore I would have a potty trained child and this year? Well, she’s mostly potty trained? She’s scared of big people potties and will only use them with her seat. But hey, she only wears pullups to sleep? Yeah, I’m in denial. This year’s big deal will be getting her into preschool.This link always makes me smile. I just want to hug this guy, then go get a pint with him.

  17. Last year at this time I’d just completed one year at my new job (and also one year of being a new mom). My performance review was ok, but I told my boss that I knew I could do better, and would in the coming year now that I was coming out of the new-baby-sleep-deprivation fog. Well, still foggy this year (she still wakes up in the middle of the night) but my performance review this year was awesome!Next year I hope that we will have made some improvements around the house and have more space for my daighter to play and run around.

  18. This time last year, I was about to have my 8th very early miscarriage. Today I have a roly-poly 2mo whose sisters adore him, and am figuring out life with 3 kids much faster than I thought I would – and the good days are starting to outnumber the awful. *knocks on wood*Next year this time I’d like to be well on the way to becoming a childbirth educator, and to be fitter than I ever have been.

  19. Last year this time I was 9 months pregnant with my second son wondering how I’d balance two little boys. This year, I’m balancing and doing great! Next year I’d like to be in shape and on a getaway with the hubs!

  20. That is some serious sp@m.Last year at this time I was contemplating divorcing my husband. In April of last year we started mediation, and 2 weeks ago we signed papers.
    I met with a friend who is an accomplished singer and had a voice lesson, which led to me having the confidence to sing a duet w/another parishioner at my church.
    Lots has changed, for the better, in my life. Thanks for the opportunity to recognize that! And, Happy Birthday, Moxie!

  21. Let’s see…A year ago I had two kids in college with one of those aged 25 and still living at home, causing my husband a world of stress (kid is easy-going like me, husband is a do-it-now and do-it-my-way control freak). I had some mysterious pain in my leg/inner thigh that I thought was probably due to my not getting enough exercise, due to a job that had me driving an hour and 45 minutes one-way, twice a week.
    A year later, both college students have graduated (one in May, one in December), the final “kid” moved out so husband is way less stressed (despite getting laid off; he does almost all the housework, so it all gets done when he wants, the way he wants), and I had a total hip replacement in October (still recovering from that — I was naive and hadn’t done my homework, very uncharacteristic of me, so I thought I’d “bounce back” quickly), but am in less pain and have better range of motion, so I expect to get to the point where I won’t be able to feel anything different (until the other hip needs replacing, probably a few years from now — and yes I feel like I’m too young at almost 55 to have worn out a joint; it’s not like I was an athlete, or in any kind of accident).
    This coming year I want to get back into hiking, maybe even walk another marathon (I walked one seven years ago) and I’m hoping that with my improved range of motion and posture, I can lose the XX pounds I need to (“XX” because I’m not really sure how many I need to lose, plus as a T-Tapper, I don’t really care how much I weigh, I just want to get back into the smaller-sized clothes in my closet that used to fit a couple years ago).
    In a couple days my company will be opening a new office in my city, so I’ll have a 15 minute commute (if I drive; maybe half an hour if I ride my bike), and lots more time to exercise!
    Links? How about this: http://www.circleofmoms.com/top25/Top-25-Funny-Moms-2013
    I’m still working my way through the list, which I found because one of my favorites, “Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures,” asked her readers to vote for her. 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday, Moxie!Last year at this time I was 37 weeks pregnant.
    Today I have a fantastic little girl and I’m wondering where the last year went.
    It isn’t perfect, but I absolutely love my life.
    In the next year I hope to get pregnant and perhaps take a weekend trip somewhere fun. (Hopefully the getting pregnant part will be easy. It was easy the first time, but I’m 35 and, like everyone else, not getting any younger. As for the trip, DH’s family lives 700 miles away, so all of our vacations in the last few years have been to see them. It’s always a nice time, but I’d like to have a trip with just us.)
    I’m squeezing in a half marathon between babies, so I’m running a fair bit and doing everything I can to get to the starting line in one piece.
    As for a link, this makes me laugh every. single. time.

  23. Just trying to get in under the wire here to say happy birthday! Have a great year and may it kick off an awesome decade for you!

  24. Happy birthday!Last year, I had to adjust my expectations of a big birthday trip to Paris with the family (we have friends with a house there) since I gave birth to #3. 2012 was a .. dramatic year and I can’t say I’m sorry to let it go, even if I’m also turning 40 this year.

  25. Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do for us!Last year we were in the midst of the neverending ear infections for my younger child that killed my spirit completely and exhausted me beyond anything I’d ever felt. I was still pumping 5 times a day and nursing the rest of the time and absolutely miserable and wishing we’d stopped at one. Many dark thoughts. This year I have a pretty healthy (knock wood) 19 month old who sleeps decently but wakes up WAY TOO early. She has become quite hilarious and fun. This year I hope to finally shed the baby and stupid weight (too many sweets-can’t blame the baby sadly) and start running again and figure out something that make me happy v. focusing solely on everyone else’s needs. I also hope we finally resolve my husband’s perpetual search for the perfect job.
    This link makes me smile every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEsPhTbJhuo

  26. Happy Birthday if somewhat belatedly!This time last year we were dealing with a seemingly endless list of ailments for my 10 month old, which was worrying me more than I was willing to admit. We’d just started on the endurance test of selling and moving house, my husband was commuting 2+ hours a day and I wasn’t sure I’d done the right thing by giving up work to look after my daughter.
    This year we have a much healthier girl – once we figured out her allergies (dairy, soya, egg) and she’s a whirlwind of nearly-two-awesomeness. And I worry less. Mostly. We finally moved into our family home three weeks ago and I’m loving feeling settled (if not the old decor!). I’m also happier than ever with my choice to stay home thanks to some amazing coaching – as shown by the fact that I’m 8 weeks pregnant with no 2.
    And my husband drives 5 mins to work – and that’s it! The shortest commute either of us has ever had!
    Next year, phew I don’t know what that’s going to look like with a 4 month old and nearing 3 year old. And actually I’m okay with that – my goal is to accept more and let go of my own expectations and fears more.
    No funny link from me but thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart, for your advice and wisdom. You have helped me parent better, and forgive myself more than I could have hoped. You rock.

  27. Happy belated birthday! I am likewise very happy you were born.This time last year I felt like I was the only mother who didn’t know what she was doing. All the other babies seemed far less clingy and would apparently nap a decent length of time in an actual crib,. That being said, those were the days when she still slept at night.
    This year I feel like I know a lot more and far less worried about what I don’t know. I’m loving 15 months and really enjoying the interaction and communication!
    Next year I really hope to be sleeping more. Even just a little bit more. Ah well, I know it’ll happen eventually.
    This is really old but still makes me laugh every time I read it. Plus I can definitely relate!

  28. Happy Un-birthday!In the past year, I got into better shape and finished a half marathon. Considering that I started out having trouble finishing a mile, 13.1 was amazing. I also wrote a major grant proposal and a proposal for a promotion at work.
    In the next year, hopefully, the grant proposal and the promotion will come through and I’ll be looking forward to a year sabbatical and possibly thinking about baby #2.
    No link… but a lot of thanks for all of your support and information.

  29. Happy Day-After-Your-Birthday!Last year at this time, I was dealing with a not-at-all-potty-trained-for-poop four year old. Today I have a potty-trained-for-poop five year old! And next year at this time, God willing, I’ll have tenure.

  30. Happy Birthday! Last year at this time I was going into therapy and dealing with a crisis of energy and vocation. By the end of this year, we will probably be living in another country and I’ll be doing something I’ve only dreamed about for decades.By the by–just noticed you are going to be at the Mega-Motherhood Conference in Toronto in June! I’m also a speaker at that event. It was so cool to see your name there.
    This video makes me laugh until I cry. May we all have a “cheese doodle moment.”
    Pure bliss:

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