What time do your kids go to bed and wake up?

Now that everyone's been back in school for awhile, let's share some data points.

What time does your child go to bed?

What time does your child wake up? (If your child wakes up in the middle of the night, include that, too.)

Does your child still nap?

How old is your child?

What time do you need to leave the house in the morning?

Anything else of note? (Where your child sleeps, any special routine you must follow or sleep all falls apart, etc.)


I'll start:

My children are 10.5 and almost 7.5. Both go to bed on school nights at 9:30.

The older one wakes up around 7:15 (but has never needed as much sleep as other people at any given age, and was a classic tension increaser who was either awake or asleep, no "drowsy but awake" for him). No naps. Sleeps in his own bed at my house. If he wakes up in the middle of the night I have no idea.

The younger one wakes up around 8. No naps. Always wakes up in my bed at my house, and his dad reports that he likes to sleep under his bed at his dad's house. I have no idea if he wakes up in the middle of the night, except for one night last week when he woke up crying about being "so hungry" so I told him to go get some cereal and in the morning I found a box of Cheerios in the bathroom.

They leave the house at 8:42 am.


Now you.

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  1. My kids are 5 and 8. We aim to have them in bed by 8:00pm and lights out usually by 8:30pm at the latest. I wake them up at 6:45am to get ready for school. Accounting for a bit of time to fall asleep, they are probably getting around 10 hours of sleep per night.

  2. I have a 2.5yo. He goes to bed between 8:30-9:30pm and wakes up between 6-6:30am. Nap at preschool from 12:30-2:30pm, notsomuch with napping on weekends or other days that he is home with us. We leave the house on weekdays at 7:45am. He sleeps in our bed most nights.

  3. 8 year old goes to bed between 8:30 and 9, wakes up at 6:30.3 year old twins go to bed around 8:30 and get up at 7. But they go to sleep sometimes when they go to bed or much later depending on how well their naps went: good naps, later real bedtime.

  4. 7th grader: asleep normally by 10, up at 7. Lately has been having difficulty sleeping and so sometime is awake to past 11:00 or even 11:30. It does not seem to have an effect on her.

  5. My son will be 5 in November. He goes to sleep about 7:30 and wakes up between 5:30 and 6:15, usually closer to the early end. He doesn’t nap. We leave the house at 7:30. He’s pretty flexible about sleep, although at home, he falls asleep listening to a story or two on the CD player. That’s been immensely helpful in helping him to relax enough to drop off to sleep.

  6. I have a 16 month old. She goes to bed around 7:30pm and frequently wakes one or two times before 9:30pm. Sometimes falls back to sleep on her own, usually needs a quick visit to replace nook or pat back, etc. During the week I wake her up at 7am, on the weekends she wakes up closer to 8am. We are currently transitioning from 2 to 1 naps, at day care she is taking 1 nap for about 1 1/2 hours, at home she takes two 1 hour naps or one 2 hour plus nap. She sleeps in her crib in her room and is always put in her crib awake. She only gets nooks when in her crib and has a blanky too.

  7. 18 month old – goes to bed between 6:30-7pm, wakes up between 6-6:30am. Only wakes up if she pooped, or if she’s teething. We leave the house at 7ish. She naps at daycare from 12:40 to 2:45, at home on weekends from about 12 to 1:30 or 2.

  8. My daughter is two. We start her bedtime between 6:30-7:30 depending on how the day went, and she’s usually asleep by about 8. She wakes up on her own around 7-7:30. She mostly sleeps straight through but will occasionally wake up in the night and need a pat on the back, usually about 2-3 times a month.I work from home and she goes to day care M-W-F, so on those days we leave the house after breakfast, usually around 8. She naps from 12:30-3 at home, and something like 1-2:30 at day care. We go through the occasional nap strike and it’s not terribly unusual for her to refuse to nap at all, in which case she is invariably an overtired cranky mess by about 5:30.
    Sleep has always been our biggest struggle with this kid, so I am thrilled that she’s doing so well now. During the hellacious sleep regressions when she was a baby, I never thought this day would come!

  9. I have a son who will be four next month. He goes to bed at 8pm, he’s probably asleep between 8:30-9pm. He wakes up between 7:30-8am. Three or four times a week, he wakes up enough to scream my name around 5am, but if ignored he will either go back to sleep or come climb into our bed and go back to sleep. He has just given up his nap, which has significantly improved bedtime. He still requires someone laying down with him until he’s asleep, but we are finally seeing some hope of weaning him of that. We leave the house at 8:50am.

  10. I have a 9 yr old and a 6 yr old. 9 yr old has lights out at 8:30 and wakes up at 6:30, no nap. She always sleeps in her own bed and usually gets up to use the bathroom at night.6 yr old has lights out by 7:30 and wakes up around 7, no nap. He sleeps in his own bed all night and does not get up at night unless he has had a bad dream.
    We leave at 7:50 to take the older one to the bus in the morning.

  11. 3.5 YO. Goes to bed around 9-9:30, wakes up between 7:30 and 8, still takes a long nap – 2 hours at day care and up to three hours on the weekend. This all used to happen much earlier until she gave up her pacifier just before she turned three; we’re working on trying to move it to 8:30-7, at least, because wow are we getting a late start to the day.

  12. My kids are 5 and 2. They share a room and lights out are between 7:30 and 8, starting baths and bedtime routine at 6:30. They both have to get up by 6:30 a.m. in order to get the kindergartener to school on time. Little one is and has always been an early riser, so he’s usually up by six, sometimes 5. That’s on a regular “good” night.We are still having issues with middle of the night wakings with the two-year-old, which I suspect are do to a combination of his needing more activity during the day and the difficulty of getting a regular nap for him during the day that fits in with his sister’s schedule.
    Ideally, I’d be able to get him a lot of exercise in the morning, a solid two to-three-hour nap in the early afternoon and then have a bedtime for him about eight or so. That worked for his sister when she was his age. But, she no longer naps and she needs every bit of her night sleep. I frequently have to wake her up in the morning. They like sharing a room. His waking doesn’t wake her up. And moving him to his own room with a later bedtime isn’t really feasible. So…dunno. Going to try to up his activity level this fall and see if that helps with the wakings before trying to re-jigger nap and bedtimes.
    I am grateful that the five-year-old, unless ill, sleeps like a rock. She didn’t at his age and I am hoping that his wakefulness is just one more thing we have to wait out…
    Sorry. Probably more than you wanted to know…

  13. 4 year old goes to sleep in his own bed around 8:00 (takes about a half hour for him to fall asleep), wakes at some point and comes into my bed. Gets up for the day typically between 7 and 7:30. We have to leave the house on school days by 9. No naps since right before he turned three.15 month old goes to sleep at about 7. He was waking once a night around 4 or 5am and then sleeping until 7:30 or 8. Last two nights he has slept through (whoo hoo!) but then gets up at 6:30 (not so whoo hoo). He sleeps in his crib for the night. He either takes two naps, one about two hours in the am and another short nap of an hr to an hour and half in the afternoon ( I typically wake him by 4:30 in order to keep the bedtime schedule) krone longer nap midday.

  14. Sorry. Should have clarified above that my little guy doesn’t always wake up at night, but he frequently does. If he wakes, it’s often between three and four and he goes back to sleep easily, but then wants to sleep too late.

  15. My kids are almost 18 months and 6 1/2 years. Baby goes to bed at 6:30pm and is up around 6:00am and then goes down for a nap around 8:30am if we’re in the house. Big girl goes to bed around 7:30pm and is up by 6:40am.

  16. I have two six year olds. We aim for in bed by 8 on school nights. Up at 6:55 or 7:00 (I wake my daughter but son is often up already, playing Legos). Leave the house at 7:50.

  17. 6 y.o. girl goes to bed by 8:30, asleep by 9:30, up at 7:30, out the door at 8:20, no nap3 y.o. girl goes to bed by 8:00, usually asleep right away, gets up a lot during the night (currently having bad dreams/night terrors/just needs a hug/whatever), up around 7, naps about an hour on weekdays.
    At this time neither sleeps with us though they both used to

  18. 10 yr old and 4 yr old. Older one in bed, lights out by 8:30. I’m aiming to move that back to 8:15 because she’s still complaining of being tired in the morning. She has to get up at 6:30 am this year–her school shifted 15 minutes earlier than last year–so bus comes at 7:45 am. I’m pretty sure her peers go to bed closer to 9 pm, but she needs more sleep than that. We’ve always had a strict, early-ish bedtime for her, because she does not sleep in, no matter how late she is up the night before. On weekends, she’s still up at 7 am. Whenever we let her stay up late, we all regret it the next day when grumpy-pants emerges. When she went to a sleepover this summer, it took her 2-3 days to recover.4-yr-old goes to sleep anywhere between 8 and 8:30. On school days, I wake her around 6:45 or 7 am if I need to, but I rarely need to. She’s up as soon as she hears people moving around. No nap for her since age 3, unless she falls asleep in the car. Time spent sleeping during the day translates almost minute for minute to a later falling asleep time.

  19. I’ve got two kids, 4 and 1.The baby goes to bed between 7pm and 7:30pm, and she wakes up on her own at around 7am (we usually need to wake her a bit earlier to make it out of the house on time). She goes down so easily, it’s a miracle! No night waking either, unless she’s sick.
    The 4 year old goes to bed between 8pm and 8:30pm most nights (sometimes it creeps toward 9pm because he resists it). He wakes up anywhere between 5am (HELP ME) and 7:00am. Once he is up, he’s UP – there’s no getting him back to sleep if he wakes up after 5am.
    In our house, 7:00am definitely counts as “sleeping in.”

  20. My LO is 3.5. He goes to bed between 8-8:30 currently, though it should be 7:30-8. He is the very best bedtime staller in the world, and currently stalls by seeking trouble and finding it. During the night, he either wakes once to use the restroom or doesn’t wake but has a wet pull-up in the morning. His little bladder isn’t ready for overnight, it seems.He rarely naps at daycare, a trend that started shortly after he turned 2. On weekends, I can usually coax a nap out of him at least one day, but that involves a process that takes longer than his actual nap. If I thought he was okay without the nap, I’d just give up trying, but he really needs it. His behavior with and without a nap is remarkably different.

  21. My daughter is 2.5. If she isn’t asleep by 8:30, she is standing at her crib chanting “Put me in the crib!” over and over. She generally wakes around 8:30 am, but sleeps as late as 10 am if I let her. I necer sign her up for activities that start before 10 am. She generally naps 2-3 hours a day (1-3 or 4), but takes no nap if she sleeps until 10. She is generally a complete wreck unless I let her sleep until she is ready to get up. Crying, general pokiness, irritable. Since she was 9.5 weeks old, she has slept 12+ hours a night. She has woken in the night less than 5 times on the years since, always due to illness.She is VERY serious about her sleep. 1.5 days a week, she is at my mom and dad’s while I work. I wake her at 6 am. She will NOT sleep at my mom’s house and won’t fall asleep earlier those days either. She is a wreck until my husband picks her up the second day and let’s get have a 3-4 hour nap.
    I wrote long ago about being concerned about a the sleep she gets. I’m not worried anymore. This is what she needs. When she is awake, she is active, cheerful, and talkative. She just needs her sleep.

  22. Our daughter just turned 3. She goes to sleep between 9 and 9:30. Wakes once or twice in the night, and usually just needs a pat; sometimes one of us (me or my husband) ends up lying next to her and falling asleep. She wakes around 5:30 or 6am and wants to nurse, and then nurses and dozes ’till 6:30 or 7. Naps at home at 1pm for 1 or 2 hours. We are just starting preschool three days a week. She hasn’t yet napped there, but they do nap at 1:30. We leave the house around 8:30 or 8:45. So fascinating reading these; thank you!

  23. An addition about naps…The baby is not a big napper. 2 naps/day, no more than an hour each, somtimes just 30 minutes.
    The 4 year old naps at school but almost never at home – which is awful, because I think he still needs a nap. Sometimes he will fall asleep on long car rides.

  24. My kids are 2.5 and 5.Both are in bed by 8-8:30, but not asleep until 9-9:30 most days. We wake them at 7:30 and we leave the house at 8am. They both sleep with us.
    The 2.5yo takes naps Monday-Friday at the sitter. She is an excellent napper there. At home, she takes a nap occasionally.
    The 5yo naps at the sitter once in awhile, but is more likely to negotiate her way out of it (fine with me, b/c then she sleeps better at night). She attends pre-K 3 mornings a week.
    I’m hoping for earlier bedtime next year when the oldest is in full day Kindergarten and her body needs more sleep.
    I love these data point posts. 🙂

  25. I have just shy of 4 yr old and we have been ruled by sleep since he was born! My husband is so tired of talking about it and I’m obsessed with it, mostly because the nights rule the days and I spend the days with him:)He is in the process of giving up the nap, so if he gets up before 7 he needs a nap around 1:30 or 2 for 90 minutes then he’ll go to sleep around 9, 9:30. If its not a nap day then bedtime is at 7 and usually he’ll sleep till 6:30 on his own and either is up for the day or crawls into bed for another hour with me! I LOVE no nap days as I have time in the evenings with my husband or be productive, nap days are hard because it takes him so much longer to fall asleep and we got into the habit of laying with him this Summer while traveling.
    He has always been a night waker but its been better since weaning him last spring, but still at least 2X a week I’ll have to go in and settle him usually a 5 minute affair.
    He goes to preschool 4 mornings a week and we are out the door by 8:15

  26. 5.5 y/o kindergartener in bed by 7pm, reads or plays until 7:45ish. 4 y/o also in bed by 7pm. Asleep by 7:15 if someone sits it’s him until he falls asleep. Out by 7:45ish if left to his own devices. I have to work at 7:30 (at home, online) so the bedtime is ironclad. 5 y/o up by 7am, but under instructions to stay in bed until 7:30. 4y/o up at 5ish to climb into daddy’s warm spot in our bed, then up for good at 7:30 – 8ish. I get up at 7. We’re out of the house by 8:20. The 4 y/o will nap in the car on the way to kindergarten pickup at 3pm. Kindergartener gets rest time at school 1:30-2pm, but says she doesn’t fall asleep.

  27. Younger daughter turns 2 in less than a month. Bedtime is 7 pm, she’s usually asleep by 7:45. She usually sleeps through the night (though not last night), and wakes up sometime between 5 and 6 am. We snuggle/snooze in my bed until 6:20 am. She and I leave for daycare at 7:20 am. She naps once a day.Older daughter turns 6 in less than a month. She just started kindergarten and has been completely wiped out and overtired the past few weeks. Bedtime just got pushed earlier to 7:45 pm with lights out at 8:15. She usually wakes up at 6 am with no alarm. Bus picks her up at 7:06 am. She no longer naps, and rarely sleeps in on weekends, which has added to her crankiness. We just started a token system, where she earns tokens by sleeping in or doing quiet time/naps on weekends, and those tokens can be redeemed for pushing bedtime back 20-30 minutes on non-school nights.

  28. Starting kindergarten recently has shifted our schedule, mostly for the better.We (now) start bedtime routine around 8 and DS is into his bedroom by 9. He might go to sleep straightaway or might play for up to an hour (mostly peacefully) and climb into bed around 10. Once out he tends (touch wood) to sleep like a log, though there are occasionally (almost always phenomenally brief) wakings around 3 a.m. I wake him ~6:45 and we leave the house ~7:15 to walk to kindergarten and get there about 7:30 (admittance is 7:30-7:50, after that you are tardy). He wakes groggy and honestly I treat him approximately 50% like a sack-of-potatoes to get him ready (he sleeps in his clothes, by his own choice, and we will put on the night before what he needs for the next day; I’ll e.g. put his shoes on him while he eats breakfast just to get us out the door).
    Unfortunately, the early wakings (forced on him on weekdays) are rolling over to weekends. He climbed into our bed at 6:57 on Saturday … ironic, as he doesn’t wake that readily on school days!
    He pretty much gets enough sleep, and if he doesn’t, will take himself for a nap (though he rarely naps, usually). We try either to prevent these (and aim for an earlier bedtime) or to keep them short, as once out he will sleep for 2 hours and then be up until midnight and be miserable the next day.
    The earlier sunsets are a useful thing for us, as he can’t yet tell time and approximately associates “time for bedtime routine” with “dark.” Right now, “dark” for us is about 8 p.m.

  29. My son is 9 and my daughter is 6. They both go to bed around 8:30. They sleep in their own beds in their own rooms, both of which are upstairs. Hubby and I sleep downstairs. They rarely wake during the night–only for the occasional pee-mergency, illness, or nightmare. They wake up around 6:00. We need to leave the house by 7:10 a.m. They don’t nap. We do have a consistent bedtime routine, but sleep doesn’t fall apart if the routine gets messed up for some reason.

  30. 6.75 year old boy in first grade. Wakes up between 6-6:30 no matter how late he went to bed the night before.In bed around 8:30-8:45 most nights after a routine that begins at 7-7:30 consisting of bathroom, shower (some nights), teeth, reading 3 books, and lots of dilly-dallying and nagging. DH and I take turns cuddling with him in bed for 15 minutes or so before we leave. Sometimes he falls asleep right away but not every night.
    Sleeps through the night but now and then wets the bed or now, sometimes he’ll get up and go to the bathroom (hooray!).
    No naps, but will fall asleep on long car rides.
    School bus comes at 7:50. I leave for work at 7:20, so DH waits for the bus with him and leaves for work afterwards.
    The only thing that can derail the routine is if for time or behavioral issues, we reduce the amount of books. Then, we’ll get a tantrum and the night pretty much blows apart.

  31. My girls are 3.5 and 6. I aim to get the younger one in bed and lights out by 7:30, the older by 8:00 but it doesn’t always work out that way.It changes from time to time, but currently the youngest gets up at 6:30, give or take, the oldest often has to be dragged out of bed after 7 (and she’s as grouchy as a bear – I think the transition to grade 1 has been rough). They each wake me up in the middle of the night at least once a week, but in most cases the problem is easily solved with a kiss and some reassurance.
    They sleep in their own beds in their own rooms. On rare occasions the older one may be allowed into ours if she’s not settling from a midnight waking and we’re all too desperate for sleep, but the younger one is not a good bed-sharer. She’s a very mobile sleeper, and if she is brought into our bed the novelty of it is far too stimulating and she just talks and fidgets.
    The younger one still naps in general, but at her daycare the other kids can sometimes be too distracting and she won’t settle. At home on the weekends she almost always does, from about 1:00 and ranging from 1 hour to 2.5.
    I would prefer to be out the door by 7:30 or 7:45, but usually it’s not until after 8. I’ve chosen to pick my battles. As long as the youngest gets to her daycare by the 8:15 snacktime (or Second Breakfast, as I call it) and the oldest gets to hers in time to catch the bus (before 8:40), it’s all good.

  32. My son is 5y3m and just started week 4 of kindergarten. I wake him up at 6:30 (well, today was 6:40) and we leave the house around 7:25-7:35 to walk to school. The tardy bell rings at 7:45. In theory, it’s a 10 minute walk. We were late twice the first week of kindergarten.I am working on getting bedtime closer to 7:30pm, but 8:30 is more common and 9:30 is not unheard of. The late bedtime is usually if we take him out someplace with us and don’t get home till 8 or 9.
    That was ok when he could nap at day care, but there are no naps now. He does seem to need the 11 hours of sleep that I’ve seen listed for 5 year olds.
    On weekends, we do an hour or so of quiet time, mainly so I can get a nap. He sometimes sleeps then, but usually plays or draws in his room (only pencils allowed since the time he drew an elaborate map on the wall of his room, which was pretty cool actually, but ….).
    These days, he *usually* falls asleep soon after goodnight hugs and kisses. He sleeps through the night (or if he wakes up, gets himself back to sleep).
    When I was growing up, I used to try easing myself back into a school schedule for bed/wake-up time. I was usually foiled by things beyond my control, like being at my father’s house for the weekend, which meant getting to bed later for various reasons (mainly that he didn’t know what to do with us once he had us for full days at a time, so we got a lot of movies, plays, concerts, etc.)
    Now, I’m doing that to my son–the weekend after school started we took a trip to another time zone for a big family event. Then again, 2 days before school started, the PTA sponsored a back-to-school kickoff party, which was great but it was 6-8, as was back-to-school night last week.
    Sorry I’m not sticking to providing data points–it all brings up parental guilt feelings that I’m dealing with.

  33. The oldest is nearly 6, in first grade. Goes to bed around 8:30 (closer to 9 if dad is in charge of bedtime) and wakes up around 7:30. No naps, sleeps in his own bed (shares room with middle), does not wake that I am aware of.Middle is 2.5, trying to drop naps. Sleeps in his own bed (shares room with oldest) and wakes 1-2 nights a week. Asleep at 8:30, awake around 8am.
    Youngest is 9 months. 2+ naps daily. Starts night in crib in his own room, bedtime 8:00. Wakes between 2am and 4am and is brought in to nurse/co-sleep until real wakeup between 6 and 7am.
    We have a nanny who arrives at 8am. Oldest gets on the bus at 9am, so mornings are leisurely for the kids (less so for the working adults!).

  34. 7YO son (8 in December) goes to bed between 7:30 and 7:45, usually asleep by 8:15. He sometimes has trouble falling asleep, especially if I cut the snuggling too short (“too short” has different definitions on different days, so it’s a bit of a moving target). He sleeps in his own bed, though he considers sleeping with a parent a special treat. No naps unless he’s sick.He generally awakens around 6:45 to go to the bathroom; if not, I wake him at 7:30 to get ready for school. We leave the house by 8:30 at the very latest (more often 8:15 or 8:20; 8:00 if we’re walking) to get to school.

  35. My 4 year old goes to bed between 8:30-9 (he prolongs going to bed as long as possible) and wakes up between 7-7:30am. He does wake at night occasionally, but usually just requires a tuck in and goes back to sleep. He goes to daycare 3 days a week and naps there for 1.5 hours. If we can get him to nap when he is home the other days we do, otherwise he is cranky in the evening.Occasionally we have to wake him up in the morning if we have to leave to take him to daycare early.

  36. My 3YO goes to bed around 6:30, but generally falls asleep between 7:00-7:30 as it takes him a while to wind down. This is unless he hasn’t napped that day, in which case he’s in bed by 6:00 and usually asleep minutes later. He gets up between 6:00-6:30.He definitely still *needs* to nap, although at this point he’s averaging maybe one nap/week at daycare (he’s still a reliable 2hr napper on the weekends). Like Susan’s LO, his behavior with the nap is markedly different (i.e., pleasant) than without.
    My husband takes J to daycare at 7:30, so we’ve got about an hour for him to get ready in the morning. Now idea what will happen to this schedule once the new baby comes in a few months.
    As far as routines, he still sleeps in a sleep sack. He has two taggie blankets, and still uses a paci (only to fall sleep!). We also do white noise. He’s still in a crib, as we’re going to be moving fairly soon and with the new baby coming, we don’t want to alter that part of the routine until absolutely necessary–probably a few months after the new baby is here. I think the paci will go then, too, as part of some “big boy” campaign that I haven’t thought through yet.

  37. I have a 5 yo and 2 yo. They both get up around 6:45 for school. We leave the house at 7:45, the 5 yo old likes to have some play or tv time in the morning. Bedtime for the 2 yo at 6 or earlier if she skips naps. 6:30 for the 5 yo, asleep by 7:30. So 11 hrs of sleep for the 5 yo, he sleeps in his own bed but sometimes dh goes in in the middle of the night and finishes the night in there. The 2 yo sleeps in our bed and wakes at least 1 x to nurse sometime more(all night!!). We aim for 12+ hrs for her between nap and night, preferably all at night. We are going to start transitioning her to her own bed soon.

  38. Ages: 5.5 and almost 3Bedtime: 7:30 with lights out at 8 p.m.
    Arrangement: Sleep in a room together, away from us
    Awake: 3-year- old around 6 or 6:30. Comes to our room to hang out with us before we all get moving. 5-year-old stays in his bed until around 7.
    Naps: at school only for 3 y.o.; no naps for 5 y.o.
    Leave: We all carpool together. We leave by 7:20 if we’re on time.

  39. My 11 year old who has always needed less sleep than most (tension increaser too) goes to bed at 9-9:30pm and usually wakes on his own by 6 or 6:30am. He’s out the door by 7:50 for school.My 9 year old daughter is a competitive figure skater, and practices early 3 school mornings a week. She has always needed more sleep, so she is in bed by 7:30/8pm every night. On skating mornings she is up at 4:30am, on ice by 5:30, and at school by 8am. Non-skating mornings she is up by 7.
    Both sleep in their own beds/own rooms and no issues with sleep interruptions except in cases of illness or the occasional nightmare.

  40. 6 y.o. boy, 2.75 y.o. boy.Both in bed 7-7:30.
    We wake up 6 y.o. around 10pm to pee. Little guy usually crawls in our bed around 3am.
    Both up at 5:30 am. (it was ever so. no matter how late, they are up. I am a lark; I have borne larks. Ah well.)
    Yes, both actually still nap. 6 y.o. just started kinder, so he’s not getting his naps except on the weekend. 2.75 y.o. naps 1-3 hrs in the early afternoon.
    We walk big brother to the bus at 7:50am, then back to the house and I’m out the door by 8:20-8:30.

  41. Obviously I don’t have any current data points but here’s what I remember:Ages 3 – 7 (or so) bed at 7:30; never woke up during the night; we woke her around 6:00 a.m. or so to get her ready for daycare/school. Never was an easy riser.
    Ages 8 – 12 bed around 9:00 – allowed to read in her bed if she wished. Up at 6:00 as above.
    After age 12 – I have no idea when she actually went to bed; she was in charge of her own bed time, but all the way through high school, up at 6:00 to get ready. (Except for weekends when she got up whenever she darn well pleased!)

  42. Mine are 8 and 10. They go to bed around 8:30, and the 8 year old reads until 9pm then falls asleep, the 10 year old reads until 9:30pm, but has a hard time falling asleep before 10 (we’re working on it).They both wake up at 7am. The 8 year old is full of energy and the 10 year old is not.
    Breakfast at 8am, and they leave the house to walk the 1 mile to school at 8:30.

  43. Oh hai parents of tension increasers who need less sleep than most. My 8-year-old’s bedtime is 10pm but it’s rare that she’s asleep at that point; usually closer to 10:30. She gets up at 8 on weekdays and needs to leave the house by 8:50 to take the public bus to school with me. School starts at 9:30. On weekends she shifts a little later – will sleep in until 9ish. Hasn’t napped since she was weaned, at just before 2.She adapts shockingly well to jetlag, which I think is a function of the low sleep need. Still likes a cuddle at bedtime but goes to sleep on her own and stays there except for the occasional nightmare or being sick or something.

  44. My tension increaser son turned 7 in July, 2nd grader. Gave up naps at 2.5.We aim for a 7pm bedtime so we can read a lot together, but it’s been 7:30, lights out at 8, and he’s been having trouble falling asleep until 9ish. Seems tired at 8, but a lot going on w/transition back to school & playground/friendship stuff. Or maybe we could push his bedtime later.
    His alarm goes off at 6:50, we aim to go out between 8/8:10.

  45. Two girls, 8 and 6. In bed around 8:00, usually asleep by 8:30. Both up at about 7:00. They get on the school bus at 7:55.No more naps. Younger still gets in bed with us sometimes at night, which I love.
    I still–still!–will sometimes feel an enormous wave of relief and gratitude that I’m not being woken up over and over throughout the night.

  46. My children are 6 (nearly 6.5) and 2.5 (getting close to 3). We’re homeschoolers, so don’t have anywhere we have to be in the mornings.Grace (the little one) is usually in bed by 7-7:30 (she nurses to sleep), has one wake-up in the middle of the night for milk, and wakes up anywhere between 5 and 7 (usually 6-6:30). She has not napped since around her second birthday.
    Sam (the big one) goes to bed around 8 (sometimes as late as 8:30-9 if his dad is playing with him or we have friends over) and sleeps through to around 6-6:30. He has not napped since he was 2.5.
    They sleep in a bunk bed next to our bed; Grace often comes into the big bed and sleeps next to me, or across my legs, or upside down between me and my husband, or wherever strikes her fancy.
    It’s probably also worth mentioning that we rarely enforce any bedtime for either of them–they ask to go to bed when they’re tired, which is always around the same time.

  47. Two girls, old five year old (five and nine months) and a 2.5 year old. Both are in bed by 8-8:30 and wake up at around 6. For some reason, the two year old wakes up, no matter how we sneak in the morning. They both start out in their beds, in a shared bedroom. The younger one ends up in our room, either in the floor by the dog crate or in our bed at least three times in a week. The older one comes in about once every two weeks.Naps for the little one are rather impossible to pin down. She naps mostly in the school pickup line or in the car elsewhere, but she will also just get tired, go get a blanket and a pillow and fall asleep in the floor. This bothers me, like I am a bad parent for letting her sleep in the floor, but I am trying to get over it.

  48. My kids are 6, 2, and 1. All of them go to bed on school nights and weekdays at 8:30. All of them wake up between 7 and 7:30. My oldest only naps on the weekends when he’s home all day, ONLY if he feels like it. The 1 yr old, Naps at 10 and 2 still. The 2 yr old only naps at 2. I need about an hour or so to get everyone motivated and out the door. None of my children sleep easily at other homes. They are much more comfortable in their own bed at home.

  49. I have an 18 month old who is in day care 3 days per week. He goes to bed in his crib at 7 and usually wakes around 6:30. He generally does not wake at night. He uses a pacifier that we’ve recently restricted to the crib only.He leaves for day care at 7 am and is there from 7:30 to 5:30. He is down to one nap a day, 2 hours at daycare and usually 2.5-3 hours at home.

  50. I have a 14 month old and 5 year old.14 month old goes to bed around 7 and wakes up (we think) between 5 and 5:30 but we don’t get her until 6. Somedays she is probably up earlier and makes her presence known by screaming or sobbing. Sometimes she poops that early but otherwise, no clue why she is trying to kill us. We have tried earlier and later bedtimes and still get the same result. She also cries out periodically in the middle of the night-no clue why and we never go on unless she carries on-usually she’s quiet again within a minute. She naps twice a day at home at 9 (1.5 hrs) and 2 (1 hour +). At day care she naps once after lunch for 1-2 hours.
    5 year old goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 and we have to wake him at 6 for school. On weekends he’ll sleep until at least 7. He naps on Saturdays only for up to 3.5 hours. He is a dream.
    5 year old takes the bus at 7:02 and then we take the 14 month old to day care.
    5 year old has been super easy all around since about 7 months but the 14 month old is clearly payback for us thinking the 5 year old was so hard.

  51. My 2.5 year old goes down around 7:30 and usually wakes up around 6:30-7 am. He naps from 12:30-2. We have tried our best to put him down later so he’ll wake up later but that’s a losing prospect. We can push his bedtime maybe once a week without consequence – more and we get a very crabby kid. He sleeps in his own bed and often wakes up around 4:30-5 AM but, if left alone, will fall back asleep.My 5 year old (in K) has lights off a 8:15…usually after about 30 minutes of me reading aloud chapter books. She sleeps in her own bed with about 3 dozen stuffed animals and dolls. She sleeps all night and typically wakes up on her own around 7:15-7:30, but occasionally needs to be woken up.
    We leave the house at 8:20 to take the 2.5 year old to day care, then I loop back to drop off the 5yo at school by 9:05. But this means a crazy back and forth morning for me and I don’t get to work until 9:20 so we need to figure something else out. She’s already in after-care and I don’t really want to put her in morning-care but haven’t quite figured out the solution yet. If I WFH or stayed at home we would leave at 8:50 to walk to school.

  52. twins 6.5 years old. start the “routine” at 7. In bed at 7:30. 1 normally out by 8, the other by 8:15. The girls share a room and like to chit chat. They get up at 7 and we have to leave the house at 8 to get to school.1 still wakes up almost every single freaking night. Both are tension increasers but this one has always been a horrible sleeper. Thankfully now I can reason with her, to STOP crying and go to sleep.

  53. My kids are 8, 4, and 2.8 goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 pm after bedtime stories. He sleeps all night, has done since 6 mths. He wakes up between 5:30 and 6:15 am. I don’t let him sleep past 6:15 am. No naps. I like to leave the house at 7:15 am, no later than 7:30 am.
    4 goes to bed at 8 pm. She was a great sleeper until she hit 3, and will still wake up in the night every now and then. She’s up at the same time as big brother and leaves the house with us too. She rarely naps.
    2 is in bed no later than 7:30 pm, sometimes in bed just after 7 pm. She is a great sleeper and rarely wakes up in the night. Her naps at daycare start at noon, and she sometimes sleeps until 2:30 pm. At the weekends, she naps from 1 pm to 4 pm. During the week, I wake her up at 7 am, and at the weekend, she usually gets up at 7:30 am. She leaves at 7:15 too, and has breakfast at daycare.

  54. 5 year old. Up until next week, it’s been an 8:00 in bed/read aloud a chapter from a chapter book/lights out/one story about his childhood from dad or a son from mom/asleep by 8:30 ish bedtime routine. She’s up around 7:30. But she’s switching to a new kindergarten next week, so everything has to move up as I’d like her asleep by 8 to wake at 6:45, out of the house by 7:20. Her new school is only M-Th, so she can sleep in F-Su. She goes to sleep in her own bed, usually falls asleep pretty quickly after story/song, although once every 2 weeks or so she can’t fall asleep until 10:30 or so. She always wakes in the night and comes into our bed where she sleeps until morning. She has never slept through the night on her own.

  55. 4.5 year old and 21 month old sleep in bunk beds and both go to sleep between 7-7:30.Both generally wake up at some point in the night or very early am, and 4.5yo usually ends up in our bed. 21 mo can be re-settled in his own bed. If planets are aligned and the moon is in the 7th house (like last night) they can both sleep through until 6:30-7am. Otherwise, they are both awake any time from 6am jumping on my head.
    4.5 yo hasn’t napped since he was 2 although has a sneaky snooze on the weekend if we go on longer car journeys. 21 mo naps 1.5-2 hours each day.
    We leave the house for school (just started British version of K) at 8:45am. Is a very long morning indeed.

  56. My kids are 8 and 12. They both go to bed around 9, I have to wake them at 6:15. Out the door at 7 to get on the bus at 7:15. Neither has woken during the night for a few years now (phew!) but the 8 year old sleeps on the floor in the 12 year old’s room because he refuses to sleep alone.

  57. The 1-year-old goes to sleep about 8-8:15 PM and wakes around 7 or 7:30 AM, later on the weekends though (8 AM is not unusual). She takes one nap 1.5 to 2 hours long. She is also in the middle of some sort of LOOONNGG sleep regression (since 9 months old, lord help us) and the wake ups can range anywhere from 1 AM to 3 AM. Her nighttime routine is bath, play, bottle and snuggle. I put her to bed not quite asleep, but often have to pat her back/say nigh-nigh and/or let her fuss it out (not long, < 5 minutes).The 7 year-old goes to bed at 8:30 after a shower and a snack. DH reads to+snuggles with him, and then sometimes I read to + snuggle with him (we're slowly working our way through some chapter books) or he reads to himself until about 9 PM, and then he goes to sleep. He's my early morning riser: sometimes 6 AM if he hears that I'm up, but I think he needs to sleep until 6:30 or 7 AM to act rested.

  58. Ages: 6.5 and 3.25Bedtime: 8, so process starts around 7:30 and usually results in sleep by 8:15.
    Arrangement: The 6.5-year-old sleeps in her own room and hasn’t woken in the night in recent memory (she still making up for not sleeping through the night until she was 4). The 3.25-year-old sleeps in a crib in our room.
    Awake: 3.25-year- old anywhere between 6 and 7, usually skewing earlier. The 6.5-year-old needs to be woken up around 7 half the time, wakes slightly earlier on her own the other half.
    Naps: regularly at school for the 3.25-year-old, but he’ll occasionally nap on the weekend if the circumstances are perfect; no naps for 6.5-year-old.
    Leave: 6.5-year-old has to be at school at 7:55, she and my husband leave at 7:45 if they’re driving, 7:30 if they’re walking, and the 3.5-year-old and I usually walk out with them.

  59. 2 1/2 year old – goes to bed at 8:30(ish), wakes up around 6:45 or 7. Night wakings are very rare.He naps every day, anywhere from 2-3 hours in the late afternoon.
    I try to leave the house at 7:30 every morning, but it’s usually more like 7:45.
    He is still sleeping in a crib – not a climber so I figure why not? He sleeps with 3 blankets (“three!” he says) that he is pretty attached to.

  60. Two data points: 5 and 2 (summer birthdays).Data point #1: Bedtime is 8:30, sometimes stretches it until 9, is woken up at 7:30 on school days. No nap. If he’s up ’til 9 a few days in a row, he’ll usually make it up on the weekend by sleeping until 8:30 one day. Sleeps in own bed, almost never wakes during the night.
    Data point #2: Bedtime is 7:30 – 9 DON (Depending On Nap). We’re in the dreadful nap-causes-a-late-bedtime-but-can’t-quite-make-it-without-nap phase. I’m ready for nap to end. Co-sleeps and is often wakeful (as opposed to awake) in the 5am-ish time frame, but can be easily cuddled back to sleep until 7ish.
    We leave the house at 8:15 for Kindergarten/daycare dropoff.

  61. Mine are 10 and 7 also. They go to bed around 8:30. They each have their own rooms but generally prefer to sleep in the same room together (in separate beds). The younger one needs less sleep and takes longer to fall asleep. Sometimes he falls asleep in my room (with or without me) and then we move him into his own bed later. Rarely, he wakes up at night and comes into our bed.Both kids sleep until 6:45 or 7 a.m. Sometimes they wake on their own, sometimes they need to be awakened. We leave at 7:30, if biking to school, or 7:40 if driving. All they do in the a.m. is get dressed (although the younger one also sleeps in his clothes at least half the time), eat, brush teeth/hair and go. New rule this year is no TV in the mornings, which has been a positive change.

  62. 3yo goes to bed at 7, asleep by 7:30. He’s up between 6:30 and 7 the next day.We are transitioning from nap to rest time (I call it “nest” time) so he’s in bed for 2 hours in the middle of the day, some days naps, some days doesn’t. Sometimes the naps are up to 1-1/2 hours, which is why the nest is so long. I plan to shorten it once he stops napping as long when he does nap.
    We are just starting homeschool for his preschool year.

  63. My just-turned-2-last-month claaaaassic tension increaser will not go to sleep before 10 PM, and bedtime takes, oh, at least an hour of machinations on our part every night.She naps every day, sometime between noon and 2, for about an hour and a half. Until she was 1 she never once napped longer than 45 minutes.
    Last night and the night before were the first times she’s slept through the night in a month and a half. I awoke to angels singing.
    The good thing is that she will sleep until at least 8:00 most mornings. If she was up early, I would do a lot more crying, I think.
    Did I mention I’m having another baby next month? Awesome.

  64. 5 and 3 yo girls lights out at 8, up for school at 6:30am. 8 month oldboy usually in bed at 6:30-7, up for the day with us at 6:30, but I still feed him in the night and his wake ups are variable, usually coming into bed with me sometime after midnight and wakes to feed a couple times after that. Girls sleep in their own beds, fall asleep looking at books and usually don’t wake up in the night. Baby still usually nurses to sleep, but we’re working on that. No naps for the girls, baby naps twice, 2-3-4 schedule.

  65. DD 5y7mDS 7y/7m
    no naps. Kids go to bed before 8.00pm week nights, half an hour later weekends. Usually they sleep between 10.5 and 11 .
    We have recently moved so there is a 15 minute commute in the morning.
    On the days that I work mornings, I get up at 6.50 and wake the kids up 10 minutes later. Usuallly there is no need for that as they are already up. On the days that I only work afternoons, I get up at 7.00.
    We leave the house at 8.25, so we get to school in good time for the 8.55 start.

  66. Almost 6 yr old. In bed by 7:30, lights out by 8. Up between 4:45 (this morning) and 6:15. Luckily, it’s been trending later (used to be 4:45 ON THE DOT for years and years). No nap. He’s always had a horrible time relaxing enough to fall asleep so we have to use a tiny dose of melatonin. We forgot it on vacation and even though he swam, ran, golfed all day, he still couldn’t fall asleep until 10:30 on his own. 🙁 Probably setting him up for some horrible substance dependency issues. Oh, we are out the door at 8:40 because we have no before school care this semester.

  67. I have 7 1/2 year-old twins. During the school year we aim for an 8 PM bedtime to be asleep by 8:30. One of the boys is always up by 5:00, sometimes earlier. The other could always use more sleep but gets up when his brother does, no matter what. Even when we’ve had them sleep in separate rooms, someone migrates so they wind up sleeping together. I’ve stopped fighting it. 🙂

  68. 11 yo: 9pm(ish)- 6:30am He is kicked out because Mama wants adult time more than he is put to bed b/c he needs the sleep. He’s a good judge of his own sleep needs.8 yo: 7:30-8pm (at the latest)- 6:30am He is crabby as all get out if he’s tired. I mention often that bedtime has nothing to do with age and everything to do with listening to your body and giving it what it needs. He will probably still need to go to bed at 7:30 when he’s sixteen!
    Both kids are ready to leave at 7:15

  69. Whoops, and I forgot, my guys who go to sleep @ 8:00 to get anywhere from 9-10 hours of sleep have to be out the door to school at 6:50 am.

  70. 16 months old. Bedtime is between 7 and 7:30, and he’s normally asleep within twenty minutes of being put in the crib. Wakes up around 6:30 or 7:00. Has one nap around 12:30 that ranges from ninety minutes to three hours (we wake him at the three hour mark to preserve bedtime). He currently sleeps better than he has ever done in his life. Night wakings are very rare unless ill or teething.

  71. 6yo is asleep around 8 most nights, no nap, almost never wakes, gets up 6:30-7.3.5yo is asleep between 8 and 8:30 most nights, rarely wakes at night, takes a 2-3 hour nap midday, gets up at 6ish.
    2yo is asleep around 8 most nights, wakes up 2-3 times a night (usually 10/11, 12/1, 3/4) and is up for the day between 4:45 and 5:30am. She takes a 1.5-2 hour nap midday.
    We leave the house around 8:25 to walk to school when the 1st grader’s teachers aren’t on strike. Otherwise we leave at 8:50 for preschool.

  72. 13 (almost 14) year old, goes to bed around 10:30 on school nights. She needs to be up by 7 at the latest for school, which starts at 7:40. She’s always had trouble falling asleep – as a preschooler, she was one of those kids who can’t be allowed to nap or they’ll be up past midnight – and unfortunately the early school start time leaves her chronically sleep-deprived during the week. She makes up for this by sleeping 12 hours at a stretch on weekends, which I know isn’t ideal, but I can’t bring myself to wake her when I know how exhausted she is.

  73. My daughter is 4 and goes to bed between 8pm and 9pm. She almost always sleeps all night. She wakes up between 7am and 8am. She doesn’t nap on weekdays at dayhome, but I think she needs to, and does for 1-2 hours on weekends when we are at home.(I hope you are making a chart/graph of some kind with this data!)

  74. Boy – 5. In bed at 7:30, asleep by 8:30. Up at 6:30, leaves for school ( we walk) at 7:50Girl – 3.5. Asleep by 9:00. Bed at 7:30. Up by 7. Naps 1/10 days. Sometimes shows up in the middle of the might to sleep on out floor.
    girls – 16months – asleep at 7:00. Wakes up 1/night (b/t 3-5, nurse 10 mins)
    wakes for day b/t 6:30 and 7. Naps for 2-3 hours in early afternoon. Likes to nurse before sleep and requires her “baby”.

  75. My little guy, 22 months, is asleep by 7:30ish most nights. Still wakes a LOT. Though will sleep through once in a while. Up at 6 on the dot. Takes 2 hr naps at home, sometimes 3 at school. I think he’s getting a molar right now…I was in there about 7 times last night. Ugh. Tension increaser too so I have to book in there!

  76. I posted earlier, but am I gathering that tension increasers tend to need less sleep? Have been worried about the only about 9 or maybe 10 hours per night our 3-year old gets. She’s definitely a tension increaser. Also forgot to add that it takes at least an hour, sometimes more to get her to sleep. Books, stories, songs, more songs…

  77. My 6 year-old goes to sleep between 8 and 8.30, I’d say. (Stories are usually done by 8.) He sleeps all night like a rock and wakes between 6.30 and 7.30. He was a not-great sleeper as a baby and didn’t sleep through the night until he was 2, but now he’s wonderful.My almost-4-year-old goes to sleep at 7.00 and gets up around 6.30 on a good day, with no wakes in between and no naps. If she naps during the day (which only happens accidentally in the car), she might be up till 9.00 or 10.00 and it will push everything off for the next few days. She has been a terrible sleeper for her whole life, and has only recently started to sleep through the night when I finally night-weaned her and stayed firm about it. Before that she was waking every 2 or 3 hours for boob. She still wakes quite often – maybe 50% of the time – but will usually go back to sleep with a story from me or her father. She’s still nursing to go to sleep at bedtime and when she wakes up at 6am (or earlier, but I don’t want to push waking earlier so I deny her boob before 6am).

  78. My son is a year and a half (18 months). We cosleep, and join him in the bed around midnight. He goes down for 1-2 naps a day (I think he’s transitioning from two to 1) that are longer if I’m home and can nurse him back down. Otherwise, they’re usually 30-45 minutes. No set time, but on days he only takes one nap it’s often shortly after lunch. He nurses to sleep for the night around 8:30 pm most nights, but occasionally as early as 5:30 or as late as 10pm, depending on his mood and our activities. On a “typical” night, he goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 7am the next morning. He rarely sleeps past 8am. He also does not “sleep through.” He wakes to nurse at least 4-5 times a night (I think; I’m half asleep while nursing side-lying and don’t really count).

  79. ahh, my favorite topic.Two kids 4 and 20 months.
    4 year old has always had an extensive bedtime routine with lots of stalling techniques that seem to just get exchanged out once we set limits on the current tactic. We start her bedtime at 7:30. We alternate nights so one parent doesn’t get burned out. She’s a classic tension increaser and spritited child. Smarter than both of us for sure. She’s usually asleep between 8:30-9:45. We wake her up at 6:15 on weekdays, her natural wake time is closer to 7:30. She is growing out of her need for a nap, but has quiet time at school where she fall asleep for about 45 minutes. She once or twice a week asks to sleep with us in the middle of the night but then we don’t sleep (talks in her sleep–on her way to being a sleep walker?) so we escort her back to her bed.
    20 month old- goes to bed at 6:30– some nights after daycare she is barely making it that long. We read a few books, lay her down awake and are out of the room in 15-20 minutes. Usually sleeps through the night till 5:30. She nurses after school and in the morning. Wakes up hungry and ready to play. She naps 1.5-2 hours at school, more like 3 hours on the weekend.
    We leave the house shortly after 7 AM.

  80. My 14 month old is in bed between 6 and 7 depending on how well the days sleep has gone. On a quiet day with me he’ll sleep for 1:15 twice a day at 9:30 and 1:30. At nursery his daytime sleep is all over the place.He sleeps through the night 2 nights out of 3 or so but night wakings are nowhere near the big drama they were a few months ago.

  81. Oh, and he wakes up anywhere between 5:30 (ouch) and 6:30 (bliss). On nursery days, I leave for work at 7 and the Husband leaves with little bub at 7:20

  82. We just switched our 2 year old and 4 (almost 5) year old to a joined bed time (they share a room). They are now both in bed at 8.30 (previously 8 for the little one and 9 for the big one). Up 3 days a week for daycare at 7. They sleep in on other days, often til 8, sometimes 8.30. The 4 year old naps a bit at daycare, but not at home. The 2 year old naps anywhere between 2 and 3 hours after lunch. Haven’t seen a change to the nap due to the later bedtime yet, but certainly an increase in sanity on my part as the bed time routine went down from a combined 1.5 hrs to less than 1.

  83. 2yr4mo son goes to bed around 8:30-9 and is asleep by 9:30 usually, unless something else is more interesting than sleep…which is just about everything. Wakes up around 11pm to pee, then 1am saying he has to pee but actually doesn’t then comes to bed with me, unless he doesn’t in which case he wakes up again between 3-4am to pee again (or at least thinks he does?) and then definitely comes to bed with me. He insists on big boy undies at night now, but was even waking up insisting on using the potty when I could get a diaper on him at bed anyway. He’s up around 8am, except when it’s more like 9. We leave the house at about 9am to go to daycare, except when his dad is home and then he stays with him (he’s gone for several days at a time and then home for a couple days on a sort of revolving schedule). Naps around 1pm for maybe 30-45 min, except when he doesn’t nap or when he takes an epic (for him) nap of a couple hours. He’s never been in to napping. Pretty much everything is more interesting than sleep. He’s a tension increaser.

  84. 13 year old girl: in bed by 8:15, lights out between 8:30-8:45 (she’s always needed a lot of sleep and not done well with less sleep). Up between 6:00 and 6:30; out the door to school around 7:30. (Occasional soccer practice nights: bedtime around 9:45; tired the next day!). 11 year old boy: basically the same, but he needs a little less sleep. Both kids have always been early risers, no matter when they went to bed, so I was forced to really control their evening schedules, since they won’t make up sleep loss on the morning end. Both sleep well, except for the occasional bathroom run during the night.

  85. Forgot a couple of things:my 16 month old has a lovey (a bunny blanket) that he has become progressively more and more attached to in the last two months. He sleeps in sleep sacks, and we use a white noise machine to cut out the squeaking floorboards and the yowling cat. He has always slept in his crib at night, and has slept in the crib for naps since 14 weeks. He has put himself to sleep for both naps and nighttime since he was ten months old. He started sleeping through the night (11-12 hours without a peep) at 13 months when we weaned the night feeds.

  86. 6 year old tension-increaser with sensory integration issues, who didn’t sleep through the night without waking me until she was at least 3:She goes to her room by 7:30, but listens to stories until 8:30-9, at which point I switch the stories to her nighttime music. This kid needs constant sensory input for her brain to relax for sleep, otherwise she’s telling elaborate stories to herself and…increasing tension. 😉
    She wakes up once to go pee between 3:30-4:30am.
    Up for the day between 7:30 and 8am.
    Occasionally she will catch up on sleep with a nap – every 4 months or so. She’ll also fall asleep in the car on a longish car ride (not during errands around town though.)
    2.5 year old tension-decreaser who taught me that some babies can just fall asleep anywhere, no matter what, and who slept through the night on the eve of her first birthday when she finally got her own room (we’d moved):
    Bedtime is 6:30-7pm. If she gets to bed earlier, like: asleep by 6:30, she will sleep MUCH better throughout the night.
    I do a sleep wake to give her a drink of water at 10ish. (Haven’t started the sleep-pee process yet.)
    She sometimes sleeps through the night, sometimes wakes around 3-4.
    She no longer naps unless she is in the backpack on a hike or in the car for an errand. (uh, except I just noticed she was awfully quiet and found her in her room, snuggled in her bed asking for privacy. lol.)
    Up at 6:15am like a clock. She wakes up cheerful and ready for the day (just like me). The 6 year old really drags and needs special handling for about 30 minutes after wakeup (just like her Daddy).
    We don’t have a set time for leaving the house because we home school, but we tend to start school between 9-9:30. Family breakfast is around 7:30-8am, and everyone is ready for the day by then.

  87. 7 year old girl asleep at 8:30 and up between 6:45 and 7:15. 6 year old boy asleep by 9:00 and up between 7:00 and 7:15. Out the door to bike to school at 8:15. 7 year old virtually never wakes at night, 6 year old does but may or may not wake me, depending on circumstances. The six year old can have difficulty falling asleep if he doesn’t get at least 2-3 hours of physical activity.

  88. 11 yo – in bed at 8:15, asleep by 8:30 – up at 69 yo in bed at 8, asleep by 8:15 – up at 7
    6 yo in bed at 7:15, asleep by 7:30 – up at 7
    I am the only one in the house who has napped in years. all stopped (crappy) naps at 18 months.
    family out the door at 8
    I always worry the children are up too late & not getting enough sleep, but I can see from data points here that they are in the mix with the rest of the kids.

  89. We have two boys – a 5 year old and a 20 month old. The 5 YO has always been a fantastic sleeper. We usually go upstairs around 8 PM and read, with lights out by 8:30. I’ve started waking him at 7:30 AM for kindergarten, but he’d probably prefer to sleep another 15-30 minutes. He still naps many days, particularly if he’s had a lot of physical activity (like after day camp this past summer). I can count on one hand the number of times he’s woken up in the middle of the night since he started STTN at about 6 months.The 20 month old was not a good sleeper, but once his reflux resolved, became one. He is usually in bed by 7:30 and wakes up between 7 and 8 AM. He usually naps for about 2.5 hours and also does not wake in the middle of the night (since I sleep trained him shortly after his first birthday).
    Both of my kids sleep in their own beds/cribs, in their own rooms, and always have. We have a nanny at home, so I’ve always been a real stickler about making sure they are home for nap time (and we stick to it on the weekends too). It can be a bit of a pain but in our case the ressults were worth it!

  90. G. is 2.5. Like another poster above, she is serious about her sleep and would sleep more if we could let her.Currently she gets in her bed around 8 or 8:30, but can take up to ninety minutes to fall asleep (feeding disorder, insulin disorder and sensory issues all play a part).
    About half the time she’ll ask to fall asleep in our bed, and we move her to her crib later. She doesn’t wake for her midnight meds, but usually wakes around 2 a.m. to have her weighted blanket rearranged.
    A couple times a month she’ll have a dream scary enough that it takes fifteen minutes or so of rocking to calm her down. Fifty-fifty on whether she’ll go back to the crib or sleep with us at that point.

  91. 5-year-old twins: bed by 9 (which is too late) and up on their own around 7-7:15. Must leave house at 8:15. If we manage to get them to bed by 8:30 they fall asleep then; they’ve never been good about sleeping in in the morning.16-month-old: bed by 9 and up anytime from 6:45-7:15. Usually has a 2+ hour nap in early afternoon. Sometimes has a catnap early and then short one later. If he cries out in the night he goes back to sleep on his own; I haven’t been up with him in probably…3 months? (He was NOT a good sleeper before about 7 months.)

  92. DS, 5 (today!), in all-day kindergarten. In bed with lights out between 7:15 and 7:30 – usually asleep within 15 mins. Wakes between 6:30 – 6:45 usually. Has to be out the door for school at 8:20. Usually takes one nap on the weekends.DD, 22 months, in bed lights out at 6:45, usually asleep by 7:15. Wakes around 6:45. Naps from 12:15 – 2:15. If we push her nap back she’ll sleep longer but she needs to be up to pick her brother up from school.
    Both kids sleep all night. DS, since 7 months, DD since about 10 months.

  93. My daughters are almost 8 (third grade) and almost 5 (preschool). On weeknights, we try to get them into their beds by 8:30pm, and hope they’re asleep by 9pm, but that sometimes pushes to 9 and 9:30 with weeknight soccer practices and/or dance classes.The younger one wakes occasionally, but she’s getting a lot better about that. The older one had sleepwalking incidents recently that have tapered off, but generally is asleep for the duration of the night (unless she has to pee, of course).
    They get up in the morning between 7-7:30 (alarms are set for 7:30, but they sometimes get up earlier).
    We leave the house at 8:35am.

  94. Good to see that others have late bedtimes/low sleep needs and are doing fine.T is 6.5. We start bedtime routine around 8:30, then PJs, teeth/face, stories, etc. Lights out around 9:15. He’ll fall asleep immediately if he’s been up late the night before for some special event, but more often 9:45 or so.
    Occasionally picks at dinner, then begs for cereal or the like at 10 PM – gah. (This is much easier now that he can get said cereal himself.)
    He tends to wake naturally between 7 and 7:30 both weekdays and weekends. No naps. Sleeps in own bed, but occasionally falls asleep in our bed if parents feeling especially tired/lazy.
    We leave the house at 8:30 for 8:45 school start time.
    All this is great, except my child needs 9.5 hours and I need 8 or 8.5. Alas, this allows for little evening couple time/alone time.

  95. @Vanessa, I’m pretty sure that’s my future. 🙂 Which is fine – both Mr. C and I are late people ourselves, so there’s no conflict about it. I think about 13 was when I started drinking morning coffee as well – it helps. I should note, btw, that for my LSN/TI/NO (I’m making up abbreviations! That’s Low Sleep Need/Tension Increaser/Night Owl) having her own alarm clock has really decreased the conflict level of our mornings. I got her a cute one in her favorite color, that has wheels and rolls away the second time it goes off so you have to chase it. Mouse thinks this is fun, and once she’s gotten vertical one time, it’s much easier for her to get going even if she climbs back in bed to get warm. Even today after she was awake in bed until nearly midnight last night obsessing about a big new puzzle and certain dolls whose initials are MH (ugh) (that’s awfully late even for her), when the alarm rang for the second time at 7:55 she got up, laughed about it, got dressed under the covers and made it out on time without any yelling on anybody’s part.

  96. 7 and 9 y.o.s school bell is 7:55 am, so we are up by 615. Therefore bedtime is still 8, but now they can read til 830. I don’t have to tell them, they both fall asleep reading. Every day.

  97. This is awesome!I have recently been wondering about this topic as our almost 2 year old didn’t nap a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. She’s had a good several days of napping (thank god!), so we’re not done yet, but it’s so helpful to see other schedules.
    Age: 22.5 months
    Bedtime: 7:30 in bed, puts self to sleep with some help. takes 15-60 min. to fall asleep. Lots of blanket-loveies. still uses paci to sleep (even though I swore we’d give it up by 18 months)
    Arrangement: Sleep in her own room, in crib, easy hearing range of our bedroom
    Awake: between 6:30-7:30
    Naps: at home 2-2.5 hours (1-3 or 4), at day care 0-2 hrs, at grandparents 0-3 hours
    Leave: We leave between 8-8:30. day care is close and on my way to work. I’m home one day and my folks come pick her up around 8 on days they watch her.

  98. My son, turns three at Christmas time, goes to bed with daddy at 8.30 or so and wakes anywhere from 6-7.30. He hollers for me after daddy leaves for work and I go upstairs with newborn and get in bed with him. He naps around 12.30 for one to two hours. Usually sleeps thru the night.My daughter is 5 weeks old and we lay down together at around 8 pm, but she’s been asleep in carrier for at least half an hour. Wakes up a lot at night to nurse and be cuddled. Naps every hour to hour and a half all day with a big long afternoon nap. We all sleep together at naptime, but I’m wired today hence why I’m on Ask Moxie!
    I’m obsessed with sleep too. My own and my newborn’s. I was obsessed with my son’s, but thank heavens, he sleeps well now.

  99. My 4 year old son goes to bed around 8:30 (sometimes closer to 9, I’d like it to be closer to 8), sleeps in his own bed (I lay with him for about 20 min to fall asleep), and I have to wake him up at 6:30am to get ready to leave for 7:20am.He had not been napping since turning 3, but now this year with the earlier wake-up time and the full days of preschool, he naps at preschool. On weekends, he will sleep in until 8:30am, which is lovely.
    FYI, he was didn’t STTN until about 2.5 and now he is an amazing sleeper. We have gone through some phases of him being in our bed (which was fine) but he is all about his bed now.

  100. 5-year-old tension increaser, has never yet slept through the night. No naps. Full-day kindergarten. In bed by 9, up by 7, leave home at 7:40. So jealous of those of you with 9 a.m. start-times. And children who sleep. 🙂

  101. I love this! You should put these numbers in a table and test them against the recommendations and averages we’re always seeing/hearing about.My kids are 20 months and 5.5 years. The 20 month old goes to bed on average around 7 pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on naps. She naps 1-2 hours at daycare during the week 2-3 hours at home on weekends and holidays. She rarely wakes in the night– mostly STTN, occasionally something makes her holler briefly (I think she’s been teething lately) but she goes right back to sleep.
    The 5.5 year old’s bedtime is 8:00; he’s usually asleep by 8:30, though he’s been doing all he can to push it lately. He no longer naps.
    They share a room and usually wake each other and us up by 7:00 am. This is great, because until my 5.5 year old started Kindergarten, it was 6:15 most mornings! My Kindergartener has always been an early bird, but lucky for us, school is wearing him out and we’re getting more sleep as a result!
    Since school started, we leave the house at 8:15 at the latest. Older is in K by 8:30, baby is in daycare c. 9:10. Our mornings used to be sooo much more leisurely.

  102. My children are almost 7 and just turned 3 (boy-girl twins). On school nights the 7 year old goes to bed ideally at 8pm but usually more like 8,30. The twins don’t go to sleep until I do, which is about 9,30.The older one wakes up between 6-6,30; if she hasn’t woken up on her own I wake her up. No naps. Sleeps in her own bed most nights. If she wakes up in the middle of the night I have no idea.
    The twins wake around the same time. They nap from 12,30-2,30 or thereabouts. They sleep most of the time in my room, sometimes in my bed, sometimes on the large sofa in my room. From time to time one or both of them sleep with their sister in her room. It’s unusual for them to wake in the middle of the night, but it does happen from time to time. Usually a bad dream, or not feeling well.
    We all leave the house at 7,15am latest so everyone can get where they need to on time.
    Our weekday routine is totally different from the weekend routine as we live in the city for school during the week and go out of town every Friday-Sunday where the set up and routine are completely different.
    I wish I could get the twins to fall asleep in their own room or their sister’s room, with her, so I could get a couple of hours “free” at nights, but I have no idea how I would do that.

  103. I have a 3 yr old son and a 1 yr old daughter.3 year old: Has a nap most days (12pm – 2pm) and is usually in bed by 7:30pm. Wakes around 5:30am – 5:45am every morning. When he doesn’t nap he is in bed by 6:30am. About 50% of the time wakes during the night to go to the toilet.
    1 year old: Has one nap (usually 1.5 hrs if I’m lucky) and is in bed by 6:30pm. If she has the rare afternoon nap, she goes to bed late…8:30-ish. Is up every morning at 5:30am – 6:00am. Wakes many times during the night because she can’t find her dummy, is an incredibly light sleeper, wants a bottle etc.
    I live for the early bedtimes. I exhales slowly and enjoy the ‘me-time’. Knowing I get my down time in the evening makes the early mornings bearable.

  104. I love all the data points! I will probably be a little oddball, as I have to actually be at work at 6:45 AM (I am an RN), which makes for a different routine in the morning.One son, about 2.75, sleeps in his own crib. He generally will sleep through the night, unless he is not feeling good. Bedtime is 7:30 PM, but he is actually asleep 8:30ish PM. He is up between 5:30 and 6 AM, even on the weekends. I think he gets up this early so that he can see me before I leave for work. Hubby generally takes child to day care and picks up.
    I would love to find a way to get him to sleep in a bit on the weekends. I am a little tempted to try to keep him up a little later, based on data points seen here. Or I could try dropping the nap on Saturdays? I think he would do fine with that. Any thoughts?

  105. Bed routine starts at 7 PM with bath for 3yo, while 5yo has story and snack. 7:30, they switch places and 5yo gets small dose of melatonin. 8PM, potty and teeth. 3yo goes to bed and is usually asleep by 8:30. 5yo gets “choice time” (usually a pokemon video on youtube) while I tend to 3yo. (DH works nights, so it’s all me for bedtime.) 8:30, 5yo in bed, asleep by 9. Both sleep through most nights with an occasional wake up to pee or snuggle.5yo up on his own by 6:30 AM, 3yo we have to wake at 7, but he will sleep past 7:30, if we let him. Kindergarten bus is at 7:50, so everyone is ready and out the door at 7:45. (I leave for work before they get up, so it’s all DH in the morning.)
    No naps for either of them since before they were 2. 3yo has fallen asleep at dinner time twice since school started (he goes half days, 5yo goes whole days). There is rest time in kindergarten, but 5yo never sleeps. He only slept twice at full day preschool rest time. Both times, he was sick.

  106. We have two (omg, how did this happen?), ages 2 and 6 weeks.2 year old goes to bed at 8(ish), but rarely falls asleep before 8:30-9 unless he’s truly exhausted. He spends a long time unwinding–rolling around his crib, talking/singing to his little doll, flipping through a board book (in the pitch dark), etc. Once he’s down he is DOWN. Heavy sleeper, has roused in the night twice in recent memory, with what I assume are bad dreams. A quick cuddle and tucking him back in got him back down both times. He wakes up between 6:45 and 7:30 most days, and again will often spend 15-30 minutes hanging out before asking for us. He likes to wake up slowly.
    He naps but has been very disrupted since his sister was born. Totally skips some days (spends 2-3 hours in his crib bouncing around/lying down/singing/asking to go downstairs); other days falls asleep within 20 minutes. If he falls asleep it’s for at least 2 hours. He goes down (though not to sleep) at 1 or 1:30 and usually gets up at 4 unless he falls asleep really late.
    The 6 week old is obviously all over the place. She slept through the night (11-7:15 and 8:30-6:30) twice last week, but has woken up between 3:30 and 4:30 most nights. We haven’t yet gotten on any regular schedule with her, but she usually naps in a wrap carrier on me for a couple hours in the morning during my son’s activities, and then again in the late afternoon/evening while I get dinner ready, etc. She’ll sleep forever in the wrap. In between she snoozes for 30 minutes here and there in her bouncy chair or on my lap.

  107. My neuro diverse 9 yo goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 6:30am – 7am no matter what time he went to bed. My 7yo neurotypical kid he goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 7:30 am. We are out of the house at 8:30am to walk to school.My kids are super active and competitive swimmers. They sleep like crazy.

  108. DD is 5, she is usually asleep between 9:30-10 and gets up at 8. She leaves the house at 8:30 for K. On weekends she will sleep in till 9. She hardly wakes up and stays in her own room (sometimes on the floor!)DS is 5 months, he nurses to sleep and that takes about an hour–we start at 9 and I’m usually out of his room by 10. He gets up for the day between 8:30-9. Right now he probably wakes up 2x/night.

  109. 2 yr 8 mos old boy, co-sleeps in our room between a sidecar twin bed and in our queen size bed, both on the floor. Goes to bed 7pm (no nap anymore). Still nurses to sleep and will wake up 1-3 times, usually in the early hours of the morning. Wakes up at 7/7:30. When he wakes at night, he climbs into my bed and asks for milk, nurses just a few min until he falls back asleep. Instead of transferring him back to his bed (I am pregnant, hard to lift him!), I just roll over to his twin bed and sleep there. If he wakes again, he crawls over to me again on the twin and we repeat above with me going back to my queen. He doesn’t nurse during the day anymore. Hoping to night wean him fully before the next baby arrives this upcoming March. I would like to also move his twin mattress out of our room and into his room – hopefully moving him will facilitate fully weaning.We leave the house at 8:15am M-F. I try and keep the same schedule on the weekends, because I find it’s just easier on everyone to bed/wake at the same time each day. He goes to preschool mornings only, so he is with me during afternoons and although I try and offer him a quiet time after lunch, it’s just to “rest” but not nap.
    As of this month, we switched to a new bedtime once we decided to take the plunge of no nap – 7pm. He is sometimes a hot mess after dinner until bedtime with no nap, but falls asleep easily at 7pm, sometimes even 6:30pm. When he was taking a nap (or if he still does due to car ride, etc.), he is full of CRAZY energy all evening long (but happy) until 10 or 11 pm and getting him to sleep takes a ton of work at my end, plus I feel like I should put him in a velcro suit to get him to stay in bed until he settles down! It was driving us crazy. We tried changing his bedtime routine to be super quiet, dark, and slooooow, with warm bath, stories, quiet songs… and the kid was just bouncing off the walls every night. Finally, a friend recommended I try to keep him awake all afternoon and put him to bed at 6:30-7pm to see how he does… worked like a charm and bedtime is now quick and sane!! Literally, it was crazy frustrating for months when he was napping and from the very first day we decided to do no more naps, bedtime from that point on was relaxed and happy.

  110. 2.5+ year old (33 months)-Lights out 7pm sharp. 7pm is the new “late” bedtime; it used to be 6:30pm but she was starting to wake too early.
    -Wake up 5:30-6am, we don’t start the day with her until 6am.
    – Naps about 1pm for about 75 minutes.

  111. I have a 3-year-old. We start bedtime around 7:30, and she usually goes to sleep around 8:30 or 9:00. This is a big improvement over the endless bedtimes we used to have.She usually sleeps through the night, but lately there have been some bad weeks with lots of waking after nightmares. She wakes up on her own between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning, and once she’s up, she’s up. Naps are on the way out, but she still takes them at preschool sometimes; less often at home on weekends.
    We leave the house around 8:45.

  112. Our little guy is 4. Bedtime is 8:30, at which point I lie on the floor beside his bed until he falls asleep. (This is a fairly new phenomonon). When my parents babysat him this weekend, he told my mum “I need a friend to fall asleep”.On days with naps (weekdays – hour long nap at daycare) it takes him 20-30 mins to fall asleep. Weekends are usually no naps, and on those days he falls asleep in about 5 mins. I figure he’s ready for no naps. It’s just ‘rest’ time at daycare and the kids don’t have to sleep, so I hope he’ll start doing this soon.
    He’s up in the am anywhere between 5-6:30 am. If he wakes up at 7 or later, it’s because he’s sick. Almost every night he comes into our bed (also a new-ish phenomenon), anywhere from midnight to 5 am. If it’s closer to midnight, I’ll usually bring him back to his bed (with no fuss from him).
    The most annoying thing is that if he comes in our bed at 5 am and actually falls back asleep, the damn cat usually wakes him up by affectionately biting his finger. (Our cat has this weird love bite habit).
    We leave the house at 8.
    @creatingbalance, It’s been a while since we talked about sleep, but it seems like we’re in the same spot as usual!

  113. 27 month old in bed at 7:00 but sings to himself for a while before falling asleep, sleeps all night. Takes a 2 hour nap around 12:30.5.5 year old in bed at 8:00, sleeps all night. Some days he seems more tired, so he goes to bed earlier. He takes books to bed and self regulates lights out.
    Both wake up about 6:45. We leave the house at 8:20.

  114. 2-and-a-bit year old is asleep by 8:10-8:15. (“Bedtime” is 8 and the routine takes ten or fifteen minutes.) He wakes up around 7:45, and we leave the house around 8:15. Naps for 1.5-2.5 hours somewhere between 1:30 and 4:30.

  115. 5 year old in bed to read by 8:20, asleep at 8:45 or 9. Wakes betweeen 7 and 7:30 most days. A couple times a week she wakes up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and ends up in bed with us.Almost 2 year old goes to bed at 7:30. He sleeps straight through until 7:30 am most days. (recently has slept in until almost 9 a few times!) Not the greatest napper but usually naps for an hour.
    5 year old out the door to kindergarten by 8:15.

  116. A few notes: I have kids who never got the memo that you should sleep in when you stay up late (not that i’m bitter) so we’ve always had an early-ish bedtime (as early as 6 but usually around 7) and avoided evening activities, as dinner is at 5 and bedtime routines (potty, teeth, PJs, books, songs) start around 6. I also have a really, REALLY hard time waking a sleeping child and tend to just let napping kids lie, later bedtimes be damned. They are also not nighttime potty trained yet, despite all having day trained at around 2.Wake times, below, are very fuzzy because my olders have (hooray!) gotten to the point where they can wake up and amuse themselves *quietly* while i doze until about 7. The littlest amuses himself in his crib until my husband or i get him around 7:15.
    Sleep, in general:
    * 7.5-year-old boy/2nd grade – 7-ish bedtime during the week, sleeps through, wakes anywhere from 5:30-7:30, usually between 6:30 and 7; no naps. Weekends are not much different but we’re more flexible as he’s now able to handle later bedtimes on occasion due to movie nights at home or special events with friends. He’s the introvert and sleep/rest time for him is extra important for him to process the day’s happenings.
    * 4.5-year-old boy/pre-K – in the aforementioned nap-dropping stage (my least favorite parenting transition thus far, including potty training) so, all over the map, really. No nap days are 7 pm bedtime, asleep soon after. If he naps, it’s at around 1 pm for about 90 minutes and then a 9-ish bedtime, asleep anywhere between 9:30 and 11 but usually before 10. Sleeps through till anywhere from 5:30-7:30, usually around 7. My least predictable sleeper, this one. I’ve never been able to accurately guess what he’ll do from one day to the next, not that i’ve stopped trying. He’s following a similar path older bro took when dropping his nap, so i’m hopeful for a bit more regularity once he gives up the nap for good.
    * 2-year-old (28 months today) – Dream dude who never had to be sleep trained. In bed between 6:30-7 and happy to sing/giggle/chat to himself for anywhere between 15 minutes and over an hour (rare). Sleeps through and up anywhere between 6-7:30, usually around 7. He takes one nap around noon, usually at least two hours long, often closer to three but very occasionally much less.
    Our mornings vary, depending on the day’s schedule and whether my husband can take oldest to school or not. School start times mean leaving the house at 8 most days; other activities have a later leave time of 8:30. I’m a SAHM so there’s a lot of flexibility at this point with only one in school full-time.

  117. Boy, nearly 5. Preschool 3 days.Hasn’t napped since he turned 2.
    Bedtime routine starts around 7:30, falls asleep around 9pm. Needs me there the whole time, with physical contact, preferably (from his perspective) being snuggled to sleep. ( I lie down listening to podcasts in earphones, on the spare bed next to his, letting him hold my hand). Wakes in the wee hours most nights, needs physical contact to fall asleep, if he doesn’t get it he will be distraught and up for several hours. And so will I, so I’d rather avoid that. I spend more nights on that spare bed next to his than in mine because I get more sleep that way.
    He’ll sleep for 10-11hrs from when he fell asleep (So usually 7:30-8am). If he was awake for hours in the middle of the night from whatever upset then he tries to sleep in, but usually can’t as he have to leave around 9am.

  118. My kids are little and we’ll have to adjust this when they start school but my 3.5 goes to bed at midnight and sleeps until noon and my 4 month old goes to sleep at 10:30pm and gets about 15 hours of sleep a day.I have to do this in order to see my kids at all during the week. I leave for work at 6:45am and don’t usually get home until 8 or so or like tonight I didn’t get home until 10pm. I work in the entertainment industry as a creative so my schedule is wacky. My son used to go to bed at 8pm but then I got so depressed because I would rush home -driving like a crazy person to try to see him before he went to bed it’s unorthodox but fits our schedules and works for our family.

  119. @PiquantMolly, thank you, thank you. I was cringing reading all the other posts because my just-turned-two-year-old never goes to bed before 9, usually it’s closer to 10, and sometimes (tonight, ugh), she drags it out long enough that we’ve gone past my husband’s and my bedtime, too. And she won’t go to sleep by herself, or drowsy but awake, or any of the other BS (sorry) everybody always counsels. Mama and Papa both present, 20 stories, repeated requests for juice, water, milk, play toys, whatever, and on top of that I STILL have to nurse her for about 20 minutes most nights before she drops off.BUT … she wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30 most days, which works best for my work from home schedule. Still naps anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and getting her down in time to wake up in time to NOT keep us up until midnight is my current daily struggle. Hooray for sore subjects 😛

  120. Oh, and that’s not 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. straight – one waking to nurse if I’m very lucky, two on average, 3 or 4 on the occasional rough nights. But this is so much better than it was even two months ago, I’m kind of ecstatic about it.

  121. My kids (4 and 2) have always been early to bed-early to rise. They used to wake up regularly around 5/5:30 AM, but we’ve moved them to a system where they don’t get up until 6 (the litter one sometimes will wake up earlier). It helps that the 4 y.o. can read the clock now. He’s never needed a ton of sleep, but he goes to bed now at 7 and wakes up shortly before 6. No naps, though – he used to go to bed later and nap at school, but now he has dropped school naps. He’s tired, but being strict about the bedtime helps. I’m not sure exactly when he falls asleep. No night wakings.The 2 y.o. has the exact same sleep schedule, though lately he’s been ornery and exhausted-seeming, so I’ve been trying to get him to bed earlier (6:30-6:45). He seems to like to spend time in bed unwinding and talking to himself. No night wakings, except very occasionally to go to the bathroom (he is in underwear). He naps at preschool, 1-2 hrs depending on the day. When he was littler, he went to bed at 6-6:30, and sometimes during the dreaded 18 month sleep regression, my #1 would be put to bed at 5:45!
    My kids are definitely the kind that sleep better the earlier they are put to bed; if I keep them up later, even by 15 minutes, they find it much more difficult to settle down and fall asleep. They do NOT sleep in (that is, past 6 AM) unless they are jet-lagged. When they wake up, they are UP, alert and active and happy.

  122. I just wanted to add that our sleep situation with both kids has not been something that just evolved “naturally”, but rather was a process of experiments – watching our kids, seeing what they needed, adjusting routine/times/etc accordingly. For example, my eldest went through a period when he was really resisting sleep – it was a nightmarish 2 hour process to get him to sleep that left us both in tears. (He wouldn’t fall asleep with my lying next to him). And he wasn’t getting enough sleep, it was clear. After six months or so we did two things – gave him the clock and said he couldn’t get out of bed until 6 AM (or as we call it six zero zero) and then did what we call the supernanny trick where we kindly explained that he could not get out of bed and then whenever he got up, we physically put him back in without speaking or making eye contact. Two nights of that and boom, he was sleeping better. I mention this mostly for new parents, so you know that 1) sleep patterns change a lot in the first couple of years; 2) experimentation and observation can be really important. Some families fall into their sleep patterns. But we had to work on it as a family.

  123. Our lil man goes to bed between 8-9pm, a little later on weekends. We wake him up at 615am on the weekdays and on the weekends, he wakes us at 730am. He normally sleeps through the night, but he occassionally wakes up in the middle of the night, like last night, at 230am and then again at 330am, asking for a glass of warm milk and mommy. He takes naps at daycare from 1130am-2pm, at home, it’s a 2-3 hour nap ranging between noon and 5pm. He’s 29 months, so almost 2 and a half. Since we live so far away, the husbandface has to leave by 620am to be able to drop him off and make it on time to work. He always likes a glass of warm milk before sleeping and always sleeps with his blanket. We’re pretty consistent with where he sleeps, so he always sleeps in his crib, or in a pack n’ play when we travel. the only times he sleeps outside of those 2 areas is when we’re taking a long road trip and he falls asleep in his carseat or he’s up late and manages to fall asleep in my arms.

  124. Five year old boy. We start the bedtime routine at 6.45 with a snack and have him in bed at 7pm He’s been getting two stories for the longest time until we started the Bone series (Fantastic books!) – now we read one chapter with him and he gets to look through the book himself until 7:25. Then lights out and sleep.I get him up at 6am, and we’re out the door at 6:45. Drop him off to school at 6.55 and then I’m running to catch my bus.
    Since I started a new job my commute is by bus. What I hate is that the before school care doesn’t start until 7am, and I’m dependent on the teacher letting me drop him off five minutes early – if I don’t catch the 7am bus, I’m hooped. That been said I wouldn’t like to drop him off any earlier…quandary anyone?

  125. Twins, 4 yrs. 11 months. In bed 7-7:30 PM, up 6:15-6:30 AM. On pre-K days, leave the house about 7:30, otherwise they’re at home. Some school nights, they’re in bed by 6:45 PM. On weekends sometimes up until 8 PM. No naps, unless they’re in the car with my husband. There is often one wake-up per night from at least one. Sometimes many if something else is going on.They share a room and their sleep habits have changed. C was the poor sleeper for the first 3.5 years, now is better. She also now needs more sleep than her sister.
    They can read the clock, and that helps. They are supposed to stay quietly in their beds until 6:30. We have been known to change the clock (usually 30 minutes or less) to give them/us more rest.
    Reading the responses, I think we have long-sleepers! But, if they don’t get it, they can be quite cranky, especially C.

  126. 1 yr old girl- I nurse her to sleep every night at 9:30. We usually both fall asleep in the chair and when I wake up I ease her into her crib (in the room next to ours- all doors are open). On the good nights she just wakes up once a night. On the (rare) glorious nights she sleeps through. On the terrible nights she wakes up 2-3 times. I always nurse her back down. Sometimes she ends up in bed with me.I commute, so, in theory I get her out of the crib at 6:15 to nurse and then ease her back to her crib. Sometimes she won’t go back down. Lately she’s been waking up between 4:30-5:30, so I’ll nurse her down then and leave her in the crib.
    She stays home all day with my husband and is generally up for the day by 7-8. She either takes two naps (1.5-2 hrs each) or one long one. On weekends, I nurse her down for naps (either hold her, or put her in the crib). With her dad she snuggles and sleeps on him for naps.

  127. My 10 year old goes to bed at 8:30 and reads until 9. She gets up several times before finally falling asleep & if she wakes during the night to use the bathroom she crawls into bed with me.My 8-year old goes to bed at 8:15 and lights out at 8:30. She never gets up and sleeps through the night.
    Both naturally get up between 7-7:30 no matter what time they go to bed. 10-year old had to give up naps when she started kindergarten, 8-year old gave up naps ~3.
    This school year we have to get up at 6:15 and out the door at 7:15. It’s been a nightmare for the 10-year old. Shifting bed time earlier didn’t help; made bedtime more stressful so I’m back at the drawing board.

  128. 10 year old: in bed at 10, lights out at 10:30, often still awake reading at 11Wakes? 7:45
    8 year old: in bed at 10, complains for someone to sit with her until 11
    Wakes: 6 am, but goes back to sleep if not a weekend. NO JOKE.

  129. How is it that these things always come just as sleep goes to crap?Before last night, my 16 month old would go down by 9 at the latest (’cause Mommy needs adult time before bed), wake up once around 2 but put herself back to sleep, wake up for good around 7:30 (I swear she can hear my alarm) but entertain herself until I finish getting ready. We trade off baby care days, so the person leaving heads out at 9:30 or 10. Did I mention DH is NOT a morning person? We co-sleep only on trips (because pak-n-plays are EVIL according to DD).
    Last night, she went down pretty well, then woke up at 1, 2, 2:30 and 3 before going back to sleep until 7:30ish.
    We’ve been fairly lucky with sleep for her. She’s been mostly sleeping through since 6 months and not even needing a person to visit since we night-weaned around the time she turned 1.

  130. Wooooo, I’m coming late to the party but I’m going to expose our sleep habits warts and all. My daughter is almost 9 and on school nights I work HARD to get her in bed by 9:30 and lights out by 9:50 – 10. My goal is in bed by 9, lights out by 9:30 but it doesn’t usually happen. She gets up for school at about 7:15 and does not wake up at night unless she is sick. Literally, our 80 lb. dog jumped on her and didn’t wake her up one time. On days when she doesn’t have to get up for school she naturally wakes up around 8. So you’d think I should get her to sleep 45 minutes earlier on school nights right? But it doesn’t work that way. If I get her to bed earlier she lies awake for hours, tension increasing, I guess (without the crying until much later).She has always been a late go to sleeper/late wake upper, even as an infant, and has always needed less sleep than the books claim. I finally stopped fighting facts a couple of years ago, and except for being defensive when talking to other moms I’m much less stressed about it. I am a natural night owl too, and so was my mother.
    Our arrangements are also scandalous (not really). She sleeps in my bed in my room, and I sleep on the living room couch. Everyone gets the most, best sleep this way. She has a lovely bed in her own bedroom, but her room is set apart from the rest of our tiny house by a hallway and is a little funky, and she doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping in there. When we are able to move she will have a more normal room, hopefully next to mine or across the hall, and maybe she will shift her sleeping space. I am still kind of PTSD and the couch feels less vulnerable, and I fall asleep more easily pretending I’m not “going to bed”.
    So, sleep is a challenge here but we’ve worked it out as well as we can and it’s working pretty well at the moment.

  131. My 2.5 year old goes to bed at 8:30″ish” and I wake her up about 6:30 on week days and will sleep until 7am. Naps are still a must and usually 2 hours. She sleeps in her bed 95% of the time. And since she’s moved into her “big girl bed” a couple of weeks ago she loves to wake up at 5am to cry for me b/c she can’t find her blankie, she then promptly falls back to sleep. We leave the house at about 7:15am. Ick!

  132. The 6.10 and the 4.2 (that’s years.months) share a room. Lights out in that room is at 8pm, after baths and reading. Then we sing to them. After 15 minutes the big one gets a flashlight to read until 9pm. The little one is always asleep by then, but doesn’t get a flashlight if she asks, because she can’t read. She’s quick to sleep and to rise, he is slow to both. Their alarm goes off at 7:30, and he usually has to be dragged awake while she wakes up instantly. They don’t nap. Putting a clock in their room has made a huge difference.The 11-month-old baby falls asleep sometime around 9, wakes up around 2 (no nursing), around 5 (nursing) and gets up for the day when we do. He naps twice a day, 1-2 hours each time.

  133. Late to the post but adding another data point FWIW7 year old son (precisely 7 yrs 4 months if that is important) gets light turned out between 8:15 and 8:30pm, sings or talks to himself to sleep and is in deep sleep within 5-15 minutes at most. He rarely wakes up during the night. He will wake up by himself at 7am but I usually wake him at 6:45am so he has time to do what he wants to do at the pace he prefers. It is almost exactly the same on weekends (see exception below).
    Exception: when he has a babysitter typically goes to sleep closer to 9:30pm, possibly even later. I think it is a simple thing that he knows he can “get away with” having her come in or she mistakes the singing for his wanting company. No big deal as it is weekends and we really need twice monthly date nights out so I overlook it.

  134. 21 month old girl and 4.5 year old boy. Both go to sleep at 7pm. Boy wakes up at 6am, girl does to because of boy but has slept to 7 or 7:30 when he manages not to slam the bedroom door on his way out. She naps 1-2.5 hours (depending on if she’s at school or home) and he doesn’t nap and is up until 10pm if he does. We leave the house at 8am. Would love some breakfast ideas from others that aren’t cereal w milk, yogurt w fruit or waffles w butter.

  135. Ooh, sleep! It’s so, so on my mind these days.My 5 y/o son goes to bed at 7:30pm during the week (assuming bedtime has gone according to plan). We wake him at 5:45am (sigh) to get him out to the bus stop by 6:30 (also, sigh). He hasn’t seen a nap in years, unless he’s in the car and absolutely zonked.
    3-month-old daughter has a bath at 6:30pm, nurses, and is down between 7:00 and 7:30. She’s slept through the night for the past month (seriously didn’t even know that was possible, in contrast with son who didn’t sleep through until he was 18 months old). She wakes anywhere between 4:00 to 6:00 to nurse and goes back down until 7:00 or 8:00. “Napping” for her is currently periods of 30 minutes or so several times a day when she’ll conk out. She’s a tension decreaser, kind of, in that I know that if I hold her and rock for several minutes, she’ll yell (it’s not even really crying), until she passes out. If I put her down before she falls asleep during the day, all bets are off. At night I can sometimes get away with putting her down while drowsy.
    Now if only her daytime sleep would start consolidating. It’s seriously difficult to get anything done in 30 minutes.

  136. @Purdy Bird, I’ve been doing homemade “breakfast bars” that are oatmeal, applesauce, milk, brown sugar, mashed bananas, vanilla, and cinnamon mixed together as a base. From there, I add almonds, craisins, whatever else sounds good. Bake them at 350 and then freeze leftovers (they don’t last too long on their own).

  137. 3 year old and 13 year old. Toddler in bed at 8pm and asleep by 830pm with her ‘woof woof’ lovey. We wake her at 730 on weekdays and she sleeps till 830 on weekend. Naps 1-2 hours most days. 13 yr old in bed at 930 and sleep by 10pm. He gets up (on his own most days) at 550am. My husband leaves house at 645 with 13 year old and I leave the house at 815am with toddler. Everyone sleeps in own bed and don’t usually wake up in the night. Geez putting this in writing makes me realize my teen is NOT getting enough sleep.

  138. 5 year old. Official bedtime is 8pm, but that just means she has to be in her room with her teeth brushed. She’ll often choose to stay up and play for quite a while before asking to be tucked in (and snuggled, chatted with, sung to and otherwise entertained). Asleep by 9pm 5 nights out of 7. Alarm goes off at 7:45, but left to her own devices she isn’t usually awake until 8:30. Often wakes up during the night to use the bathroom.

  139. 4 kids: 10, 8, 6, 2.Bedtime 8ish for all of them. Oldest two usually read until 9. (I need them in bed by then. Mommy and Daddy need some sanity time!)
    Awake: 7ish for all of them. 2-y-o crawls into my bed at 5:30ish to breastfeed.
    Naps: just the toddler. He takes a 2-3 hour nap every day, right after his 11 am lunch.

  140. 10 yo in bed 9/9;30 asleep within 15 minutes, up on her own at 7:30. Sleeps in my bed. Rarely falls asleep in a car.2.5 yo in bed at 8, asleep by 8:45. Up at 6am, sometimes earlier. Usually one nap, 2-4 or 2-5. Terrible by 5pm if no nap, which happens about 1x/wk. Falls asleep in his bed with a parent, and a parent sleeps in his bed all night. He’ll wake up otherwise around 12:30am.

  141. Forgot to say – 10 yo leaves house at 8:30 for school. That hour is a good transition for her.I take the LO to preschool at 9am 2x/week.

  142. This is so interesting, thank you! I’ve been convinced my kids are totally “off” from the norms for their ages but I see that is not the case from all these posts. That being said, what we are doing is not working right now and I’d like to change it.3.5 year old asleep by 7:30 – 10:30 at night. The wide range is due to the different nap times each day (probably this is what needs to change, right?). 3 days a week at daycare he’ll sleep 1 hour. One day a week at my parents he has no nap. One day a week at in-laws it’s a 2 hour nap. Two days a week at home nap is between 1-2 hours. This is all with letting him nap as he sees fit, not being decided for him. He needs to be up by 6:30 on weekdays. Sleeps through night once asleep.
    1.5 year old gets put to bed before/after 3.5 year old, depending on what time that is. I.e. whoever seems more tired goes to bed first. He also has to be up by 6:30. Both sleep with us and 1.5 year old nurses on and off without waking, through the night. 1.5 year old naps 1.5 – 3 hours in early afternoon.
    We need both parents for the bedtime routine – husband stays downstairs with one while I get the first to bed. Second comes up once first is asleep and I get that one to sleep. Whole thing takes 1 (on a good night) to 2-3 hours (on a typical night) which is what I’d like to change. It’s draining – figuratively and literally, since both still nurse to sleep. And with current system we cannot put both to sleep at the same time.
    Sorry for the length, just writing this all out has helped me see some options for moving forward (and feel like we are not alone in the whole sleep ‘battle’).

  143. My oldest (5, first year of kindergarten) has always been an early to bed and early to rise little person. Younger (3, first year of 2 day a week preschool) would stay up later and sleep later, but she shares a room with little miss up-with-the-birdies. Bedtime starts at about 6pm, both of them are asleep by 7. They get up at 6:30am weekdays.We’re tried later bedtimes, but it just doesn’t work. There’s a “sweet spot” where they’re tired but not overtired, and if they’re not in bed when that happens, then it’s a nightmare getting them to sleep. I’d rather put them to bed too early and have them talk to their stuffed animals for a half an hour.

  144. Also, on school days, younger does not nap – the nap schedule at her school has her class napping at 1pm and she usually naps at 11:30am, so it just doesn’t work for her. So she crashes out at 6:30pm on those nights. Otherwise, she naps for an hour or so and then at night, chats to her stuffies for a good half hour after her sister goes to sleep (they’re in bunk beds).

  145. In addition, mrmeoy issues, weight gain, headaches, even impotency can happen due to sleep apnea when not treated. After menopause ladies get sleep apnea at a rate like men. These usually include an electroencelphalogram ( EEG ) to determine brain waves and an electroculogram ( EOG ) to determine eye and jaw movement, both to observe the different stages of sleep. The CPAP machine sends air under stress thru the tube and into the mask, where it donates positive pressure to the higher airways, stopping the tissues in the back of the throat from falling down while sleeping.

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  150. I woulda fllean asleep but then I heard him speak in the background just after he mention the orangeness of the water and I started paying rapt attention after that. I couldn’t fall sleep cuz I was seeing if he said anything else. I couldn’t figure out what he said though even after listening to it 3 or 4 times.

  151. I feel you I get a similar quotsien. not about the time but about wether or not we should address the screaming baby in the other room. I must give credit where credit is due however. He does get up somtimes, but in the event that this happens, by the time he is conscience and pulling the covers back, I am usually up baby in hands and have either just completed a diaper change or on my way back from reinserting the pacifier. Then I get the quotsien, is she ok? as he casually rests his head back on the pillow.

  152. I’ve been hunting for sntomhieg like this on android for a long time after loving it on my iphone previously. Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S, the recording of any sleep sounds is fascinating. Full version purchased, thanks for the heads up

  153. You’ll find that even babies and pets too will snore. Here is more on why sroinng causes major issues and thing you can do to help to stop it. If this is occurring to you, then you’re going to need to know that there are a few things you can do to assist in avoiding this from ever occuring again, as there are some excellent remedies for this issue.

  154. I have 2 boys, own rooms, separate from us.son #1: 5y10m, in kindergarten. Bed/lights-out between 8-8:30pm. Falls asleep easily. Sleeps well. Awake by 5:30am. Stays in bed til 6am – our rule. Forever an early riser.
    son #2: 19m, in daycare.
    Bed/lights-out between 8-8:30pm. Falls asleep easily. Sleeps ok but regularly cries out briefly throughout the night. I don’t think he’s awake & we don’t go to him. On a good day sleeps til 5:30-6am. On a regular day, wakes b/t 4:40-5am. Insane I know, but he is ready to go. This is since 8 months of age. He naps once, usually 11am-1pm, sometimes earlier.
    Do I win (ha) for earliest regular wake time?

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