Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part III


Here's the third of four batches for Round 2. Vote for the one you think is worse in each pair. Voting for this batch is open from Saturday at 9 am EDT through Monday at 9 am EDT.

And away we go!


Sears Division:

Nap strike

Which is more grueling? No down time for you, or the xtreme crankiness as the napless day wears on?



You can never win with a 3.5-year-old. They seem to be able to test every boundary, even ones you didn't know you had. Even when you give in, they freak out because you gave in. And they never stop talking.


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Weissbluth Division:

4-month sleep regression

The 4-month sleep regression made me feel genuine despair, and a lack of faith that I could actually make it through the parenting experience.


Nursing strike

You'd almost just be ready to give up and say, "Fine! See if I care!" to a baby who won't nurse, if only you weren't so swollen and achy.


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Leach Division:

Business trip when your baby's under 6 months old

The pain of leaving (and prepping to leave) and missing the baby, combined with the guilt at feeling so happy to sleep through the night alone in a bed.


Baby sleeps through night but you have insomnia

It's probably a magnesium deficiency, not something seriously wrong with you or irreversible, but it's grueling and makes you feel like it's your own fault somehow.


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Babywise Division:

Partner's business trip when your baby's under 6 months old

All alone, for days at a time, with a creature who doesn't sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time.


Mommy drive-by from your mommy

It either cuts to the core, or makes you realize how little you have in common with the woman who raised you.


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Last batch of Round 2 voting opens Monday at 9 am EDT and closes Tuesday at 9 am EDT.

10 thoughts on “Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part III”

  1. I thought it was weird that we all agreed, until the third question when I realized I was the only voter. FIRST! Hahahah.

  2. I keep thinking about which situation is doomed to last the longest. For example, had my own mom been critical it would still be bothering me now, 10 years later. I’d have forgotten (repressed) the husband having a business trip.

  3. Honestly, I don’t know if the 3.5y.o or the 9 month sleep regression should take out the final trophy, but nap strike is so much more temporary than either of those two hells, that it really can’t win can it?

  4. 3.75-4yo was dreadful indeed. But our son dropped napping entirely at about 2, I think, so I can’t compare with nap striking unless one looks way back to dreadful infant sleep, which was a constant in our lives until he was 10 mos old. I voted for the nap strike only b/c I think that would have been worse for me had I had the luxury of a napping child to begin with.

  5. I’m voting for the 9 month sleep regression as the suckiest of suck. I reckon it rules over all as King of Suck. Particularly coz after nine months of wee baby, you’re just so worn down from the whole thang that it’s totally the straw on the camel’s back.

  6. My Mommy’s mommy-drive-bys hurt until I realized it was her way of releasing anxiety. And I counted how many times she criticized me in one visit, then told her. “This is my baby to screw up, Mom. You had your turn.” A direct quote. She immediately calmed down and chose her words more carefully. The drive-bys helped me to take her off the parenting pedestal that I had placed her on as well as begin some confidence building for me. After I cried for two days. 🙂

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