For people who want more than just the Q&A posts, I offer one-on-one coaching for parents (email me at askmoxie at gmail dot com to talk about creating a schedule for you). I also offer online workshops on a rotating basis. All the workshops are about sparking your own intuition to help you create your own clarity in the situation you’re in, using some models and processes from business (wacky, right?). Here’s the current list of wokshops I offer and the upcoming schedule:


Flourish Through Divorce: For people going through a
divorce or split that involves children. Six weeks. Focuses on
understanding and managing feelings while going forward, helping your
children managing their feelings, creating a new kind of family, working
together as productively as possible, custody solutions that are good
for everyone, and maintaining boundaries.

Starts January 13, 2013. 



Managing Elementary School: For parents of children
entering Kindergarten and up. Four weeks. Focuses on the energy change
and logistics of having a child in elementary school, and includes
creating and teaching your child to manage their own routines, dealing
with the wider exposure to other kids and families, talking about
difficult topics, and just managing all the paper, meetings, and stuff
elementary school brings.

Starts April 14, 2013. Registration opens March 29, 2013.


Baby Survive and Thrive: For parents of babies. Six weeks long, with an emphasis on finding out what you need to be able to thrive through this period of intense pressure and maintaining your own boundaries and getting the help and support you need so you can be as present as you can be in the form that’s right for you. This is the “put on your own oxygen mask first” course.

Starts June 2013. Registration opens May 2013.

What’s Next Workshop: For parents of children
toddler age and older who are re-examining who they are and what they
want now that they’re out of that intense toddler tunnel. Five weeks
long, with soul-searching homework and group calls to really confront
who you are now, why that’s fantastic, and what you want next. You’ll
come out of the workshop with a plan for your next few months.

Starts December 2, 2012.


Is there anything you’d like to do a workshop on that you don’t see here? Let me know and I’ll see if there’s enough interest to put a group together.