2/40: Buy something just because I liked it

I was gone all weekend and am catching up, on life and on reporting in on my Fun Things.

2617901_11168924-plwfr2_b I bought this Double Mermaid throw pillow. The drawing is by writer-director and illustrator Carolyn Raship, a real-life friend who writes Caviglia's Cabinet of Curiosities and draws. She draws all the time, at home and on the subway, and she draws phantasmagorical things, like mermaids, and monsters, and mermaids with monsters, and robots.

I love the image on this pillow because I feel a lot like this these days, free and flowy, kicking my flipper around as my hair streams behind me as I swim through life.

I love the image so much that when I saw it not only did I make the impulse purchase of the pillow, I decided that the next place I live needs to have an office, and I'm decorating the office around this pillow.

6 thoughts on “2/40: Buy something just because I liked it”

  1. you were pretty much big most of your life? you think you could make a video of like yougner pictures and stuff? i know we have your other videos, but itd be fun to see the before and after in pictures.

  2. yes it is fine but you may find that your baby stops wanting to feed from you as it is eeaisr to bottle feed so though it is fine to do this she may prefer to feed from a bottle, have you tried to express some milk to try to build up your milk supply?

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