Mothers’ Day for single moms

An anonymous readers has asked for tips for surviving Mothers' Day for single moms.

I think that they key is to identify and acknowledge what you're feeling. For some of us, Mothers' Day is better for being single, while for others of us it's worse, and for others it's just different.

I'm in the "better" category, and I figured out why years ago: I had such traditional and high expectations of Mothers' Day and those were never met, and then I felt hurt and defeated. Once I was single, I knew Mothers' Day was only what I made of it. So I bought myself a present (so I knew I'd like it), told the kids they were taking me to brunch (but I actually paid, as 6 and 3-year-olds don't usually have money), and told them how lucky I was to have them. Now that they're older they aren't having any of my buying myself a guft but pretending it's from them anymore. But now they make me sweet cards and drawings, and we still go to brunch, and they let me take a nap.

I also know some single moms who make it as different as possible by planning a day together with their kids, so it's not at all focused on just the individual moms but on the moms as a group and the kids as a group. I think this is a stellar idea.

It's the single moms who feel it's worse than when/if they were not single that I feel for. (Almost as much as I feel for women who have never been able to become moms but who wanted to on Mothers' Day.) I am wondering if there are ways to make it an easier day for them. One idea would be to invite them and their children into your own Mothers' Day plans so they're not the only adult for the day. Another idea would be to make sure their children have the time and supplies to make them cards or presents for that day, since kids want to give their mothers something but can't always do it on their own.

Can you think of other ideas? Single moms who hate being single on Mothers' Day, how do you make the day OK for yourself? What do you wish someone else would do for you?

Moms who aren't single on Mothers' Day, what do you enjoy about the day? What do you wish were different?

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  1. Non-single mom here. I grew up in a household that was nonobservant of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What I like about Mother’s Day is my children being excited about whatever they’ve made in school for me. Otherwise, I don’t care.

  2. Not a single mom here either, and I’ve only had 2 Mothers’ Days so far. I tell my husband what I want and he buys it for me. Seems like a good deal so far 😀 I tend to get a big block of me-time that day to shop, get a massage or whatever and we might go out to breakfast or dinner sometime that weekend (though not usually on the day since it’s crazy and crowded.)It’s pretty low-key.

  3. I’m interested to see the answers as my cousin, who’s going through a SUPER nasty divorce, won’t have her daughter on mother’s day. I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to make the day a little happier for her.One thing I did a few years ago for a friend who had recently gotten divorced was drop off a big bouquet of flowers and a card on mother’s day. Her kids were little at the time, I knew her ex would never do anything for her, and her own mother had also died just a couple years prior, so I wanted to make sure someone recognized the day for her in some way. In the card, I just told her how much I admired her as a mother and how I learned so much about motherhood by being around her. She told me it was one of the nicest mother’s day gifts she ever received.

  4. A mom who won’t have her child on Mothers Day? Which brain surgeon lawyer/judge allowed that??Full disclosure: LOD and I are trading Mothers Day and Fathers Day this year because I’ll have the kids on a trip on Fathers Day. But it’s written into our agreement as a “duh” that we each get them on those respective days, as well as our birthdays. Which I thought would be pretty obvious…

  5. Not single but like many others I keep it pretty low key. I don’t expect a present from my husband (I am not his mother, although sometimes it feels that way)and get excited for the home made cards from the kids. I get him something for Father’s day since school is out and the kids don’t make stuff in school.

  6. This year, I told my DH and the kids that all I really want for Mother’s Day is a box of nice chocolates and a chance to go see a movie by myself in the theater. I don’t really care about presents (especially after our large tax bill this year). Of course, I love anything the kids make for me in school.Mother’s Day has always been poignant for me since my mother died when I was 18…

  7. Fortunately for me, I care about being with my kids on Mother’s Day, and my ex does not. I have asked that we go do something outside — a walk, or the beach. Something we all enjoy, but still feels special.

  8. Not a single mom. But I’m glad to read this post, because now I’m thinking about the single moms I know, and how hard/awkward Mother’s Day must be for them. I remember the pain of Mother’s Day when I was struggling with infertility. It never occurred to me that Mother’s Day might be hard for women who are actually moms.Around here, MD is a big fat hairy deal. I live in the same metropolitan area as my mom and my two sisters, both of whom are also mothers. Sometimes the hubbies all get their act together and take us out en masse. Sometimes one of us hosts a brunch. It’s not really a big gift-ing day, but it’s always a big event.

  9. I like to host a brunch for all 3 of my mothers, but that might not happen this year since I have a newborn and to make it happen, someone needs to clean my house and watch my kids. One year, only my dad came to brunch, but that was OK because hosting the brunch is really more about me wanting brunch.I always give hanging baskets of flowers to the mothers since it is flower planting season. ONe year, all 3 wanted the yellow begonias. We nearly had a friendly fistfight in the driveway. This year, I bought 3 different varieties of yellow begonias.
    I don’t get anything that the kids don’t make for me, and that is just fine. I might buy myself something small and say it’s my mothers’ day gift (like a coffee or a chocolate bar or a special splurge can of soup…small…and probably food or socks).

  10. Single mom, and my own mother is deceased.As much as I try to pretend Mother’s Day doesn’t matter and it’s all a stupid made-up commercial holiday, when the actual day rolls around, it’s really hard. Between clueless shopkeepers urging me to buy something for MY mom (I have to admit, I get sick pleasure out of replying, “My mother’s dead”) to smug marrieds crowing about how their fabulous husband brought them Eggs Benedict in bed and gave them gorgeous bouquets and a giant framed “I Love You, Mom” painting from the kids… ugh.
    The only thing that gets me through the day are a couple of amazing friends who unfailingly call or send a card to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, and when my son’s school has the kids make something for their mothers in class — I really, really appreciate that. The rest I just do my damnedest to ignore.

  11. This comment relates to a very small group of people, but it’s relevant so I want to put it out there.Having a spouse who died, I actually find *Father’s Day* to be a much more poignant and difficult day than Mother’s Day. On MD, I’m here, I’m with the kids, it’s a time for me to reflect on my parenting, my kids, myself as a mom and to be gentle and indulgent with myself. But on FD? All I can think about is how John is NOT here, and it gets hard for me to move beyond what he’s missing and how much I wish he were still a part of M&R’s lives (not to mention my own).
    I don’t mean to speak for all widows, but thought it worthwhile to bring up with perspective. I know it’s been a surprise to my friends and family–not to mention myself, the first year–when I’ve pretty much breezed through Mother’s Day but then come to a screeching halt mid-June.

  12. I really kinda wish holidays like this didn’t exist. I appreciate my Mom every day; I know my kids appreciate me. I don’t need everyone to go spend money on that! And it is built-in that it will make those who want children and don’t/can’t have ’em; or lost children; or lost their Mom or have rotten no-good children, or Moms who don’t deserve the title – feel bad.

  13. We don’t do Mothers’ Day (married, 2 kids) because I don’t care for it. My MIL insists so we usually send her a photo card. I don’t think my own mother cares deeply- plus, it’s right after her birthday- but I usually send her a photo card too, just to be fair. (Plus, I generally get them for free.)TIME ALONE!! That sounds like the best present ever.

  14. Snickollet – my father died when I was 13. Father’s Day was a hard one…more so than Christmas, or his birthday, or anything like that. I don’t think there was much anyone could have done to make it easier….ironically, people being extra considerate and sweet would probably have just made me feel worse!Love the idea of sending flowers and a thoughtful card to single moms on Mother’s Day. If I were in that position, I think that is exactly what I would want. And maybe a ‘coupon’ for some babysitting and/or a coffee date.

  15. Not single, but we are a two mom family–and we turn it into a special day of celebrating getting to be moms together! Our first year as moms we took ourselves (and our 4 week old) to the documentary Babies. Last year we splurged on family photos. This year we are relatively broke–so we’ll probably go to the farm park and admire the baby/mama pairs at the farm with our toddler (but there may be a good micro brew or bottle of wine with dinner). There are no surprises and none expected for either of us on mother’s day–in our house it’s a family day

  16. I enjoy getting a present for Mother’s Day (married, one child), and I’ve enjoyed giving a small gift to my grandmother and my aunt and my sister (my mother is deceased). I often give to a charity in their honor that works to improve the lives of women and/or children; local to them if I can find a reputable one or somewhere in the world. They seem to appreciate that gesture, although I’m sure not everyone would.

  17. i’m the daughter of a single mom, and until i read this it never once occurred to me that mother’s day might be hard for her. i think, so long as she is remembered in some form or fashion, she’s happy. i also used to get her father’s day stuff too, because that’s how we did it–she was both mom and that i am living far away and have a child (and a half) of my own, it’s much more lowkey. when i ask her what she wants/needs, it’s usually just time with us (we usually plan a trip sometime around then) or a dinner/movie out just us (no kids, no husband) when we see each other next. she cares little about the fripperies. but she always remembers me, which is so kind (and totally unnecessary, but she’s my mom). i try to keep remembering her all year instead of saving it up for one random sunday.
    but i’m very glad to be reminded that the single moms that i know may be having a hard time that day. thank you for this post.
    (as for me? the selfish part of me would like a parade. my husband normally cooks dinner for me and makes a big deal out of it. now that i’m nearly 6 months pregnant, i may ask him to paint my toenails. i’ll call that good. mainly, i just want to be appreciated–and i get that every day, so the selfish part of me really does need to get smacked by the grateful part of me more often.)

  18. I’m about to experience my first ever Mother’s Day as a mother (I am a single mother with a 3 month old) — I’d actually forgotten the holiday even existed until I read this. My father died when I was five, and, as others have noted, that’s always been a hard day for me, and I suspect it will continue to be.I don’t know whether or not Mother’s Day will be hard for me, but I’m now determined to tell every mother I know that day that she’s doing a wonderful job. That’s what I’d like, far more than cards or flowers or even breakfast in bed (which sounds a bit complicated if you have a baby that must be nursed in a very specific chair and must then get a bottle because your milk supply sucks because when you were 21 you got a breast reduction because you were never going to have kids and you haven’t been able to do all the pumping to boost it up because it’s a little hard to pump after every nursing when you are home by yourself with a fussy baby…).

  19. What I enjoy about the day is that, so far (this will only be my second one), my husband really does come up with thoughtful gifts, and I know he’ll help our daughter to do the same as she gets older. But because we live so close to his family, both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have become holidays that are celebrated as a large group. And I’m an introvert. So I kind of hate it. I realize this is horribly selfish and that my husband has a right to celebrate with EVERYONE in his family who’s a mother (including his own mom). But it’s added stress for me on a day that’s supposed to be fun and relaxing, and I get to look forward to doing it all over again a month later for FD. All while missing my own parents who live 500 miles away. I like my birthday much better 😛

  20. I asked for the same thing that I got last year- a clean car, inside and out. The car is a mess from the winter mud and snow, and overall mess of two kids in the car. It is something that needs done and I can enjoy it for a little bit. I also get the homemade cards that I love- DD just learned to write her name so I can’t wait.We will also have to make the 4 hour round trip to grandma’s house because she expects us to be there and it is easier to keep the peace for this holiday since I put my foot down on being in our home for Christmas. morning.

  21. For me, Mother’s Day is also the anniversary of the day after the ex walked out. And it reminds me of my own mother who died years ago. Even though the pain and shock of the Walk Out is lessening every day (thank you God) Mother’s Day has residual negative feelings. I hope that as my son gets older not only will he get me better presents (haha) but Mother’s Day can be more focused on activities we can do together to celebrate our little family then on the sad things I unfortunately still attribute to it.

  22. I hate mothers day…there I said it! Being a single mother of two small children its a constant reminder of how i single handedly ruined their lives! Neither childs father takes any interest in them so I am not only mommy but daddy as well. I hate seeing commercials of the fictional, traditional two parent home…reality bites! So my only want is for this stupid ass day to just be over with (those that know me tend to not even call and say happy md cause they know better)!

  23. I’m married but I hate Mother’s Day. It makes me miss my own mother horribly, and makes me feel like a sham and a crappy mother because I don’t fit the societal (read: my own) expectations. I dread this day like I do the anniversary of my parents’ deaths.@Missy, I will raise a toast to you that day and I will cheer you on for all you do for your kids.
    @FunnyWhiteGirl: Hang in there. The husband of a good friend died unexpectedly on Mother’s Day and so I am keenly empathetic to the anniversary/shock factor. Hang in there.
    @Laura: You’re doing a wonderful job. Really. I can tell from your post. Happy Mothers’ Day.

  24. Oh Laura, I went through the exact same thing with breastfeeding — no reduction here, just a body that would not cooperate and produce enough milk. It was really hard. You are doing an amazing job at feeding your child, and forget all that stupid additional pumping. I pumped religiously after EVERY single feeding, including the three night feedings, for twenty minutes a pop, and it didn’t do a darn thing except make me want to cry and contribute to my post-partum depression. So hang in there, and trust me: you are doing a wonderful job.

  25. @Rbelle – We also live very close to my husband’s family and far from my own, so every occasion like MD/FD is spent with his. I hate it too. But this year for MD, I finally wised up and decided to host a BBQ at our house the day *before* MD. So that I get MD all to myself. Just a suggestion.

  26. Love this topic Moxie – your rock.I’m a married mom of 2. My kids usually make me something at school – that is fantastic. And ever since they have been in preschool there is something at the school (brunch, this year it is high tea and the request is for everyone to get in costume and be silly – gloves and all). And that is really special – the boys love to think about it and plan it and they are so excited to have mom at school for an hour (I work, a lot).
    Other than that my husband is not a planner, usually buys a plant from the grocery store from the boys. Totally fine – I don’t want to stress of an expensive gift and he is really terrible at choosing gifts. Then we do what I want that day – usually a trip to park/zoo, to be honest not all that different from any sunday.
    Def. got me thinking about single mom friends; I’ll make a point to reach out this year.

  27. If anyone knows a single mom, or ANY mom who seems to be overwhelmed/and or has a newborn, we can honour all mothers if we go over and HELP THEM OUT.I’d also like to add that I think Mother’s Day priority should be given to the moms still in the trenches of mothering (ie. still raising kids at home). When I say priority, I am talking about women who are guilt-tripped into doing things for other mothers on this day (ie. their mother, granny) and they end up losing their time year after year. Sorry to be blunt, but I think moms in the thick of things need a break more than someone who hasn’t changed a diaper in 40 years.

  28. Great topic! @Tine and any others who have experienced infertility, any advice on what to say/do at Mother’s Day for friends who are currently struggling with infertility?

  29. In our extended family we celebrate a “Parents Day” or a “Family Day” on a date that in the spring but is neither Mother’s Day nor Father’s Day because so many of our members have lost a mother or a father too early and too tragically (MVA, cancer, and more cancer). This way we can honour each other and those we have lost but avoid the over emotional experience of the actual Hallmark Days.In our little home of a mom, a dad, and one and a half kids, we have a pretty low key Mother’s Day, cards and pancakes for dinner (treat!), and I make sure to go to Mass that Sunday since Mary is an important mothering figure in our faith.
    I like the idea of honouring all mothers in some way that day or even that week. I also think Mother’s Day can be loaded for everyone regardless of marital status or any other factor (two moms, no moms, no kids, want kids, etc and etc), so best to treat it, like many holidays, with sensitivity and empathy for others.

  30. Day, cards and pancakes for dinner (treat!), and I make sure to go to Mass that Sunday since Mary is an important mothering figure in our faith.I like the idea of honouring all mothers

  31. I am a single mom of three little girls ages 5,4, and 2. My husband of 10 years(we are still married but it is strictly for financial reasons) walked out two and a half years ago and never looked back. The guilt eats at me endlessly that my three little girls didn’t deserve to be fathered by such a deadbeat. Sadly, he only lives 20 minutes away last I knew and can’t even see them once a week. And yes, I am bitter that he gets to do whatever/whenever he pleases and I get absolutely NO time to myself. I would never abandon my children as he has though. I am not expecting anything for mother’s day. I know for myself, I would just be happy with an achknowledgement. I would be ecstatic if someone would take the girls for just a few hours, but I know that won’t happen. My family tends to be dense in their happy little married households. I am completely forgotten about and the nightmare I am going through. So it will just be myself and my girls, as always, and maybe a trip to the park to fly some kites then ice cream afterwards.

  32. @Jen, I just wanted to say you must be a super friend because (as a single mom) if I got a card and some flowers on MD I think I would burst. My ex used to be really good about MD presents, but things are getting hateful lately so I’m sure MD is really going to hurt. He will have the kids on that day, too, so I won’t even get to snuggle my babies to get through it. So, cheers to the thoughtful friends! We all need one or two in our lives!!

  33. We live close to both sides of the family and I’m lucky enough to have a good relationship both with my mom and my MIL. That being said….and this is going to sound SO selfish…I wish MD, especially now that we have two kids, could be a bit more about what I want. It’s a Sunday so that means coordinating to see my mom where we worship. And then we have to do a meal with the husband’s family (his sister is a mom now too). So it is all about celebrating moms! And that is great! But I basically have no say in how any of that happens and I get a hectic day of running around and coordinating rather than any downtime. So I just try to enjoy it for what it is. And send cards to other mom friends to tell them how awesome they are – that I do enjoy doing.

  34. one of my weirdest mothers days was when my nanny came and helped my youngsters make me breakfast in bed. i didn’t like her in my space. i ate many frozen waffles but now my kids are young adults and cooks and wow. fun mom’s day. this year we will be going to dinner with my mom and dad at their club for dinner. i cherish every year i have my mom.

  35. ooh good timing. My first MD as a nearly single mom. But my husband was not great at gifts for that when we were happily together so my bar is very low. I know the kids have plans – amped up by school. I also know the school won’t do anything for Father’s day and I sort of resent that I’ll have to help them get his presents. And I don’t like that I resent that.

  36. I’m a single mom this year because my husband is overseas at his grandmother’s funeral and I sure as heck wasn’t going to insert my poor-little-me sentiments into that. I’m thinking about doing the No Mother’s Day thing (video here:, both because it’s a good cause and because it’s just… expedient this year.That said, I will cherish whatever my son made at school for me and will not keep him from celebrating however he chooses.

  37. Single-mom here to three young children. Not only does their father live a thousand miles away but he also ignores the fact that I raise our children 352/year. We were married for over 15 years. The children are young (11,8 and 4).I don’t mean to sound ridiculously whiney but I now HATE Mother’s day. I was raised by by father b/c my mom left us when I was two. I always made a big deal out of Mother’s Day and now…. it’s just about the saddest day of the year. All I want is some recognition – not even from the children but from their father. Oh well. I won’t get flowers or cards or gifts or a meal. I have the best gifts already… three beautiful children.

  38. So, I’m a single mom to a gregarious enchanting 6 year old. I hate MD but not because of how I feel, because of what it does to my daughter. My friends are mostly male and single, my family lives far away, there isn’t a lot of support for either of us here outside of each other, normally that’s plenty for us. Last MD she woke me up at 5am, standing in my bedroom doorway bawling her eyes out. She cried for almost three hours screaming, “I don’t know HOW to make toast!!!” All the other kids at school had told her that on MD you make your mom breakfast in bed etc. She had tried to make me breakfast and failed when she couldn’t find the toaster (I keep it in the cupboard). I hate MD because I spend the entire day assauging the guilt she feels for not being able to show me how much she appreciates me in the traditional approaches to MD. This year we planned ahead. We bought a breakfast bowl and I taught her how to nuke it, then we will get pedicures and hopefully spend the day at a local amusement park. It hurts so much to see her feel so alone, trying to accomplish something which to her is a big deal and struggling. I hate MD because of the pain it causes her.

  39. I have an almost 4 year old daughter, who is very close to my sister. In fact, she calls her her second Mama. I say this because my sister has been trying for years to have children, and gave up last year. So this year I told her we will be celebrating her, as well as our mother and me. I’ll get the kid to make her a card. Not sure if this will be more painful or helpful – will find out.

  40. Single 32-year-old woman here. Never married, no kids. Last year, the pharmacist at which I pick up my monthly Lexapro (anti-depressant) and Yaz (birth control) and have for years wished me a “Happy Mother’s Day!” and it felt like a punch to my gut. She meant well. But I always pick up my own prescriptions, wear no rings, never pick up prescriptions for children, and take birth control. Just because I’m in my 30s and wear mom jeans and sneakers every day doesn’t mean I’m a mom! (Just a non-fashion-forward graduate student who struggles with depression. Not even having sex–the birth control is for other things. Grrrr…)

  41. What does one say when one is wished “Happy Mother’s Day!” despite not being a mother? Just smile and nod?Oh, and I didn’t say so in my last post, but, yes, I have wanted to get married and have kids for awhile. Just hasn’t happened yet. But lots of terrible first dates to tell the grandchildren some day! (She says hopefully.)

  42. My 32 yr old daughter has recently become a single mum when her deadbeat husband left her and her 15 month old son so he could be with some 19 yr old scrubber.She’s doing it really tough as she now has a mortgage to pay on her own and has to work a few nights to pay it. Her sister and I look after her son to allow her to be able to do this. We’re exhausted as we work fulltime but it’s nothing to the grief, anger, fear and exhaustion she feels in being abandoned and doing it all on her own. Life is terribly busy and I realised her son can’t give her anything for MD tomorrow. Bought her a card and wrote in it on her son’e behalf- I cried hard just writing it. I bought her a gift that she can’t afford to buy for herself, as she now struggles financially. My poor baby girl-my heart breaks for her sadness. But it’s best that she found out now what a loser he is, rather than having 3 children, like she wanted and THEN have him leave. My love to all you single mums- may your lives get better, for you and your children.

  43. Thanks for making me think about this. There is a mom I know slightly who has a 15mo son, no local family & a partner who just left her 3 months ago. This morning, I (anonymously) dropped off a card, gift & flowers. I feel great. This might be my annual MD gift to myself – choosing a person to honor.

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  47. I’m a T.C. mom of 3 boys, ages 13, 11, & 9. I grew up with only a sister and all my life, I imeignad myself raising girls. Three boys is definitely not what I pictured, but I know that God doesn’t make mistakes and that He has given us just what our family needs. When the boys were younger, people would tell us that boys are harder when they are small & then get easier as they get older and that girls are just the opposite. That has not been true in our experience. We did have our share of ER visits for stitches and even a Lego up the nose when they were young, but I have to say that nothing in this parenting journey so far has been harder than parenting a teenager. (And we’re only just beginning!)Our oldest has always been the most strong-willed of the three, and now that he’s a teenager it seems that we are constantly battling. We struggle daily with how to set boundaries, giving appropriate consequences, and what to address/what to let slide. I often feel like we’re doing a big experiment learning on the first what works & what doesn’t. Hopefully, he’ll come out OK on the other side and my husband and I will learn from our mistakes! I guess that’s where God’s grace enters in. As far as our mother/son relationship, right now we’re swinging on a pendulum of I love you/I need you and You’re the worst mother ever . I love all our boys with a mother’s heart, but to be honest, I’m really struggling with not liking our oldest right now. I just keep reminding myself that what we’re seeing now is not the finished product, that God will be faithful to work in his heart and life. My prayer for all our boys is that they find something that they love doing and that they live their lives for the Lord. I’ve rambled on quite a bit, but I’d be more than willing to share more of what I’ve learned and am learning about being the mother of boys. Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of families.

  48. I was reading a book rentcely that talked about how boys have a voice deep in their souls wanting to know Am I up for the Challenge? Whatever that challenge may be. For my son who is 9 months old, he is learning to move and walk and is testing his own limits in many ambitious ways. I want to help him reach his potential and meet the challenges of his life, whether it be walking for the first time or enlisting in the armed forces. It’s uncomfortable to see him fall, and I know it will only get harder when he falls in many ways both physically and emotionally, but I know in my heart that it is my job as his mom to allow God’s plan for him to unfold and allow him to face those challenges that are intended for his special soul.

  49. Definition of Trust: When my brother was very young (3 or 4) we lived in a house that had the lrdnuay in the basement. The basement was accessed by a closed door and about 15 steps down. One day my brother opened the door, called out Catch me Mom (without even knowing if my Mother was in the basement) and jumped. My mother luckily was doing lrdnuay near the base of the stairs, heard my brother call out and dived to catch him she skinned her elbow but she did catch him. That is the very definition of a son’s trust in his Mother.

  50. I was a single mhoetr of an only child for 15 years, after divorcing when my son was 1. He is now 30, proudly serving in the U.S. Navy, stationed in So. Korea. His father was never involved after he left us for a new family. My son & I developed such a bond, that when I have moments of strong intuition about him, I will call and mention what I felt, and he’ll respond, Mom, that is exactly what is going on. I didn’t want to worry you- but I told my wife/friends you would know, anyway. This has gone on for 25 years!

  51. Doesnt look like Im going to make it there today got way to much other stuff to do, but Ill get what I have for you together, and maybe bring it out Wednesday, if not my next day off is Sunday.How are the bieabs doing??take careJoLynn

  52. Happy Mothers Day to ALL! I have the best husband and kids (Michael and sietsrs)!!! I am so very blessed.(Hubby) You never worked so hard for a Mother’s Day gift, true? Thanks for the help, sweetie and a wonderful Mother’s Day to you!

  53. I think a lot of the aggression in the dtebae about staying at home with your kids or going back to work has to do with guilt. (unnecessary guilt in my opinion)Nowadays a woman who has kids can’t do it right.If she stays at home she will be labeled by some people as taking the easy route. Also if she had a good and lengthy education (college then university and so on)and a good job and then decides to quit to stay home at least for some time, quite a few people will not understand and will say that she is wasting her education. I was asked 3 weeks after delivery when I would get a job again .I have a university degree, and the asker couldn’t understand that I chose to stay home for at least a year or two.On the other hand women who choose to, or simply have to go back to work again are labeled as bad mothers for leaving their children with strangers at a daycare center.No matter what decision a mother makes nowadays she is always wrong. She will be either labled as an unproductive member of the family that doesn’t contribute to the income and is wasting her education, or as the career hungry workaholic who is willing to give away her children for the sake of her career.Therefore a lot of women think that the have to defend their way of life so aggressively by attacking anyone who chooses to do it different than themselves.

  54. I think if everyone could keep their oponiins to themselves then we wouldn’t have problems with this sort of issue. Its the same with breast vs bottle.I considered myself a working stay at home mum ! I just started paid work 2 days a week after a 3 year break with my kids and spend the other 5 days at home. So what do I call that? I’m still here for the kids but I have a paid job too? Until all humans can accept each other for what they are (which will never happen) then these types of issues will always occur. I don’t have a problem with full working, part working or non’ working mums.

  55. I HAD to comment on this one, even if you don’t pbsiluh my comment because I’m a dad It has gotten easier, now that ours are 31, 30, 25 and 22 .I would never want to repeat those parenting years and honestly, I ve heard kids brains don’t fully mature until they are 25, I would have to say I agree . so if you can just hang in there till they hit their mid 20 s you might be on the home stretch.

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