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I've been thinking about having one idea about how something is (BlogHer, myself, myself at BlogHer) and how to create a more realistic picture in my head of what that thing is to bring along with me. One of the things I've hit on is deliberately thinking about positive things that have happened and letting those thoughts flood out the rest. So I thought I'd share a story about BlogHer that always makes me laugh.

Note: It's not really about BlogHer. It's about work. But it happened the day before BlogHer two years ago, and right across the street from the hotel BlogHer is in, so it's always been linked in my mind.

My boss (who recruited me into the company, and with whom I'd been beer-drinking friends for a dozen years) and I had a meeting with Very Important Client at their fancy building across the street from the BlogHer hotel in Midtown Manhattan. It was the kind of meeting you had to wear a suit to (our office was a collared-shirt-and-jeans kind of office, so a suit was a big hassle, plus tie for him and heels for me) and it was July and 98 degrees that day with 10,000% humidity.

My boss and I wore our suits to work (and got teased by everyone in the office), and then walked out into the blazing heat and walked to the subway, stood on the subway platform, got onto the super-chilled subway car to ride to Midtown, got off and back up to the blazing oven of Midtown and walked six blocks to the meeting. (I call that hot-hotter-freezing-hotter-hot sequence the Subway Sauna.) We were both a little sticky by the time we got into the very sleek building and up to the floor of our meeting.

The receptionist pointed us down the hall to the conference room we'd be in, and said we were the first to arrive and she'd let everyone know we were there. My boss and I walked down the hall to the all-glass conference room, with me first. I walked toward the door space straight ahead of us and BONK!! smacked my face onto the glass where I thought there had been an opening.

My boss started cracking up, and then I peeled my face off the glass and saw the enormous sweat and face-goop mark I'd left on the shiny corporate conference room wall and started cracking up myself. My boss and I laughed and laughed, and then our head contact came into the room and told us he'd just popped out of his office in time to catch my facebonk, and then my boss and I really couldn't stop laughing.

It was not even remotely professional. And my boss reminded me of that probably every six weeks until he left the company last year.

So. If you see me this week, say hello, please.

11 thoughts on “Back to something funny”

  1. Oh my gosh, it’s a good thing you didn’t hurt yourself. The Kid did that in a hotel and had a huge bruise on his forward.

  2. I did this exact same thing during the early stages of a very cool party in front of about 30 very cool people about 6 years ago. You could see the lipstick mark on the glass for the rest of the party. Deeply embarrassing for about .001 of a second, and then just freaking hilarious and a fantastic ice-breaker. I believe the party was more fun for it.

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