I’m back. What happened?

Some of you know that I was gone for four days with my friends from college for a trip celebrating our 40th birthdays. I was in Puerto Rico, which I can't recommend highly enough (last time was there I was married and had my then-1-year-old with me–this trip was less stressful). I'll tell you about the trip when I write up days 3-6 of the 40 Fun Things project. I have to catch up with about 200 pages of reading for class tomorrow first, though. (Scroll down to see what I bought for day 2.)

In the meantime, what happened to you while I was gone? Aside from the entire North American continent freezing over, I mean.

28 thoughts on “I’m back. What happened?”

  1. I posted this little seersucker romper I made to a FB page to resell it and ended up getting 12 orders for them. I’m a little flabbergasted. And wondering if I’ve gotten myself in over my head. And my husband and friends think I should have a store page and start doing more custom clothes.Any good suggestions for how to run a VERY small, one-person business out of one’s dining room?

  2. Christy, yes: Do not undercharge. That’s the quickest way to run yourself into unhappiness. Price by what people (richer people than you) are willing to pay, not what you think you put into it.

  3. I am starting to think I am “spoiling” my 8 month old by picking him up when he cries at night. He has slept better the past 3 nights since my husband has become nighttime parent, but he works, is getting sick because he is not sleeping well, and this morning my little *sweetheart* struck back by refusing to go back to sleep after 4am.He took his morning nap at 8am (wtf!?) And slept for… 20min.
    I am dying here. Seriously thinking of going back to work just to escape his daytime crankiness.
    Just started reading your blog and love it, not sure if you posted about sleeping babies… advice? Commiseration? Virtual hugs and IV caffeine appreciated. I look and feel like a troll 🙂

  4. Jess, sounds like the 9-month sleep regression a little bit early. It’s a thing. Search “9 month” in the box in the upper right and you’ll get posts with tons of comments about the regression so you know it’s not you.

  5. It got cold. I got the benefits thing straightened out at work. We mostly finished painting and assembling the new living room furniture.

  6. Yeah, it got cold! I fell into a slumber last week and this one. I’m trying to revive myself by going to happy hour tonight with a friend for a drink with an umbrella in it.

  7. I got accepted to nursing school! In the packet they sent, they were also kind enough to include a sheet on how much it will cost. Now to figure out how to pay for it…My son also caught whatever nastiness is going around :-(. Currently waiting at prompt care while I type this.

  8. I started training for a marathon in 16 weeks. First long run (16Ks) was in the snow and it was invigorating!The snow forced me to keep my speed down and distracted me from thinking ‘when is this going to end?’ Also, my 6 year old has just discovered she LOVES reading. This came as a huge shock to the both of us as up until now it has been like drawing blood. I’ve put it down to a developmental spurt as she is really grumpy at the same time, and persistence.

  9. Welcome home, Moxie. :)Both my kids and me all have pneumonia. So that’s been fun.
    And my 19-month-old has taken to harassing his 3-year-old sister – pulling hair, pinching, scratching her face – for no apparent reason. He used to do it when she bothered him but now he’ll just march up to her, claw her face, and look at me to see what happens next. As we all know, not much works to change the behaviour of a 19-month-old. I’m at my wit’s end.
    Also, the windchill has hit -40 here multiple times this week. I like winter, really I do, but this is ridiculous.

  10. We’ve had layoffs at the relatively small company I work at (luckily not me… yet). They say it’s because of profits but I know in my heart that it’s about Obamacare. I’ve been dealing with being very much in the minority here in that I support the reforms. Anyone else dealing with this at their work? How do you cope? How do you feel about what’s happening/possibly going to happen?I’ve become disillusioned about some people that I had a lot of respect for- they are approaching this change selfishly rather than thinking about the greater good. I don’t mean to hijack your post Moxie, it’s just been on my mind for awhile. It seems silly with all the other stuff that’s going on, but I’ve been having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I feel one way and older women that I look up to feel the complete opposite.

  11. Potty training. Knocking heavily on wood, we’re on day 3 of daytime dryness at home & preschool (with only one nap related puddle) in big girl panties at just over 2.5.On one hand I’m thrilled because no more diapers! But on the other hand I’m not ready for her to move to the next classroom at preschool (she’s there 1/2 day 3x/week) as I adore her teachers.
    The real test, though, will come when we do an errand run with panties…something I’ve managed to put off so far but will be unavoidable next week.

  12. Bethany, you might be able to do the entire thing on loans. Email the Financial Aid office tomorrow and see what they have to say.Vacationland Mom, that’s just a disheartening bummer.
    Nikki, yikes. 19-month-olds suck.

  13. Just was yelled at by another mom at a public play area. Supposedly (I didn’t see it) my three year old son climed on her seven year old son’s back and hit him twice. She kept yelling at me that “he should know better” and “how am I going to handle it.” She also had very aggressive body language, like eye rolling. She rocked her son for almost ten minutes about the whole thing while he whimpered. She even had her four friends glaring at me and asking what I was going to do about it. It was like they wanted to crucify him. When my son came back near me I told him no hitting but was not about to drag him over to apologize. I’m just stunned and I wish I’d had a better comeback. This type of thing had never happened to me before. Is this off the wall or should I get used to it since I have a high energy boy?

  14. She was rocking her seven year old? Was he special needs? I’m shocked that a mother of an older child would be so vicious about a younger child like that…

  15. I thought the same thing, but he didn’t appear to have special needs. And yes, holding him on her lap and rocking him. Afterwards, she said loud am enough for me to hear, “stay really far away from that boy!” But he and his friends followed my son up to the slide saying things like “you shouldn’t have hit.” I was enraged by that.

  16. @Christy, Congratulations! ITA with @Moxie about not undercharging. Generally (in a simplified approach), you should be adding up the cost of your materials and labour (set a $ amount per hour & count it). Double that and it’s your ‘wholesale’ cost. Double it again, and it’s your ‘retail’ cost.You can sell it at whatever you want to start (i.e. wholesale if you don’t want to go all the way to the retail amount, or as Moxie suggests, market value). But by selling more than what you think your time and labour cost leaves room for costs you may not have thought of at the beginning. Also, most people technically underestimate cost, so it’s kind of a safety net. Especially as orders grow. Miscalculating costs on one order may not be that big of a deal. But miscalculating on 24 or 48 orders will obviously have a higher impact.
    Good luck!!
    @Vacationland Mom, We’re facing major layoffs at our office in the next few months. 400 people will be let go. So, I feel your pain. Also, I lived through this 2 years ago when 1/2 of our department was let go. I felt much the same way that you describe. What followed from the first round of layoffs for me was complete disillusionment and ultimately burning out. Went on leave for 5 months. Came back and it was much better. But, the bubble was burst. And it hurt a lot. The good news is that I feel much more able to handle what is coming our way now. And I also put my priorities in the right place (myself & family first)…even if I love what I do. Layoffs are hard. Ultimately, people do generally save themselves first. I think it’s just too hard to really know all the details of what’s going on (both within the company and why someone may, sometimes desperately, really need their job).
    For this round of layoffs, at first I was feeling fairly secure. Today, not so much. It’s distracting to say the least. Trying not to get ahead of things. And part of me, in a way, wants a fresh start. Though it’s scary. And I’d rather do it on my own terms. Instead of freaking, I’m just quietly making my plan for what if. Bringing a hard drive to work to make copies of projects I worked on for my portfolio, updating my LinkedIN profile (DH suggested I make it public, which is probably not a bad idea), doing our 2013 family budget and looking at some worst case scenarios, digging out the lawyer’s number just in case I need it (even if I am not let go, chances are big that my job description could change drastically. If it’s not in a way I like, I will probably try to get a package to leave…though these will be less generous than they have been in the past. 400 layoffs is a lot. Less $$ to go around).
    Hang in there. The worst part is not knowing. One day at a time.
    In other news, we’re having a ‘Gingerbread & Hot Chocolate’ party on Saturday for DS and his friends. THe party was supposed to be before Xmas, but DS got the stomach flu on the day we were supposed to have it. So I will immerse myself in cookies and marshmallows to get work stuff (and finding/trying to get into the school we want DS to start at next year. Eeek!) out of my head for a bit.

  17. Very glad you are back, Moxie. I am slowly losing my mind over my MIL’s being in my small house. I need therapy and can’t afford it. I decided this morning that I am going to have my own self-therapy sessions. I think it will help. Must approach this situation with logic and empathy for all involved.

  18. @anonymous for now- we’re hanging in there together. I’ve never really experienced something like this before so it’s been interesting. I like the advice “one day at a time.” Seems to help when I feel overwhelmed.In other news my cousin is scheduled for a c-section this afternoon with her second child. She went in to be induced yesterday and they felt a foot! 3 days ago he was head down, yesterday afternoon he’s breech. They estimate him to be a big baby so they’re not taking any chances, and didn’t want to do manipulations to get him to move. But I told my cousin you never know, talk to him tonight, tell him that it would be totally cool if he would flip again! I’m anxiously waiting to hear how things go.

  19. @Vacationland Mom- I have been through many rounds of layoffs at various companies (I work in a volatile industry). No way around it, they suck. I’m sorry it is happening to you, and I hope things gets better. My only advice for getting through the layoffs and the periods immediately before and after is “head down, do your work.” Don’t get dragged into the gossip and the negativity- it will just make you feel worse.On the more senior woman you looked up to, but who has very different political views, I have two thoughts: (1) It is possible to have professional respect for someone whose personal views you disagree with, and (2) There is a big difference in my mind between disagreeing with someone about the solution to a problem and disagreeing with someone about whether or not there is even a problem. So I can easily respect someone who saw the problems associated with the state of health insurance in this country but wanted a different solution than what we enacted, but I struggle to respect someone who did not see the problem. There are lots and lots of issues like this for me.

  20. While North America was freezing Australia was on fire .. so you know, it evens out. In other news I have not sleeping children and I’m making dumb mistakes because of same. I’m also applying for a new job and so writing selection criteria – trying to sound capable and hire able on no sleep is proving to be a challenge. Night time is the only time I get to myself to do anything so it’s either this or sleep. Gah

  21. @Sherry, we’re all worried about you! Email me with anything we could help you troubleshoot about the MIL situation and we can crowdsource it for you.

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