What’s on your mind?

Valuation. That's what I'm worried about right now. Specifically Dividend Policy.

After I make it through the next two days of class, I'm packing up the kids to drive 15 hours (over two days) to take my older son to summer camp. (Watch my Moxieville column for a post about summer camp next Monday.)

Going to Minnesota for camp, and will be spending a few days with my 97-year-old grandmother, who I haven't seen in three years. I feel so lucky to still have her, and to have her still with us mentally.

I'm also excited to spend the whole week my older son is at camp with my younger son. He rarely gets to be the only one, so it will be nice to have time with him alone for a whole week.

New tires. I had to get them for this upcoming trip, because my old ones were way bald. I'm not sure why getting new tires seemed like such an adult thing to do, but it felt like a big deal. And my car rides totlaly differently now.

And that's about all I've got. What's up with you this fine Friday?

54 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?”

  1. What’s on my mind is worrying a great deal about friends whose 10-year-old son with Asperger’s had such a violent episode that he has been hospitalized in a psychiatric facility, on a ward for kids with autism. I would love any words of wisdom from parents who have been there in terms of psychiatric hospitalizations for their children. It’s incredibly painful and difficult for the parents, as you can imagine.

  2. I am worrying about my future career, should I quit? Should I continue? Should I find a new position?Should I fold my laundry?

  3. Relief that my visit to the Breast Clinic was unnecessary.Realisation that I am at that age that it ‘could happen to me’.
    Determination to look after myself even more.

  4. Sadness for a coworker who went home from work Wednesday night and found his wife dead. Visitation is Sunday, which is his 54th birthday. Truly sucks.

  5. I wish I knew why my dad felt so lousy. I had been hopeful that the heart cath would show something but it didn’t.I wish I knew why my son’s favorite mentality is, “I’ll never get to do X” when I’ve JUST told him he could … except he had to have some correction before he could. So then he hangs his head and can’t even seem to hear me say that it is something he could do.

  6. Afraid the house we want to put a contract on will sell before ours does. Trying to balance the ins and outs of daily life with the uncertainty of where and when we will finally able to resettle (plus the hassle of switching over preschool/music classes which are already scheduled, while considering the fearful possibility that once we know what we’re doing that they will not be available in our new location because we’ve missed enrollment).Luckily we don’t have to move except that DH’s commute is sucking the life out of him so we need to move since I’d really like him to stick around for a lot longer.
    In the meantime I’ve been putting off errands for months because I don’t want to deal with hauling a toddler in and out of the car for 5 minutes in a store when there are more important places we need to be without fighting the car seat battles.

  7. Making it through the day when I feel so lousy. I have a big event tomorrow and there is so much I need to do today and tomorrow but all I want to do is curl up in my bed and sleep. Plus I think I need to keep my kids from killing each other.

  8. UGH! Fighting with the HOA over our fence. Do we bow to the pressure and just make the changes (they want us to rip down a brand new fence) or do we call their bluff and fight it out. I’m sick of thinking about this thing.

  9. Up to my eyeballs in cake-baking for my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. I talked to the baker a month ago but neglected to follow up. She forgot all about it and is booked solid this weekend. So, here I am trying to bake a ‘hockey cake’ for my 3-year-old, who has had her heart set on a hockey cake for months. I am swinging between wanting to make the best hockey cake ever and realizing I could do just about anything and tell her it was a hockey cake, and she would think it was great.In the scheme of life problems, this little snafu is a-okay with me.

  10. My mom, who lives almost 800 miles away, nearly died last Friday from a pulmonary embolism. I was lucky enough to be able to fly to where she lives to spend a few days helping to care for her and see her come home from the hospital. But it’s the first time I’ve had to deal with something like this, and I’m drained. My (step)dad was no help (he left her by herself at the emergency room before they had even reached a diagnosis) and my brothers live out of the country, so it feels like it’s all on me. Not looking forward to the challenges of dealing with aging parents.

  11. I’m at home right now with what will be my last baby and enjoying it so much. My big kids will be out of school in a week and I wish with all my heart that I could be looking forward to spending the summer with all three of them. Instead I’m on the verge of accepting a new job that will start sooner than I want. I feel somewhat guilty, because it’s a good job, the best I could ask for in every way but one: it’s full time work, which leaves me with such limited energy and, mostly, time for my kids. It hurts in a way I cannot even describe to have to make the call to enthusiastically accept this offer to change my life in a way I really really don’t want it changed. But I have to, because in order to afford not to, we’d have to make drastic lifestyle changes my husband is not interested in, and it turns out that if you want to be married, you don’t get to make all the decisions based only on your wants and needs.

  12. @ Jan — You hit the nail on the head when you wrote, “…it turns out that if you want to be married, you don’t get to make all the decisions based only on your wants and needs.”Thank you.

  13. I’m faxing documents to some middle-man-red tape company to prove that I am indeed married to my husband of 14 years, and that I am eligible for health insurance, and as a substitute teacher, I am not eligible for insurance though my per diem work.

  14. I am thinking about my daughter entering kindergarten in the fall…how I’m going to miss her preschool/day care (but not the tuition)…

  15. that i’m 31 weeks pregnant with my second son, and that the first one is in for a terribly rude awakening when the new guy arrives. that i get tired at 3:00 after running around with him and trying to be the greatest stay at home mom to him all day, but he won’t let me just close my eyes for 10 minutes, so i don’t. that the same 4 year old asks for daddy all day, and the second daddy walks in the door, he says hurtful things to said daddy, and spurns his help and love, further tiring me out. that i just paid off a bunch of hospital bills that we definitely have the money for, thankfully, but i wonder why the hell we pay for insurance on top of that. that i have 6 week old chickens in my dining room, and i want them out because they’re stinking up the house.whew. rant ended. thanks.

  16. What’s on my mind? Tamale recipes, of all things. I’m editing a Guatemalan cookbook, and I’m pretty sure I could make a tamale in my sleep at this point!I’m also thinking about the fact that you are visiting my very own state in a couple of days! How cool. Minnesota welcomes you. 🙂

  17. @ Ann on a mouse – My 5.5 year old daughter has the SAME fateful attitude! Drives me crrrraaaazy!@ Jennifer – 4 sucks. It gets better.
    On my mind: Fitness goals. My husband just bought us FitBits and I am finding myself *running* through the park with the kids, just so I can meet my step count goals! I’m also full-on counting calories again. It feels good to take charge, even though I feel like I have a long way to go.

  18. Do I push my novel-reading, human-calculator son into kindergarten early and hope he can fend for himself physically, socially and emotionally amongst kids a year or two older, or send him next fall when he is supposed to go and hope that his even more advanced academic needs can be met and he won’t be just pushed aside since he already “knows it”.Do I stop cosleeping and try to force my one year old “last” baby into the crib, or continue with the multiple night nursings (but also sweet cuddles and happy baby morning giggles)? Do cosleeping/nursing babies ever go for longer than 2 hours without needing to nurse??
    Also, who owns that largish body I keep seeing in the mirror?? Must do something about that…
    Not big issues thankfully–am pretty blessed. Also, Very Happy to have a hubs who doesn’t travel for work anymore and can actually share parenting and family time.

  19. Nikki…round cakes w black frosting. Ta-da a hockey Puck ;)For me it’s $$$$$$$$$$$$ I’ve been up @ 5am all week stressing about $$$$. This f’ing recession is killing me. Anyone hiring?

  20. 32 weeks pregnant with my second. Simultaneously looking forward to the baby being born and meeting my son, but also treasuring every moment with my daughter and our little family of three. Nervous about whether this delivery will be a VBAC or c-section. I’m a bit anxious about the transition from 1 to 2 kids, how it will affect my daughter, and how I will be postpartum (I had a terrible case of PPD last time, but I’m prepared with a plan to deal with it this time around. Excited to nurse again. Sorry for this rather disordered list…reflective of my scattered pregnancy brain.

  21. Trying to figure out how to deal authentically & in centered way with my younger sister who stopped communicating with me after a) visiting assisted living places with our 86 y.o. dad, b) meeting with his attorney & getting named Power of Attorney, c) arranging to put his house on the market (which also has my name on the deed) and d) moved him into assisted living place after she’d been up there a week, and sending me a note about how exhausted she was after he was all moved in, not telling me where.And there’s Dad, who prior to her visit said, I don’t want you left out, and now only says, Well you live so far away.

  22. @Ann on a mouse:Exactly! I thought my DS was the only 5-year-old hearing-impaired staunch fatalist:
    “Yes, you can have ice-cream, just as soon as you lay out clothes for tomorrow”
    “Ooooooh! I’ll NEVER be able to eat ice-cream again….!” (queue long, heart-wrenching wail)

  23. “…it turns out that if you want to be married, you don’t get to make all the decisions based only on your wants and needs.”… This for me, too @Jan! My husband is interviewing for a higher position in his company that involves a move to VIrginia, several hours from our current location in Philly. I’ve spent the last five years establishing the most amazing friendships for myself and my sons and the last thing in the world I want to do is start over entirely AGAIN. But my husband has been waiting for this opportunity for years and has been passed over for similar promotions several times due to company politics. If he doesn’t get it this time, he will continue to be stressed and miserable in his current position while making less and less money.

  24. ALS. My mom was diagnosed last month and I am still in shock. Besides the fact that it just completely sucks, I wonder how to tell my almost 4-year-old son, what to tell him, when to tell him…Also on my mind is job-related stuff in that I would like to get a new job at a new school. Normally this would be my main stressor, but now it’s sorta back-burner.

  25. Coco, you made me laugh out loud. Wish I’d checked back here sooner and seen your comment before I painstakingly piped on the lines of a hockey rink. 🙂 It turned out okay though, and my daughter loved it.e, I’m so sorry. Thinking of you, your mom, and your family. I hope you find the words you need for your son.

  26. I had to get them for this upcoming trip, because my old ones were way bald. I’m not sure why getting new tires seemed like such an adult thing to do, but it felt like a big deal. And my car rides totlaly differently now.

  27. Poison ivy all over my face. One eye almost swollen shut. And this is the 2nd time in as many months I’ve had it. I get it systemically, which means a course of strong steroids. Have to figure out where I’m picking it up….just waiting for this week to be over so I don’t look like Eric Stoltz from “Mask” anymore.

  28. I am thinking about how I am going back to work at the end of my maternity leave and my baby does not take a bottle. I’m sure it will all work out (it did for the other two), but it’s stressful. And I still remember how my first child reverse cycled, kept me up all night (for a year), and I wanted to carve my eyeballs out with a very cold melon baller. I am trying to convince myself that it will be different this time. Because it will, right? Right?

  29. Oh…and this is the me of 7 years ago asking for help.http://www.askmoxie.org/2005/12/qa_night_nursin.html
    It never really did get better, and eventually, I weaned, and then I don’t know what happened, but we had another and it was not awful and here I am with a third because I am some kind of glutton for sleep deprivation. But who knows? Maybe this time, this baby won’t reverse cycle. Maybe he will take a bottle. Or maybe he’ll take solids during the day and nurse like a madman when I am awake in the morning and evening. Don’t worry about it until it’s actually a problem, right?

  30. @Ck we’re moving too and the friendship thing is one of the changes I’m going to dislike the most.I’m in VA too – maybe we’ll be in the same area (Richmond for us) and can start our own friendship group?

  31. @meggiemooMangos ( and for that matter cashews) bring on the same type of reaction as poison ivy to those susceptible to it, like myself. The culprit is urushiol, which is also in poison ivy , although in larger quantities. I only need to eat one unwashed mango ( the urushiol stays on the skin and comes in contact with the flesh and eaten) to start getting a painful rash round the mouth which lasts a week.
    Been eating any mangos recently?

  32. What was up with me that fine Friday was DS’ 4th birthday! It seems like overnight he acquired these more sophisticated expressions and thoughts. Amazing. Also, I feel like we are seeing the light at the end of the 3.5 yo tunnel. Knock on wood.

  33. @paola…I didn’t know that about mangos! I’ve never had a reaction to them (or cashews, my favorite nut), and I haven’t eaten any mangos lately.We think we found the culprit…we transplanted some flowering plants that a friend was getting rid of, and it looks like there was poison ivy in with those. I’m not used to looking for poison ivy among flowers, so I thought it was just a weed. Haha.

  34. @Blanche, not sure what area yet (or if he will even get the position) but I will totally take you up on your offer if we end up in the same area! My husband would be working in the Richmond area, but I’m thinking we might look in North Va, since I have family in the DC area.

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  36. No way!! Are you serious? I love, love, love dsrseed up dogs. But please don’t hold that against me I want to WIN the prizes!!!P.S. Did you notice the boxer’s tongue?

  37. Oh how I love the beach too, Nina! I love the sounds of the ocean as the waves roll in and break along the shore line. It is wodnerful to hear that you and your family hada great time there. You will have to share your pictures with me soon!

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