3-6/40: Trip with friends

This is what was supposed to happen:

January 19: Have dinner with my college friends (on an island!).

January 20: Drink a pina colada with my college friends.

Janaury 21: Do a pilates class with my college friends.

January 22: Go to the beach with my college friends.

And that all did happen! My friends from college and I planned a trip to celebrate all of us turning 40 last year and this year. There were six of us (two couldn't go) and we picked Puerto Rico because it's a reasonable flight and still in the States so no customs or paperwork. (I also went on miles so I spent a total of ten US dollars for my flights. I. Know.) I'd been there 10 years ago with my then-husband and then-1-year-old, so I knew what to expect.

And I had way more fun than I expected to. This was the most relaxing vacation I've been on in ever. We spent the entire day, every day, lying on shaded beach chairs on the beach reading trashy magazines and talking the entire time. We ate dinner together three times, drank innumerable pina coladas and sangria and cafe con leche, and just relaxed with the women we'd known for over 20 years.

At one point I realized that the nice thing about being with old friends is that we spent the entire time complimenting each other.

We decided on the second day that we were fools not to have done this sooner. So we're planning to go somewhere every year for a long weekend. For the rest of our lives. I'm pretty excited about it.

(Oh! AND. I took a pilates class with Mark at It's Yoga in Ocean Park in San Juan on Monday morning, and he got me to do a roll-up! I haven't done a roll-up (you lie down on your back with your hands over your head and then come up to a sitting position using your abs, while keeping your hands up over your head) since before I got pregnant with my now almost-11-year-old. I think all the deep ab work I've been doing in barre class plus the way Mark (who is an excellent pilates teacher) explainedd it just made sense. I came up on the first one and was completely shocked. Then I did it six more times for good measure. And then once again on the bed in my room to show one of my friends. It was an MLK Day Miracle.)


7 thoughts on “3-6/40: Trip with friends”

  1. Glad you had a fun trip. We’re hopefully heading to San Juan in a few weeks (there are some uncertainties that have popped up, so fingers crossed we don’t have to cancel), but we’re taking the kids, so it’s going to be fun, but maybe not the most relaxing trip ever.

  2. My college friends and I have been taking an annual long-weekend trip (in the summer because two of us are teachers) for several years now. It’s the most fantastic, reconnect-y thing. We all look forward to it all year long. Highly recommended.

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