7-11/40: Some fun things are easier than others

Flowers 7/40: On Wednesday, I bought myself flowers, which I almost forgot to do, but then went back into the store to buy. I got these tulips, because I love tulips, but then when I got home I realized I don't own a vase anymore. I used my largest drinking glass.

8/40: I took a bath, but did't really feel like I had time (too much reading for school and I didn't want to get my case studies wet) so I cut it short. It was nice, but a little perfunctory. Maybe I'll take more baths after I graduate.

9/40: Had lunch with my best friend from school, at school, because we were both there for a conference she'd helped organize. That was more fun than the flowers or the bath.

10/40: Wiped out on this one. I had school from 9-5:10, and we had a team lunch that we worked through, so I didn't end up drinking.

11/40: I spent some time in my pjs watching FA Cup soccer, but then got to have breakfast with a friend who came into town at the last minute, so that was worth getting out of pjs for.

Here's what I'm figuring out: Scheduled fun starts to feel obligatory. I prefer to do things on the fly when the opportunity presents itself. Also, I need to get a vase.


11 thoughts on “7-11/40: Some fun things are easier than others”

  1. When I tried to mealplan, I found that I couldn’t do it unless I made a list of meals and just chose one each day. Would it help you to not try to plan activities for specific days?

  2. If there’s anything to be learned from Pinterest, it’s this: Mason jars. They work for everything, especially vases.But if you’re a serious tulip enthusiast, as I am (on the arranging end, not so much on the growing end), you should get a tulipiere. It’s a five-fingered vase (not to be confused with the five-finger discount) where you put a tulip in each. I learned about it from Martha Stewart.

  3. True- maybe you just need to give yourself permission to have fun and be spontaneous when you can between now and 40. I had forgotten this but when I turned 30 (10 years ago), I wanted flowerd to bloom on my birthday. Bday is in the dead of winter so I grabbed a box of paperwhite bulbs and timed it pretty perfectly. I loved that the flowers helped me greet my day. You might still have time for this! It takes such little effort for such a nice payoff.

  4. Yeah – scheduling fun tends to become work real quick!Maybe instead of a schedule that says “I have to do THIS thing on THIS day, you use the list as a menu. Get up each morning and look at the list. Pick a thing or two from the list that you feel like doing that day. Or if you don’t feel like doing any of them, give yourself permission not to!! That way you can be more spontaneous while still accomplishing the 40 things. Some things require scheduling – so maybe the spur-of-the-moment thing won’t work for everything.
    Just a thought.

  5. I agree with the menu idea, or maybe write everything down on slips of paper, stick them in a bowl and just draw one every day? If you can’t logistically make it work, toss it back in and try again.

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