A note from me to you

Hi lovey,

You're doing a great job, you know.

With all the pressure you've got on you, you're still holding everything together. And figuring yourself and everything else out. Maybe not as fast as you want to, but you're getting there.

You think you're yelling too much, but all your kids are going to remember is the laughing you. The embarassing-dancing you. The popcorn-for-dinner you. The you who loves them more than they'll ever know, unless they have kids of their own someday.

They know you're amazing. I know you're amazing. You probably know you're amazing, too. It's ok to admit it, especially today.



35 thoughts on “A note from me to you”

  1. Thank you. I needed that today. Infected foot hurts way more than expected and I don’t feel like I’m holding it together, but I’m doing the best I can and it will be enough.

  2. I was having a great day already, but this make me teary immediately! I’m saving it for one of those NOT-great days! Muaaahh!

  3. Thanks for this. Made me cry, of course, but then, I’m pregnant with twins and have a toddler and basically feel like a screw-up. So. Thanks.

  4. Thank you. Now I’m all teary at work! You’ve been an important part of the first few years of my life as a mother, whether you knew it or not. Thank you.

  5. Damn straight, for all of us.Last week I needed this terribly. This week it is icing on the cake. I am grateful for it as something to shore up against the inevitable falterings to come.
    Thank you to Magda and this community, for much-needed confidence.

  6. Thanks, Magda! I totally needed to read this. I’m in the middle of an ugly bedtime “situation,” and your post today made it a little less awful.You rock!

  7. my goodness, thank you. that line about the yelling? made me cry. it’s what i worry about and what i’m trying so hard to fix. thank you thank you thank you.

  8. Just one more voice in the I needed that today chorus! What a lovely surprise as I’m nursing my baby in the dark, hoping my three year old stays asleep and lamenting my inability to be there for him in a truly loving calm way earlier as he was melting down about his train track not fitting together, his brother touching his hair with drooling hands, and other travesties. I am now thinking about the other 95% of the day that we were having so much fun. I also have to thank you – and all the commenters you inspire – for being an amazing source of support, wisdom, humor, and sanity. You have no idea.

  9. Thank you so much! I am having a bit of a hard time because my soon-to-be-ex moved out two weekends ago, we started the custody arrangement and I felt grief stricken. And also like a failure! Iā€™m clawing my way out of it, but I can use all the positive comments the world has to offer. Court date is set for 27 March.

  10. Oh, my God. One more for “I totally needed that today and it brought me to grateful tears.” I’ve got a 16-month old doing the clingy, weepy, nurse-like-a-newborn thing, and a 3.5 year old doing the boundary-testing, back-talking thing. They are wonderful, and right now, together, they are driving me to way more yelling and exasperation than I want to do. I’ve barely felt like a good-enough mother this week, so thank you.

  11. yes, again, thank you. I was wondering today why I yell at my kids so much, when I know how sad/upset they get. Now I’m at least back at wondering whether I actually do yell more than other people…progress?

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