How’s more sleep treating you?

Who remembers the challenge I issued right before MOthers' Day to get more sleep each night?

And who actually did it?

I did, for a number of strange reasons, and it's been kind of amazing. I've broken through a weight loss plateau, gotten my sense of humor back, and am taking less time to read cases for class.

I'm wondeirng if anyone else tried it, and if you did, how did it go? Could you keep it up for more than a few days? Did you notice any benefits? Were there any negative repercussions of getting more sleep?

21 thoughts on “How’s more sleep treating you?”

  1. Ha, I just got back from a professional conference in New York and got an incredible small amount of sleep (2 hours one night, 7 the next, 5 the next). Luckily my general lots-of-sleep pattern let me live through it; if I’d been rocking a sleep deficit at the start, I might be dead now.

  2. I did it. I’ve been getting 7-9 hours a night, barring the occasional (1x/month) deadlinefest and (2-3x/month hormonally driven insomnia.The upside: I, too, can bounce back from the occasional 4-hour night much more easily, and I’m getting sick less. And I use the insomnia to binge-read.
    The downside: I’m revisiting the fact that I’m one of those people who needs 8 or 9 hrs/night to function at her best. This sucks mostly because the kid needs only 9-10 hrs. Which means if I want, um, private time with my husband, we most often have to sneak away from work while the kid’s at school – luckily we’re both self-employed.
    Another downside: Exercise and writing have both slowed to a trickle. Not sure where I’m supposed to find those hours (I had been stealing them from sleep, and I can’t steal them from work much… see above).

  3. I’ve been working hard on getting more sleep: I normally think of myself as physically really robust, but the entire past (sleep-deprived, stressed-out) year I’ve been moving from minor cold to minor cold.Unfortunately, I’m a person who needs 9 or so hours to be at my best. Getting enough sleep means that housework, sex with my husband, and going to the gym all have to give. There just aren’t enough hours in a day.
    It has at least been really interesting to see how much of a time deficit I have been running, a hole I have been plugging by stealing time from sleep.
    I don’t really know what the answer is. Also like Lisa, I’m a writer. I can’t steal any more time from my work hours, I don’t want my toddler to spend more time with his caregivers than he already does (even though they are great)… it’s a weird problem. Sigh!

  4. My kids are not cooperating! Ever since Mother’s Day, the 2.5 year old has been up between 1-4 times per night, and up for the DAY at 5:15am. And she was my “good sleeper!”The 5.5 year old is at least not waking me up with her wakefulness now, but I still jolt awake when I hear her going into the bathroom to pee every night at 3am.
    It just isn’t in the cards yet. Sigh. 🙂

  5. It’s not in the cards for me right now, either. Although, the three nights last week when my 11 mo old got up *only* once? That felt great!

  6. I try to go to bed shortly after my last child is asleep about 1x per week. I have 8 hours between when my oldest is asleep and the youngest wakes up. The downside of trying to sleep during these 8 hours is that I then have no time for: housework, exercise, relationships, or any other meaningful existence outside of work and childcare. So for the time being, if I want any “me” time (and note that I sadly have to include housework in this), I have to sacrifice sleep.

  7. I am in a similar boat to the above posters. The fact is that it is just plain impossible for me to do everything I need to do in the areas of self-care (including socializing, alone time, leisure time), housekeeping, parenting, and (currently more or less nonexistent work) AND get enough sleep.This past month has been extra sleep challenged for two reasons. First, my daughter has been going to sleep EXTREMELY late, as a result of late sunsets, summer vacation, and her natural proclivities. Keeping to her bedtime routine and schedule have not stopped her from lying awake for hours after bedtime, and it’s just plain hard for me to relax and feel off-duty until she’s in dreamland.
    Second, I had a bad batch of my beloved ambien. As a lifelong insomniac, ambien has been my best friend for the past couple of years, taking the element of anxious uncertainly about sleep out of my daily routine. However, the generic version does not work for me. The round ones = no good, oblongs = zzzzzzz. But I keep forgetting which is which and last month I had round ones and, being sleep deprived, I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working until last week. Now that I have the good ones back I am drifting off regularly again and will catch up on my deficit.

  8. I totally forgot. And I loved the idea. And as I am reading this at 10:16pm, I think I will let this motivate me to get myself to bed!

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