1/40: Mani-pedi

Back when I lived in NYC I'd go get a mani-pedi once a month, at least. It's so cheap there, $20-25 for both together if you go on a Monday through Wednesday to your local corner shop. It was a way to still feel pretty, even when I wasn't, and still feel like I could treat myself, even when I really couldn't.

I can't ever keep my nails nice. If they're not painted I bite them, and if they are painted they chip. So I tried the Shellac a couple of times and liked it, but then I moved here to Michigan and getting my nails done is way more expensive. So I rarely do it here, although I do try to give my toenails and fingernails a swipe of color at home sometimes.

So my going to get a mani-pedi last night was like visiting an old friend, even though it was a nail shop I hadn't been to before. I'm going to the beach with my best friends from college for four days–no kids, no significant others–so I decided to get Shellac on my fingernails (otherwise they'd be chipped before I even got to the plane). Here's what happened:

40 1

My fingernails are Shellac Midnight Swim. I'm a fan of navy on my nails, but this is a dark midnight blue with a bit of sparkle. My toenails are OPI Senorita Rose-alita, which is a pink with gold in it. Yes, my hands and feet are that pale.

It felt good. And now my nails are pretty again!

12 thoughts on “1/40: Mani-pedi”

  1. Why are mani-pedis in NYC (a high cost of living locale) cheaper than they are in Michigan (a medium cost of living locale)? Discuss.My answer…supply & demand (yay minor in economics), but beyond that I got nothing.

  2. Yeah, one time in San Francisco, I got a mtani for $8 and they offered a Pedi for $10. I came home (Ohio) and searched HIGH and Low to find prices like that. Nothing below 45. SIGH. I do my own.

  3. Economies of scale! I miss the $12.99 for mani + pedi that I used to be able to get in Brooklyn. Now I’m in Chicago and can’t even get one nail service done for less than twice that price!

  4. I use a salons/spa with students for pedis (and all spa treatments if I have time to indulge) – at least 50% discount plus IMO they do a better job because they aren’t burned out or just trying to get it done as fast as possible.I also used to have my hair cut and colored by students (always had great experiences and saved lots of $$) but then stuck with one student after she graduated – she is and always has been amazing! I can’t believe it took me 30 years to discover velcro rollers and to really understand wash only the roots and condition the ends…even as beauty/time challenged as I am, I can get my stick straight, fine hair to look fabulous super fast.

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  9. Well good grief, hon. I think there’s nothing worse than not rsenitg or having funsies on a day off! I hope that you’re taking full advantage of this weekend, girlie!I know what you mean by not being blown away by a place. Meh. You touched my feet, scrubbed them, shaped and cleaned my nails, and painted them. Thanks and bye. Lol

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