Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part II

I've been thinking so hard about what parents of white kids can learn and talk to our kids about in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin. I wrote a piece about it that seems to be polarizing people: "Talking about race with our white kids after Trayvon's murder"


Moxie Madness

Here's the second batch of four match-ups for Round 2. Voting 9 am EDT to tomorrow 9 am EDT.

Have at it.


Sears Division:

Child begs you not to go to work

I'm not sure which is worse, when your child begs you not to go to work to a job you're only doing because you have to pay the rent and buy food, or when your child begs you not to go to work to a job you love but technically don't need to work at because you'd have enough to live on otherwise.


Family vacation

Sand…everywhere…for months… And you're the only one who notices or cares.


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Weissbluth Division:

Nanny at the playground chastizes you

The worst part of it is being chastized by someone who gets to leave the child every night and not have to deal with anything that happens in the middle of the night. And why should kids have to stay clean at the playground anyway? You can't believe the nannies at the playground have been talking about you.


Baby pukes in your mouth

I know a lot of you reading this think this is some horrrible dystopian fantasy of what happens during parenting, but there are a shocking number of us who have had our children vomit or spit up directly into our mouths. Close your eyes and get that mental image for a second.


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Leach Division:

Partner can't soothe baby

So it's all on your shoulders. You feel resentful, angry, and worried about your partner's relationship with your child if your partner can't even figure out how to soothe the baby, even though you've given them the alone time and space to figure it out together.


Child puts golf ball down toilet and plumber can't get it out

$250 wasted, for nothing but a new toilet and the realization that you actually did need the toilet lock after all.


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Babywise Division:

Nanny quits

And you wonder if there's something about you or your children that she didn't like, or if it's about money, or something else. Is it you?


WOHM shunned by SAHMs at school

You know you don't know everything that's going on at the school because you're not there all the time. The moms who are there all the time seem to think you don't care about your child because you can't be there to supervise lunchtime.


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Voting for the next batch of match-ups will be open all weekend, from 9 am EDT Saturday through 9 am EDT Monday.

39 thoughts on “Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part II”

  1. I like your race-discussion article, too. I would like to say that I’m startled that it’s polarizing, but in the wake of the Trayvon Martin killing, I have been unable to keep myself from reading comments sections. (Something I normally try to avoid for sanity reasons.)Literally without fail, each comments section will contain at least a few white dudes breaking out this type of ignorant crap: “Nobody calls me English-American!” “White men have it very hard too.” “I’m white and I’m just as afraid of cops as you are.”
    It’s really, really depressing to me. I think our family is relatively race-aware, and we talk about race issues a lot. But it bums me out that my kid is going to grow up in a culture that is both very racist and wants to pretend that everything is perfect and race is never an issue.
    I’m a big fan of that chapter of Nurtureshock and I think they and you are completely correct and the only way out of this is to talk, talk, talk. Challenge assumptions of privilege. Notice that you benefit from a sick system. Try to make tiny changes when you can.

  2. This Trayvon Martin thing is just absolutely breaking my heart. I just cannot even process it. It is certainly going to be coming up over the table at Passover when we remember being slaves in Egypt and think about what we can do to help stop oppression today. I agree 100% that white people can’t fix racism, but it will never get better unless we stop turning a blind eye.

  3. Excellent excellent article. I know I must be technologically impaired, but I cannot find the debate re the article-can someone point me there, please?

  4. Robin I went looking for the debate too and can’t find it. I disagreed with Moxie about her article and said so very briefly on twitter but i don’t get or see a blowback unless babble is deleting or failing to post comments that are not positive or supportive.I’m a long time reader who has in the past. Alex your advice and referee many others to this site. The babble pos and twitter talk today were disappointing. The post and your follow-up ignore that the issue is not just about black and white. The person who shot Trayvon is not white. Even if you think all non blacks are white, they are not. Every demographic description ive ever seen says “white, not hispanic.” So why do you assume your white sons might grow up to be like him? Why was your follow up on twitter so rude and condescending to people who didn’t agree with you (you called them cowards!)?
    I guess the bttom line is that I wasn’t suggesting that race doesn’t matter. It’s more human and complex than just white versus black.

  5. Sarah, I think you misread the article. I never said I thought my sons or other white boys would grow up to be like Zimmerman. I said that white people unwittingly contribute to a system that made Zimmerman’s actions possible because we don’t see white privilege. I don’t like to contribute to institutional racism, and I hope my kids won’t, either, so it’s NECESSARY to talk about white privilege. It has nothing to do with black-white, but rather with white privilege hurting all people of color, and white people, too. I’m sorry that you didn’t get that out of the piece I wrote.The debate was in the number of Twitter messages I got telling me I was a racist for even mentioning race. And many of them were cowards who just hit and run. So I don’t feel bad about calling them out for being cowards.

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